Hello again from Mobile, Alabama, this
time it’s Chase Hodges and the men’s tennis team looking to make history with their first national championship
in their first year of NAIA eligibility. It was the
3-seeded Grizzlies verse the top-seeded embry-riddle Eagles
for the national championship. I grabbed the bottle of water this morning morning and I was shaking like this and I was like, “No, Bruno, please man.” I’m 25 years old. I thought this was over the but it’s been so stressful, this tournament. Because I’ve been through this and
know how tough it is. He makes me play well. I just return the ball and he takes care of business. Doubles was sick how we played. It was very important. Anytime we go up 2-1 after doubles, which is what happened
today, it’s tough to beat us know. We had a ton of energy going into the singles and
everybody was taking care of business on their court We were all set up and that was huge. Even me. I didn’t think I was going to be one set up that easy. Connor breezed and we know that we had an opportunity in each one of those. Bruno’s a senior — he’s already won this
thing — you know you always have confidence that he’s going to bring it home. And he did — he clinched it for us. I was waiting on Eric I was 3-0 and I see Eric was serving 5-4 and I was like, “Eric, please, dude, finish this up.” I didn’t want to play anymore and then I started playing bad and I got broken and the guy I was 5-3 down and then I see Eric losing in second set and then Luke was 5-2 up, but then I got
back already and was serving 6-5 when I was thinking maybe it could be again. It’s an amazing feeling. I’ve had a great group of guys that I’ve been
fortunate enough to coach and I love all those guys. We represented the school in great way and we compete. That’s an amazing feeling — to be on the court and see everybody fighting — they know what they want. We
finished the season undefeated. We did not lose a match we won a national
championship. This season does not get any better it really
doesn’t. I’m ecstatic. In dominating fashion the glory
goes to the Grizzlies by a final score of 5 to 1. Chase Hodges picked up his second
national championship on the day and the Grizzlies will be traveling back
to Lawrenceville with not one but two national championships. From
Mobile, Alabama I’m Matt Mahoney for the Grizzly Digital
Network. Go Grizzlies.

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