– Is he there? Yeah. My God, he’s hot – Okay, I got this – Did you like what you did? You think robbing things is good? Right right do not look at me like that – Why did you do it? Answer me! – I didn’t do anything – “I didn’t do anything”, that’s what they all say. – You know what? Just because your a pretty face doesn’t mean your not like my exes, alright – I bet you like to break hearts? Right? You like to break girl’s heart’s – Bet you’ll break mine. Well you know what, not up in here! What do you have to say for yourself? – Well, I didn’t do anything. I’ve been here for a long time and you know what you’re not gonna do it to me – Shouldn’t this be on my – You don’t tell me what to do! Ok yeah put them on – And guess who has the keys? Me! Ok – You’re not going anywhere. You’re gonna tell me the whole story and it better be a good one – Tell me tell me exactly what happened. Okay? I’ll tell you everything. I know I remember when I was young and dumb like you – Next year when I’m 22, you’re 22, right? Yeah. Yeah boys your age only wanted one thing, a good thing, I have that weapon, to make you listen – So you’re a hot boy? Huh? – Are you trying to seduce me or not? Is it working? – Um… No – Oh Okay – You know I can be a good friend here in jail – And if you tell me the truth, maybe I can give you some treats. I could be your best friend – I told you I didn’t do anything just- Shh – Wait, what are you doing? Is there a camera here? No, I turned them off – But listen don’t don’t focus or what we could be in the future, but just focus on the past. What happened? Think [Music] – Hey man, I’ll call you back. I think something’s wrong [Police Sirens] – Wait, you have a girlfriend? Yeah, I’ll be right back one second – Listen I need you to take care of the girlfriend. She’s a suspect. Okay, cool. Ten-four – I think we got off on the wrong start here, you know me and you we’re so alike – I think it’s pretty cool what you did honestly, I admire you and you know what like – We’ve all stolen it before so me and you we’re just like twins -We’re like Bros, you know, you can tell me everything, I’m your brother since you have a girlfriend – But you know like stealing sometimes it’s fun. Like honestly I get you, I get you. I’m cool – Like I’ll confess I’ve done some bad stuff in my life – So right now we’re family I understand – You know that it’s the hate stuff right now and I’m gonna you know, what? – I’m gonna be you right now and I’m gonna tell the story – So if I were you okay, so it started like this – So if I was a robber? – Let’s just say like you, I would actually open the door with a little credit card then when I open the door – You know just slowly close the door – So nobody can hear you then I would go to where I think I would find the jewelry – But first I will check myself out, of course – But then I will go to the bathroom because I know that that’s where all the jewelry really is and we’ll check check check until -I find some. After you get the jewelry, Usually the alarm goes off – Then what I would do I would just run push some, just like they did, or you did, and they’ll run away you – Actually I would plant the jewelry in a car, so I wouldn’t be the suspect – That’s how I would do it. And I think that’s what happened. Wait. I didn’t tell you about that part of the story – How did you know that? – You didn’t? No, I didn’t. Oh, so you’re in yeah, well – You’re interrogating me. I interrogate you. Listen if I was a criminal, why would I be telling you? – Well, I’m a criminal so you can tell me everything – You got a good point listen, if I if I did it – I would never tell a cop but we are, I mean we’re both criminals so, shh – We got her – We were right – Well done, Skorton – What? – You have the right to remain silent. Wait you have the right to remain silent! I’ve been free for a long time – Come on! [Music]

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