The Grand Valley State women’s tennis
team defeated Michigan Tech in the third-place match of the 2018 GLIAC
women’s tennis tournament Sunday morning previously they defeated Ashland on
Friday in the first round then fell to Wayne State Saturday in the semi finals
the Lakers and the fall season with a 10 and 2 overall record after they captured
their sixth conference title and were named GLIAC regular season Co champions
with Northwood we caught up with a few of the student-athletes and head coach
John black after the tournament take a listen we we played a real solid
GLIAC tornament didn’t win every match but we played great tennis this weekend
we put ourselves in good position for the spring I think we have a lot of
areas we can improve and come back significantly stronger next semester the
depth is extremely important pretty much every team this year had players go down
to injuries and the teams have the fewest injuries and had the most stuff
where the teams did the best this year Regionals I’m guessing we’re gonna be
could be as high as about four could be as low as maybe six so much so somewhere
between four and six in the region heading into the spring
it feels amazing I’m so proud of our team even after like yesterday when we
lost a very important match we will find the coach and we fight back and we want
this much too so I’m really proud of my team
tennis is an individual sport and here is more like a team and I love that
because I like having teammates supporting me so it’s it’s very
different but I prefer playing in America I’m looking forward for the
regionals hoping that we can win and go to the Nationals this is our goal and I
hope that I still believe that we can do it I’m really
I I gave everything I had and I’m happy that people saw that and they rewarded
me for that but still I have to put that behind me and continue playing my best
to help the team you know we did really well
I mean mind you we didn’t play our best tennis I’m against Wayne yesterday I
mean a select of us and including myself but you know Wayne came out really
strong they played really well and you know that’s why they won today I mean
they got their championship today but you know what we did really well I’m
really proud of our team especially being a whole team of seniors and
freshmen we’re gonna take away the fact that we’re now more connected with one
another you know we’re melt like we’re starting to get a groove with each other
so the next takeaway is to continue that groove and continue working together as
a unit it is a different team but it’s not that it was like different or like
difficult it was just trying to build a relationship with different girls that
are from elsewhere you know like we have different cultures we have different
like ways of life like we just have to figure each other out and the takeaway
of it is just to be able to like come together and how we were able to build
quality relationships with each other was so important and was so good and to
be able to be successful team like this especially being the same
team that we were is incredible like that was the biggest take away from it
for future we’re gonna look to get to that regional final and finally end up
going to Nationals that’s a goal

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