– This is the GTN show. Now, for this week’s edition, we have brought you out to Norway because Mark has a rather
big day ahead of him, and we know that you guys want to see it. – Yeah, I am, well, about to tow the line at the infamous Norseman Xtreme Triathlon. Goodness how it’s going to go down. – It’s exciting. – Something I’ve wanted to do for years, so we thought we’d bring
you along for the ride. We’re also going to
pick up our usual news, and exciting product
release, Caption Comp, and taking a look through your photos. (intense, high-energy music) (electronic beeping) – Now, we have literally just
arrived, turned the car off, and got ourselves to the
swim start here at Eidfjord. Now, this water that you see behind me, that’s where you’re going to be jumping in at five o’clock Saturday morning. – Yeah, it’s quite scary
now we’re actually here. But yeah, it’s been a long day. We started off from London into Oslo, we’ve driven five hours odd to Eidfjord, which is sort of bang in the
middle of Bergen and Oslo. To start from this
absolutely stunning location and then, well, I head uphill for about 40 kilometers on the bike. – What you guys can’t see
and we’re looking at here is essentially a really
winding, steep valley climb that Mark is going to start riding as soon as he leaves the water. It’s essentially 40 kilometers of uphill, that we drove in, coming
in here in the car. So we’ve had a good look in reverse of what Mark’s going to be heading up, and it is rather stunning scenery. – Yeah, but I guess before that, the big bit that everyone kind of, the iconic part of Norseman, is the start, which basically starts at
silly o’clock in the morning, off the back of a ferry
as the sun is rising. But yeah, you literally are
just launching yourself off into the icy cold fjord
waters, 3.8 kilometer swim, and then into a rather
grueling 180 kilometer bike, and then finishing with a marathon, which finishes at this
summit of a mountain. It’s a race that I have
wanted to do for years. It’s been on my bucket list, just never been really been able to do it. But now I’ve got the
opportunity to, well, do it, and bring you guys along to
see just how tough it is. – I mean, we’ve got quite a bit to do between now and Saturday morning, but we’re going to get back
in here tomorrow morning, have a wrecking swim, which is going to be really good for Mark just to see how cold it is. Hopefully, it isn’t too cold, and we’ve been told not too bad. We’ve stuck our hands in
there, it doesn’t feel so bad. – But I have brought all
the precautionary equipment and clothing, so I’ve
got thermal base layers, I’ve got balaclava
skullcaps, I’ve got booties, I’ve got a thermal wetsuit. – Well, we know from experience
that I know it all works, ’cause six weeks ago, that
was me wearing it all, so fingers crossed, Mark won’t
need quite as much as I did. – Yeah, and then we’re
going to be catching up with a few of the athletes here, and then Saturday, it is showtime. And you guys are going to
see how it all goes down. – [Narrator] This is not for
you, it’s nothing personal. But it’s not. This is for people with fight, resilience, and minds tougher than their bodies. They’re not interested in being the best, all they care about is besting themselves. They’re no nonsense, no
handholding, no sugar coating. They’re in pursuit of something bigger, their team behind them
and a smile on their face. If that sounds good, maybe we were wrong about you. (ominous music) (chuckles) – That was one heck of
a trip, wasn’t it, Mark? – That was something special, oh boy. It was emotional, brutal, amazing. Everything, all within one race. I mean, that is, by far, the
best race I’ve ever done. I certainly was privileged to actually get a start there at Norseman. So I definitely made a
very conscious effort to lap it all up and take
in all those sights around. – [Fraser] And talking about that, it was pretty stunning
scenery out there, wasn’t it? – It was phenomenal. And if you did enjoy that very
short teaser you got there, and you think that’s just it, well, do stay tuned because
we’ve got a longer video coming for you within
the next couple of weeks. Really showing what I
went through out there on the course out in Norseman. – [Fraser] Yeah I mean,
I was there with you the whole day supporting, Mark, but give us an insight into what exactly what was going through your mind. – Well, yeah, I’ll run
you through very quickly from start to finish. So, I actually took part in the World Championship Xtri Tour wave, which actually went
off five minutes before the normal Norseman wave. So that was a select group of, well, I was literally the
last participant in that wave. I was number 45, and they were all mostly past winners of Xtri World Tour events. So, Celtman, Swissman,
Patagonman, et cetera. I actually, surprisingly, got a bit of a lead out of the swim, so I had a few minutes
lead going onto the bike. Onto the run, I, (chuckles) onto the bike, sorry, I just tried to take things
easy, get into a rhythm, and I sort of used that
buffer just to sort of relax. And the leaders came past me and I very quickly just went, “No, Mark, let them go, this
is all about completing this, “don’t get caught up in the race.” And I sort of kept that mentality all day. So if people came past me, it’s very frustrating,
but I just let them go. I was going into the unknown. This was my first iron distance event, and I was doing one of the
toughest ones out there. Onto the run, felt fantastic. You start along a very
flat part of the course, and then it basically
kicks up up the hill, and I think just mentally,
when I saw the hill, we turned a corner around 22, 23k, it just broke me. You saw me on the course at that point. – Yeah, I was allowed to join
Mark just after that point, and hopefully, manage to pick
his spirits up a little bit. – Yeah, so I mean, still
then at that point, I started to climb 1600 meters
or something there abouts, after having raced for eight or so hours. So, finished in 11 hours and 28 minutes. I took 19th overall in the
World Championship wave, so yeah, super chuffed with that. Though I do know that you
guys cheekily predicted, will Mark go out too hard at Norseman? Now, I’m going to fight my corner here, I’d say swim, just happened. – Mmhmm.
– I didn’t go too, I felt like I just went
fairly comfortably. I felt like I paced it, yes, I blew up, but I think that’s just going
to happen over that race. But I’ll let you make
the call on this one. – No, no, I agree completely with Mark. It was definitely an example
of pacing within your limits. I mean, you swim amazingly, so the fact that you came out
with that three-minute buffer was, to be honest, it
didn’t surprise me at all. So, no, I don’t think it
was indicative of Mark going out too hard, whatsoever. – Phew, safe. (chuckles) (intense music) Right, it is time for some tech news, and to kick things off, we have something quite new
and exciting from Oakley. – We do, indeed, because this here is part of the new Oakley PRIZM
Road Black Edition of lenses that they have just released. So, actually, they were
launched back in April, and riders and athletes were using them, but they’re now available in store for all of us to get a hold of. And essentially, this is a new edition to the PRIZM range of glasses that Oakley are very famous for. The PRIZM lenses are, I suppose, what they’re known for is having this exceptional ability to enhance and improve the
conditions in the sport, I suppose, that you’re
specifically using them for. So, PRIZM do skiing, they do
baseball, as well, I think. They do mountain biking, of
course, they do road lenses. So, these here are new lenses that are across the different frame types. We’ve got a couple here,
we got the Flight Jacket, and that over there is the
more (mumbles) Jawbreaker. – Yeah now, some sunglasses
can actually make things just look a little bit flat, can actually even reduce
the quality of our vision. But the idea with the PRIZM lenses, is that they enhance our vision and also optimize our vision. So, if we, like, compare
two different sports, golf and cycling, the colors that we see predominantly during those two different
sports are wildly different. The idea of the PRIZM lenses then, is to enhance those different
colors, different contrasts, and therefore, enhancing
our quality of vision. And also reducing the
strain upon our eyes. – Yeah, so these are the new
Oakley PRIZM Road Black lenses. They are, as you can see,
a slightly darker lens, and just a little bit of
a darker look in general. – Yeah, very cool. Now onto some very cool tech as well. This time from Norway, when we’re out there for the Norseman. Now, I’ve been super excited about this. – Yeah. – We’ve been wanting to get our hands on a set of the Morf Tech Aero Bars. I’ve been trying to line up Antony Costes from France for a while. We keep missing each other. But Allan Hovda, who is 2018
or three-time, actually, Norseman winner, didn’t
actually win this year, he had a set on his bike. – Right, so we are here
the day before Norseman with defending champion and
multiple winner Allan Hovda. So, he’s very kindly
going to take us through the bike that he’s going
to be racing on tomorrow. And specifically, I’m real
interested to have look at these ’cause I have never seen these
Morf Tech handlebars before. So Allan, can you give us
a demonstration please? – Yeah, the Morf Tech handlebars, they’re quite, I would say, unique. – Yeah. – In terms that you don’t have a base bar. The Aero bars are both
aero bars and base bars. – And you literally just,
what you’ve done there is just pulled them out, and there’s no mechanism or locking, that just action was you
just moving your hands down, wasn’t it? – Yes, and then they
lock in this position. So, to get them back as Aero bars, you have to press both the levers. – [Fraser] So you push both
those levers at the same time. – [Allan] Yes. – [Fraser] Hey presto, we’ve got a really, really aero system again. – [Allan] Yes. – So how often do you have the base bars down into that position,
perhaps, when you’re racing? Or do you try and keep in that aero tuck as often as possible? – Yeah, I’m in that aero
tuck as often as possible. And when going uphill, I
try to sit up straight. – [Fraser] In this position? – [Allan] Yeah, in this position and it’s a bit easier to drink as well. – A-ha. – And in the downhills,
I’m riding like this because it’s the most aerodynamic position you’ll ever get in. – Do you want to demonstrate it? – Yeah I can demon–
– Very quickly? – ‘Cause how could this
be most aerodynamic? It’s, oh, sorry.
– Not at all. – You sit on the top tube and you go like this. – Very, very fast. – So, yeah, that’s the fastest
way to descend on– – And that’ll be you tomorrow, going down the very long
descents of Norseman. – Yes, because you have a
lot of uphill in Norseman, but you also have a lot of long descents. So it goes really fast.
– Fascinating. So, one other thing that I
can’t not talk about here is you’re running one-by, which is still quite
an unusual thing to see in long-distance racing, but especially in Xtri racing. I don’t think there’d be anybody else, well, very few people riding the one-by. So what have we got here,
what’s your gear ratios? – [Allan] Yeah, this one-by
is obviously new for the year, And it’s a, it’s a 12-speed cassette. I got 50 teeth in front
and a 33/10 cassette. – So a 33’s a nice big, easy gear for getting up those hills? – Yes, it is going to
be just slightly heavier than my, than a regular two-bar, two-bar set up, with 28/11 cassette. So it’s, you got a, a better top speed, and a good enough light gear. – One quick question,
talking about speeds. What do you think your
fastest speed will be tomorrow on the descents in that tuck position? – I will reach 100 kilometers per hour. – Now something that, if you are a fan of
running shoes like we are, you’ll be quite interested in this, because there has been
a pair of running shoes, Nike running shoes shall I say, that have sold at auction to a Canadian by the name of Miles Nadal, who has paid a whopping 577,000
US, sorry Canadian dollars. Nearly half a million US dollars for a pair of Nike running
shoes that were made in 1972. The very first batch of
Nike Waffle Racing Flats, also called the Moon Shoe. And, yeah, that’s just a
heck of a lot of money. In fact, it is the most
that has ever been paid. World Guinness Record, in
fact, for a pair of sneakers. – Yeah, I picked this out
because I know that we are both a little bit of shoe fanatics, but I’m pretty sure neither of us would ever spend quite that much. (laughs) Now this is actually one
of 12 pairs of these shoes that was ever made. Now these shoes were
actually designed and made by one of the co-founders
of Nike, Bill Bowerman. And these were actually made for the 1972 American Olympic Trials, which then, we have, well, believed that Steve Prefontaine, who was one of Bill Bowerman’s athletes, then went on to race in
in the 5K at the Olympics, that he qualified from
the Olympic Trials at. So yeah, so pretty special
shoes to get your hands on. – And this pair is believed
to be the only one of those 12 never to have been worn, apparently. So I guess that’s why they
went for so much money. – Yeah, now, moving on from that, we’ve got some stats for you, also still down this tech route. Now this is with Zwift. Now Zwift sent this through to us, a few stats on the Tour de France. Now you maybe struggling with
some post-Tour de France blues so we just thought we’d keep
some going here in the news. Now, they said that 73
Tour de France participants were Zwifters, which is phenomenal. – [Fraser] It’s got to
be half the peleton. – [Mark] Well yeah, exactly. One of the Zwifters then
won the Tour de France. Number of stages won by Zwifters was 10. And then 212 kilometers was
the longest ever Zwift ride, and that was by Boasson Hagen. Final stat here for you was
that over 100,000 kilometers was ridden by Tour de France
pros on a Zwift to date. – I do remember when I was using Zwift quite a lot when I was still racing, that you would often see, or I would often notice
Boasson Hagen’s name pop up on the list of people Zwifting. So I think in the winter, I don’t think he leaves Norway very much and goes on training camps, like a lot of other
athletes do, he literally– – Would you get on his wheel and then just attack past him? – Yeah, of course. (laughs) (mesmerizing music) So following on from
that chat about Zwift, that leads us to our question
for you this week in the poll, and that is do you still train
indoors during the summer? And that’s just a simple yes or no. – Yeah, even if it’s just for one session and maybe you do the rest of it outdoors, we just want to know, do you actually still get
that indoor trainer out, the treadmill out? Yeah, I’m really interested. So enter that poll by clicking on the link just above Fraser’s head there. (intense music) – So we’re onto race news now, and obviously, we’re going to kick off by talking about Norseman, which Mark has heroically completed. But Norseman this year also incorporated the
Xtri World Championships, which Mark was talking about before. And in the women’s side of things, it was dominated by Lucy
Gossage from the UK. Now Lucy stepped away really from racing full-time professionally. She’s now an oncologist
working as a cancer doctor. So, hats off to her to still be able to rattle off a very impressive time, 11:27, which was unfortunately a
minute quicker than Mark. – She passed me just at
the bottom of the climb. As we were, like, sorting out bags, camera equipment, like, “No, Lucy’s going past!” Up to that point, I
didn’t care about racing, I was like damn it. But no, absolutely amazing, I don’t mind being beaten
by someone like Lucy, she’s absolutely phenomenal. But yeah, second place then
went to Flora Colledge, third to Line Mari Langseth. Over on the men’s side, wow, we had quite a battle, didn’t we? Allan Hovda who’s the 2018 champion was in the lead on that final climb, and literally meters
before the finish line, just going into the final few steps, he got passed by Hans Christian Tungesvik, who took the win, Allan took second, although he did say afterwards he was very happy with his performance. – I mean apparently they
had been within three, came out of the water together, and then virtually leapfrogging
each other most of it. They were never split by more
than three minutes apart, like across the entire race, which, when you think about that, that’s quite an incredible
head-to-head racing over such a long race. So it sounds like a
brilliant race to follow. – Yeah, and then to round out that podium, third went to Jarle Wermskog. But we also had the normal
Norseman race going on. So the winners for both
of them, we had Danne, Danne Boterenbrood. – Well done, I think that was good Dutch. – Sorry if I got that wrong. – And we had Fredrik
Linge Johnsen from Norway taking it at the men’s
race in 10 hours 47, which I think would have put him inside the top 10 in the
Xtri, so very fast race. – Absolutely amazing. But other racing this weekend, we had 70.3 taking place in Boulder, which is a notoriously hard race because you’re obviously at altitude. But that didn’t slow the
guys down or the girls down in this race. Because Chris Leiferman
took the win in a phenomenal three hours and 44 minutes and 32 seconds, because that is important, ’cause second place went
to Tyler Butterfield, three hours, 44 minutes and 40 seconds, and with an incredible run split
of one hour and 11 minutes, which is a heck of a lot
faster than anyone else. – Yeah, six to 10 minutes faster than the rest of the
guys in this top five, which is incredible, right? – Yeah, and third went
to Kennett Peterson. – And on the women’s
side, we had Skye Moench, which we saw win Ironman
Frankfurt just last month. So, she took the win. Lesley Smith from the U.S. in second, and Meredith Kessler, a long
time Ironman and 70.3 champion, in third. Now on to Ironman racing, and it’s getting quite exciting now ’cause this is the penultimate weekend of qualifying for Kona, just one more weekend of racing next week where athletes can get their slots. So this weekend, there was
a female-only pro race, Ironman Tallinn in Estonia. It’s only the second year
this race has been going, it’s up there on the Northern
coast of Eastern Europe. And we had (mumbles) to take victory once she got into the lead on the bike. Corinne Abraham from the UK,
she doesn’t race too often, but she really pulls it out of the bag when she gets herself on the start line. So, Corinne came out of the water, established a really good lead on the bike was actually caught up
towards the end of that by fellow brit Kim Morrison, but put in a very solid run to come home for that coveted Kona slot. – Yeah, now that second
Kona spot for the weekend, wow, it got quite exciting, actually. Because Kimberley Morrison,
who is a fantastic biker, although Corrine Abraham
actually outbiked her on the day by a couple minutes, she was actually in second
place for majority of that race, and literally, it came
down to the final kilometer where she was passed by Kristin Liepold, who went on to take second. – With a blazing 2:53 marathon. – Yeah, Kimberley Morrison took third, but fortunately Kristin
Liepold has actually already prequalified at Ironman Cannes. So, that second spot did go– – [Fraser] Yeah, ’cause
that would have been agonizing for Kim, ’cause we know she’s been
chasing that slot for a while. – Yeah. We’re now moving onto the
off-road side of things, to XTERRA, and we had the
European Champs this weekend taking place in the Czech Republic. And the men’s race, it was actually won by
Arthur Serrieres who, actually this is his
second XTERRA Tour series win of this year, and his fourth in total
throughout his career. Second place went to Ruben Ruzafa, and third went to Bradley Weiss, who has actually come back
from a fairly long injury. – And on the women’s side, we had yet more French domination. We had Morgan Roux, who we’re quite familiar
with talking about now. This is her sixth career win, but actually her fourth on the trot in the XTERRA series this year. So she’s really on a roll. She took that win over home
athlete Helena Erbenova from the Czech Republic. Only 45 seconds that she managed to snatch about the strong run. And third place went to Swiss
athlete Lou-Anne Duvensen. – Yeah, and now another XTERRA
race we had over the weekend was over in Mexico. And that was won by Sam
Osborne in the men’s race. Second went to Karsten Madsen,
and third to Branden Rakita. – And similar to our Czech
Republic European Champs, we had domination from
the same country again with another Kiwi winning,
Samantha Kingsford winning. We had Fabiola Corona from Mexico, who’s done very well in
that race in the past, and Suzie Snyder, the reigning
U.S. champion in third. (intense music) – So, now it’s time to
have a look at a selection of some of the cracking pictures that you guys keep sending us in. And this one, first up, caught my eye ’cause I used to spend quite a lot of time getting to train in the
south coast of Spain. So this is from Henry and he
has sent this in from Portman in the Murcia region, south of Spain. And he’s got his brand new
bike at the top of the climb. – [Mark] I love this, he’s actually given us a full
breakdown of his bike spec. So, he’s got a Cervelo P5, with a rotor to empower 52/36 compact, very, very important to know. – [Fraser] In those sorts of climbs. – [Mark] Yeah, exactly,
Roval CLX 50 Rapide wheels, Shimano all-tech (mumbles) too. First time climbing with a new bike. Amazing views, beautiful
roads, but very, very hot. – [Fraser] Time to get a new water bottle behind the saddle, Andrew says. So, good luck with that. – Next photo sent in, now this one kind of
took us back a little bit because we thought this person’s got some amazing facilities. Lilia, or Ilia, Lia, I’m very sorry if we got that wrong, but this is from Singapore. And they said, “Not exactly a pain cave, “but facilities in the
condominiums in Singapore “are so good that you can
easily do all your training “in the comfort of your own home.” And we’ve got a fantastic
pool here, haven’t we? – I mean, it looks like a single
lane, 25, are we guessing? I mean it’s hard to tell,
it looks quite long. – I mean, you’d be a little bit annoyed if you popped down for a
good quality swim session, and someone’s doing
breaststroke down over there. – Or zigzagging. (both chuckling) – Yeah, or kids playing in the pool. But that is incredible. – Yeah, and she says she’s set up my Tacx trainer on the balcony, and combined the lap pool underneath, and the treadmill next
to it, can’t complain. No, you definitely can’t complain. – No, that is very nice. Got another one here sent in by Alison from Westend, Vancouver in. – [Both] British Columbia, yeah. – And they’ve got three
Giants and three Liv bikes. But yeah, all hung up on the wall. – [Fraser] An amazing space saving, they just decided they didn’t
need to use their dining room as a dining room anymore,
and turned it into a garage. Hope it stays clean like that. – Well yeah, I was just thinking that, I mean, in my garage, I can’t
bring the mountain bike in. That carpet would be filthy,
the wall would be a state. How are you keeping it so clean? I would love to know. Send us in some tips in
the comment section below, because I cannot keep my
garage that clean, let alone. Anyway. – Final one, we got from Matt, and he has sent us his beauty
of a pain cave, he says, in Weymouth Dorset, we’ve
both raced there, haven’t we? And it’s his Canyon Speed Max TT and a Specialized Venge Roadie tucked away inside his cupboard, which is more space saving. – Very smart isn’t it? But yeah he’s got, yeah
obviously a big fan of that bike. Literally the same color as mine. He switched the bars out,
though, for some USE bars that I actually used to have
on my old bike, actually. Very good bars, get some nice,
get a good angle on those. But yeah, very nice. – Treadmill in the background, Ironman Vichy poster, the works. – Yeah, very, very cool. Yeah, so please do keep
sending in all your photos. Use our photo uploader, it’s super easy, we love the pain caves, as you can tell. But any race photos, if
you are still racing, swim shots, transition zones, get them in and we’ll chat about them. (intense music) – Right, it is time for
the Caption Competition. Last week we had a photo of Heather, underwater at Vobster Quay. – We did, and we had a whole
ton of caption entries sent in. So we’re going to give
you a selection here. First up from Chris
Debonnaire, and he says, “The latest test for wetsuit flexibility, “the underwater YMCA.” Which I liked. – Yeah, cool, J. Michael Tynan said, “I’m having a whale of a good time.” – Like that one too. Ashley Wallace says, “Wait,
do you say shark week “was this week?” (chuckles) – But the winner for this week
goes to Kevin Blankenberger, said, “Is Heather alright? “I think she fell into the quarry.” – Very, very clever.
– Quay. Brilliant, so you are the
winner of the Caption Comp, do get in touch over Facebook,
Instagram, Twitter, whatever. And we’ll send that over to you. But the Caption Comp photo
for this week actually comes– – It’s a good one. – It comes from the
XTERRA European Champs. And this is the start line. – [Fraser] Dear, dear, dear, dear. – [Mark] I haven’t actually
figured out who that athlete is. – [Fraser] No, I don’t, but– – [Mark] I should have
done a bit of research, but I can see Bradley
Weiss and whatnot there. Anyway, everyone else obviously
looking pretty focused, one athlete, little bit tired. Probably an early start or something. – Rather be, better off
than being a noon start. – Oh yeah. So yeah, please do drop your captions in the comment section below. – So that is another edition of our show, almost wrapped up for the week. And incidentally, that
is 104 of these shows that we’ve been doing, and I know that because when we have to write up a little title for the script for each show, that was 104 this week, and that’s two whole years
you guys have been doing this. – That’s incredible, isn’t it? It does not feel that long,
but I’m still enjoying it, so we’re obviously doing
something right here. But yeah, we’ve got loads more
videos coming up this week. We’ve got our interview
with Lucy Charles Barclay, and that’s really interesting because we actually go
into her whole history of how she got into triathlon. We’ve got coffee and caffeine, so how it affects our performance. Now, that’s a little bit of a
rough investigation of myself and cutting caffeine out
and bringing it back in. And we’ve also got a video on how you can overcome
your open water fears. If you’d like to see those
and be notified on those, you can actually subscribe to channel, hit the little bell
icon down there as well, and it will notify you
when those videos come out, which is important because
if you want to see me go through all sorts of
emotions and pain at Norseman, you can see that. You’ll be notified when that comes out in the next couple of weeks. But if you can’t wait, you can always watch
Fraser’s Celtman video where he does his own extreme triathlon, so to see that you can
click just down here. – And if you want to get
a little bit of a teaser of everything Norseman, you can see Mark’s kit list for everything he thought he might use because actually he didn’t
need to use a lot of it. For his Norseman kit list,
you can get that here. – And don’t forget to
give us a big thumbs up.

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  10. Yep. Well done Mark. Watched the live stream from Norseman. It was said that you probably did the fastest swim time in Norseman history is this true?
    Anyhow great to see. But Lucy Gossage coming in to the finish, my god still had loads of energy the way she was moving about

  11. Wow! Love the video. Such an inspiration! (all the videos on this channel are generally top notch bytheway)

  12. Congratulations Mark! It's such a beautiful race. If anyone here is doing it next year – Bergen is significantly closer than Oslo!!!!

  13. Congrats Mark … at least a journalist who can talk about sports knowing a¡what he talks about., like all your GTN colleagues, congrats to all.

  14. First marathon up a bloody mountain at the end of ur first ironman get in lol

    Good job Mr floppy-ankles 👍😎

  15. Did my first ever triathlon last weekend participating on the Xterra Main race in CZ, was an amazing experience and I am hooked to move on bigger TTchallenges, thanks for all the amazing conttent, got awesome tips during my preparation !. on another note Congrats Mark on your Norseman!

  16. Mid week sessions are a damn sight easier indoors when pressed for time. Always outside come the weekend though.

  17. Thanks for the feature on the Singapore pain cave, guys:-) huge smile on my face! Pool is 28m and in there is my wife, swimming while I was doing a session on the trainer 🙂 I am a guy 😛

  18. Well done Mark with the Norseman 2019.
    Caption" HAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LETS GET CRACKING!!!!!!"

  19. Well done mark! Very impressive first iron distance. What is your 70.3 average time? Do you always feel tired coming out of the water?

  20. That’s our dining room with the 4 Giant and Liv bikes. We have a strict rule that all bikes get a cleaning after each ride and before they come into the condo! We have supplies in the parkade and a cleaning area so it makes it quite easy. And congratulations to Mark and Fraser on your Xtreme race finishes.👍🏼

  21. If the locking mechanism in either position of those custom aero bars were to fail, you’d be pretty screwed. I hit 90Kph at lake placid IM with traditional bars and that was plenty fast. I’d like to see some wind tunnel data showing how much drag they reduce but suspect it’s not enough to risk saftey!

  22. Yes, I still train indoors during summer time here in Saudi Arabia where we have 40-45 degrees celcius, 65-80% humidity and oftenly dusty due to (mild) sandstorms. 😅

  23. Even more impressive about that Boulder 70.3 run split is 95% of the run course was dirt roads and trails, extremely uneven footing. Also it was just the altitude last weekend the heat was a huge factor too, its was 36.7C when I finished my run, was over an hour slower than my PR. A very tough race indeed, I was definitely humbled by it.

  24. Thanks for explaining the difference between Norseman and the championship I was first looking for Mark's number on the wrong list. I was confused. Amazing race Congratulations!!

  25. #caption when they say to you that the race will finish after 12 hours and it's too early in the morning…

  26. Love the coverage.BUT since when is the end of the men’s race the end? You have just committed the biggest fois pas ever! Fix it! Show us the women’s race! Who knew you need a reminder in 2019. You have women to n your team! I’m appalled!

  27. Well done guys, looking forward to the next two years!. Bee good to see you guys interview Louise Minchin from BBC breakfast who did the Norsemen as well. saw a short film on the BBC about her adventure with it. Looking forward to seeing a longer version of Mark's race as well.

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