if if if they if half SS a a R-dad-as if a lonely USSUSFSF S has has if if half if if if if if the verdicts the most county schools the discord fifth a FFAF off if if if if a R-dad-a SS -RU-S-SF TS S if if if you if half Life Life if if if if if if billionaire welcome to the latest end of the old preview show we of course in the preview game week six weave of course, the chemistry coming out which is courses to the ravine into the press captaincy option is a more importantly good evening Jason that has a half of that one of the debt or the limit with me and the will to gaining the triple captain for last year old man of action wasn’t he was standing you And then for its water gets an a weld high on when Goodall be completely honest and everybody is a mention last night I was wanting insomnia noted the moment I don’t even know what cases to be completely honest with you on any having yet have a thing 4 hours sleep and night’s one then having a 4 hours to the jury that date in the wake up to the stream to go back to sleep to then go into the stream again it seems like and to get is a preview show and more importantly we would get one of you guys on in the discourse to come live up to two predicts the schools along with us everything we want to get different corners on and yet would come live on that today the schools to go up against the self Jason and his streak of the weather comes on top of the end of the season will be aimed at a price on assume you be in any of your note that I would likely the guidance in the waiting room in the moment block FBI oaks and he’s actually leaving the race for the course of an Irvine receiving he got a game-one 14 points that you believe seven congratulations two block of your by the men and four are helping top 10 and in the need for years the course that’s overruled on the sheet open up gaining five would you believe that serve one will say is that instead of history and Jason and I can reveal live now that it’s a little jason’s: Dana Jason congratulations you’ll now than ever with me when it comes to the predictions of thing is that neither of those but the company he will nurture first point congratulations your first points on the block the reason is is because he you came closest with the correct schoolmarms which was your nearest to the pinnacle Newcastle and nearest to the pin was first crystal palace said congratulations depth and other than that lets everyone to come to the way to measure the destination three shy of missed a day since we shorten a way to do this by getting into the discord conditions away the key issue of wanting to come live on that just above the waiting room there is eight menu court team that screen shots please please please me put your teams and that if you’re coming live on that it just tells myself and Jason go through and 0:45 reason for our company and will the three Europa the games are being played out today two of which are live the one involving jason’s team and just united era against the gold machine was up against goldman’s shoe and all single one this evening three nor bit disappointed the one you just disappointed at banning starter Matt eagle gold and an us that absolutely absurd and I think and to be honest with the disaster maze will get blocked a field to be listed as no one seems to want come into the waiting room and come on like it’s in schools and that it yet the deadlock that the only thing that and start it again as Cosmo I suppose so it’s a non Mason transfer as a result of free transfers on bringing in some call Wilson and outdoors, Mary so your very own a very swearing figure block can you explain your decision until frustrations as to why you go to our audience what you got this stand the pain and he was answering seven to get out selling and buying the site study was he defended the decision again than standing force all I know why you get to watch a video package and strengthen your team to come watch a video of analyst Larry video of the still-standing words mainly on just as he hasn’t appear last two games design looks like a 12.5 million player on so I’m just hoping that trend continues likely as other terms of the size and plane but it hasn’t been quite light, some identity of price war so it’s a good things are getting doing some insight than wall while more value in its wiring, Wilson on someone’s wilson’s look really good so far as I expected by the credit by your promotion as the values and whatever Steinem all 11 of the nursery in the reasoning as to why he got rid of a shoe bonds is then just because then the fact you can upgrade to come person on one of the city’s reason I say but Barnes and expected brighter, better lasting terms of tacky was born this year by 10 shoppers by surprising so on Easter and ago for me down unlike Sebring is one. It is downright option is knowledge but no cost to have won the channel one coffins admits to being so I would be to surprise a few points again with no outs of the letter said U.S. will stick around for predicting that the schoolmarms because no one else has to do so as a consent form care of your actions in Uganda isn’t that your action think which even the firm after gaining one and you’ve got to address the problem-free-to-kill nine actually the Waleed of commercialism are actually leading the pack to the corners say you walk in line to win an Emmy FBI month after getting nine points and game with 1:50 AM as a stiffer every game six predicting schools and no one’s surprise surprise was joins live on every day, get a different world death warrant a network mystery search the ad begins on Monday at the story started especially troublesome but Yasuda say I think it’s very likely on camels and released concerning all time and place of carols near an absolutely yes and both teams will cancel each other while not from a game which doesn’t matter too did double well at an indomitable score least 10 site on the reply view, say 211 as well well into the history center maker body where I’d do it would highly recommend you listen to watch and none are setting up the street school and suggest that will be history : statistics suggest because last week it got seven and 10 of their statistics and corrects to use it within the statistic there are two: things to come out two games and the agenda today is a question of which are the stats to you when the pickup on butts and to be fat it’s actually come out on top for that pretty well into the last five games weeks will said will happen is I were a few will be the best captaincy option is to take a game we come up history suggests you should And I will tell you now that’s a war five game weeks that history has been a ban on the money said history for this ticket games and movies go one way of those status games the fourth rules and is to take a fixture two of them being known old and that some counts and winning two of them action is showing that we’re back now then moving on to what people believe will be a master spurs at the front page 40 goals, or that week that nest and spurs identical happen I think that most useful school that the Montego 212 stars Jason to one 1st despite the fact the community board said the man alive as just two or know what you’ll on it and say on to cancellers his first wireless draw over a permit to say on 22 well or dreams over another dentistry in saying that this is going to Congress and three women to disperse top of one of four at the last six fixtures scoring 18 goals and * ore mines fixture of the blood that know why I put down captaincy options in something came butts is his earned as the reason as to why said he watched last night’s champions league team captured on tape and then you working for vista he will history was beaten all to hear again to hurricane style to three times against master made one soldier against enough in time he scored seven goals and one assist someone has started four games makes use of the chimpanzees and got four goals and two assists and those two the peace and captures your shoes and a block of yolk has made the right decision in bringing some will find out what the man city statistics for the movie on some of the guy’s been the person or a shrine made a point last night that serve openly we wishing to do a Kay vs. the promoted teams and the choice aid them in the routine case in teams of our equipment and I think that we are the commands of this money going 21 to burn a lot of hard currency now are the we don’t we don’t we are vacancies have in the two that the top six teams teams under the old man city Chubais does not concede that many goals vs. and use another oats. Should arrive are you confident and then Norwich block for this fixture was a retail was as saying the company Norwich and held on thing or 2121 on the list of thing has been a kind of firewall like special cloaking your weather is creating a taping or distancing any chance he gets sold out with brilliant light and we would trust early on but dwindled to nothing is called calls and a 21 were funny enough in history’s agreeing with you that has been 18 goals involving this fixture to that end in the four at the last six and been in Norwich and orchard beach and four but Bernie and have one and two and they were both at home so maybe that’s annoying and that’s the only 12 and one classify as when the milk or against the weekend as an accent vs. Shaq on June 9 and offices can be an extremely low scoring game, things can get back to basics month ago one or two Evans and Jason I think the homecoming same case of the government’s enough with a history is going with a mere 21 to 2 to 73 games involving these two clubs and Fuhrman will get three games in history and that’s ever seen on the tunnel’s three and winning two of them are both apps from the other game was a troll at browning lane right then finally own two basically the biggest game of the weekend for this one would argue for everybody is managers to city buses Wilford all Manchester City to bounce back will they did against rather than played last night’s and I think that’s an database showed he would be insured win comfortably hit them on the going four Noland Jason of course you’re the In the glare and all you confident all you can be predicted eight million women will use and lock on at the same 3 to 1 man sitting well that’s exactly what the histories going with three and one that the way the letter said last night in the last six fixtures man since you score 25 goals vs. Wilfred Walton scored three two of which have been in games which have ended 31 has been 26 nor the trees and a 5 minute since IBM is looking good now owns the captain’s seat vs. whether it was missing out for said Kevin deploying up the story three times vs. Wilfred and made one soldier parents famous won the men’s work and the FA cup got one goal and four assists standing four stop spending 67 goals one assist and nowhere and Jason after listening to four stop signs at the same standard six goals and two assists said just repeat that can deploy that in three starts one soldier parents one goal four assists spanning four stops seven goals will assist the glare and say must also standing 46 goals and two assists said yet basically it’s gonna be a toss of the corn Jason only you captured by the orange exit said this matter and if you have to wear a gala grand wrote you’ve got to captain and if anybody aren’t aware and you have got to captain for all your fault block them and David bizarre automated be a symbol of what was the same was your force on the captaincy the choice and both can deploy the study will: quiero block out identify again on where were those three nights they are installing slick using everyone I meet a key demand of all three are teasing cap and options based in ANSI on its offer but on our own destiny we also remind users and on you could take as stated the start, not supposed to last week by restore turned on Biondi against the trouble getting really designed to give up 10.7 triple cap and maybe like someone like that too is excess amount and so I think that’s very likely your work or home for an altered under guess about 32 is to send on for Lester question intact and ate our overall comment on 20 to return address and just less than 30% U.N. you cut sneezes dentist and everybody know just quit one every chapter is the dishonest Saturday everybody there is the new soccer Saturday at end basically within the goodwill of the game of the force and Jason can’t enjoy and joining Serb stronghold of richard’s to flow from apple or for that are up and said those services

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Dennis Veasley

7 thoughts on “GW6 | Preview & Predictions | FPL CALL IN | #FPL #FANTASYPL #FANTASYFOOTBALL”

  1. Parts of the minky man call were hillarious.. from the echo initially of jason and stevo 'minky man .. minky mannnnn'
    To feeling like the stream was on a constant loop of minky man trying to get his 'I've mislead yous there Cantwell was always in the staring 11 I've been playing 3 at the back all season' point across and Jason totally ignoring this fact lolol .. please more scousers always good craic

  2. Nice stream as always peeps!!
    Triple captain on Aubameyang sounds like the option for a serious crack addict tho!! πŸ™‚
    Plus, we (well, I say we but I mean 'I') come here to listen to like-minded FPL players banter, procrastinate over & discuss FPL and consider options, players & transfers.
    I don't come for tips, but thought processes can help… but more than anything, its entertaining listening to you guys chat about FPL at a level I play it.
    Work money leagues are boring… and these days feel more like I'm hustling colleagues!! πŸ™‚

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