[Music] the high-school boys tennis season is starting to wind down the mountain and ocean leagues held their preliminaries on Tuesday and wrapped up League finals this afternoon over to San Luis Obispo High School for the mountain league finals singles championship between Arroyo Grande’s Sam Ashbrook and slows Elias weeks Ashbrook with the ACE serve in the second set match point now for Ashbrook he bends the serve into the square in weeks or it turns it into the net Ashbrook is league singles MVP he wins 6-1 6-2 doubles championship between San Luis Obispo and Arroyo Grande slow on the first set they trailed 4 to 1 in the second but they rally is Kobe free alden joven smacks it back at the eagles for the point Tigers trying to complete the comeback and they do just that free alden joven again splits the defense with the huge smash he and JJ Nibin win five straight games to take the second set and sweep Arroyo Grande for MVP honors doubles consolation final Arroyo Grande spare of Ryan Archangel and Nick fuller take down Paso Robles for third place the top six in each bracket advance to the all area finals and slow on April 26

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Dennis Veasley

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