Hi~ Ami from Singapore ^^ you still remember the first timing
second time and the normal timing right yes or no yes right let’s try I’ll see you still remember or not get ready. first timing how are you gonna push over Up up. try to push it’s not spin yes push you can go forward push more so put your racket here, more behind because now you need to be harder alright put more back swing try to push deeper push deeper not spin push now you’re spinning right. push just push longer. how are you gonna put longer. wait okay you know why because you keep on doing the spin once you spin right you don’t know how much you need to pull up that’s how you’ve been not safe. just push so tap going out right you’re going more longer
okay you want the spin. can do. (Ami: no I don’t want) anyway just push so you see your racket face is where the ball will go don’t try to brush okay tap – higher or lower going higher it will be going longer like this so don’t try to brush. because when you’re doing brush which mean you are late. the ball coming quite fast the ball is coming quite fast which mean you are saving the ball (defense). how are you gonna go higher. Racket face up face up right try it backhand harder try to be longer than the service line it’s okay. that’s high enough. make it high it’s okay make it high, and harder now forehand backhand face up face up harder are you gonna put longer. two more okay it was first timing. now second timing side way. you see if you do side way only this much you try to set your left foot more to the side. because more the side way you get more space to spin okay then the power will be much more bigger place the ball to longer than the service line remember swing side to side. it’s not side to down we’re not going up not going down going
to the side to side. too slow. faster when the ball down you down when the ball up you up when the ball was down right bend, up. try again bend, up too slow so closer to the ball. remember how to close? use your feet. you didn’t hit the correct part. all right. now backhand get closer if you’re too far right you
cannot jump get closer too slow ball will bounce up and down. hit when it bounce up you need to be go jump forward so you’re going like this you can go forward. use body-weight and press the ball side way then turn back beginning, you will face to side. you should face in front after swing too far. get closer why are you so far away from the ball don’t let the ball bounce alright get some water break do you

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Dennis Veasley

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