This is how first singles And a member of the second doubles prepares for a match Well we’re looking forward to our first match of the year With Ellsworth And we expect good things I’m excited I’m pumped, I’m ready to go Libby’s always ready for any challenge that comes her way Oh, hello there He said it better than I can, so Today was practice so I feel okay I’m nervous but very excited and… kinda a little ansy about it But we’ll see, we’ll win I’m eating breakfast I’m having, eggs and toast annnnd blueberries blueberries eggs and toast Good pre-game meal Multitasking Okay so last match I waved to Chloe like twice and then she complained about it cause she was like “I was the only one!” I’m going to see how many times we can get Chloe to like wave during her match. Hi, it’s Libby Weed I’m really excited to play and for the season to start, still nervous at the same time some of my pre-match rituals are: that I set my clothes out the night before, I try to get at least eight hours of sleep and I try to have a really good breakfast and pack really good snacks for the game Usually on match days the night before I like to set a special alarm so instead of just like a *usual alarm* It’s a song like a hype song and then its labeled “match days” so then I just start thinking really early in the morning about the match and how I want to play and what I want to do and then I also get hyped This morning, I woke up to: “All I Do Is Win”, by DJ KHALED The remix. I just like to have a nice healthy energizing breakfast listen to a special playlist that labeled “ball” throughout the whole day to build up some positive energy Unfortunately today we took SATs so, that mentally destroyed me But its okay, we have a couple hours ’til our match, and I’m ready to go, getting ready to go Yes. This is what we do before every match where we explain Okay where we explain two things that we want to work on during our match and yeah that’s pretty much it okay, that’s it okay ready? Oh, good! Yeah, ya know I think I did okay, my serving wasn’t very good. But I think I played okay Didn’t play too down which is good I did okay like I kinda lost my serve in the middle there But I brought it back and overall like It was pretty good It was 8-0, first win of the season! Well right now we’re losin’ Yeah we’re 1 and they’re 4 I low-key think they messed up the score Yeah I think it might be 3-1 I didn’t think we were switching, yeah they didn’t serve from that side yet A lot better than the beginning Yeah it was like 1-4, then we won 7-4, I mean 8-4. Great We were down 4-1, and then we made a comeback and won the rest We’re just really good, no big deal It was really long It was, we got to 8-8, and then there was a tiebreaker, and the tiebreaker was really close I won It was okay, it was a little rough in the beginning. I was a little nervous forgot how to play tennis for a couple seconds But I came back, Libby gave me some sunglasses Got some advice from Farrar, and it was 8-4 So last year I sliced my hand open with the can So, Libby has to open it for me Thank you Miss Politte Well That was the first time I’ve lost a match in two years It’s frustrating when you know you can do better than how you did Just gives me motivation to do better next time My coach said it was kinda a wake up call for me So Friday I have to step it up a little bit to stay calm we’ll see how that goes

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Dennis Veasley

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