[Intro Music]>>JORGE CANEPA: When heading into a gym,
it’s important to conduct yourself with proper gym etiquette. When you arrive, please store your personal
belongings in the locker room or allocated area. Then, change into proper workout attire and
footwear. Carry a towel to help contain your sweat from
all that hard work and clean your workout area when finished. Don’t bring food or beverages, other than
water bottles, into the gym. Avoid monopolizing the gym equipment and be
sure to return all weights, or equipment, to their original spot. Be aware of your surroundings and demonstrate
safety precautions Control the weights and don’t allow them to slam on the ground. Most importantly, if you’re new to the gym,
don’t be afraid to ask questions. When you hit the gym it’s important to understand
how to conduct yourself. So get out there, get moving and enjoy the
grind. [Outro Music]

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Dennis Veasley

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