Oh, god. Well, here we are again. Yeah, but this time
we’re seniors. And we’re gonna
rule the school. Jan, that is so adolescent.
(laughing) we are adolescent. We don’t have to flaunt it. Okay, girls. Let’s go get ’em.

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Dennis Veasley

100 thoughts on “Grease (1978) – We’re Gonna Rule the School Scene (1/10) | Movieclips”

  1. ive seen this a million times and i never understood what Jan did that was adolescent??? eating the oreo? who's flaunting what?

  2. She opened the Oreo and was eating the cream in the inside. After Rizzo said that they don't have to flaunt it you'll notice that she puts the Oreo back together and holds it in between her teeth

  3. I never really figured out how  Jan  became a Pink Lady in the first place. I'm not dissing her or anything but she seems to fit the Pink Lady persona even less than Sandy.

  4. Lucky seniors! I'm gonna be a sophomore in high school this year, but I still like to eat lunch with seniors (usually the only time I ever eat a table by the way) xD Haha

  5. make me laugh how they make fun of sandy yet jan appears to be much much more socially awkward than her haha… on another note, marty is easily best looking out of them no contest

  6. Why people keep going on about them looking too old? This is set in the 50's, the teens were more mature looking and acted far less adolescent. Yes the actors are older than teenagers but there's a reason why they gave these roles to older actors in the first place.

  7. Movie should have been set in some small rural town, not California. It's not the 90s it's set in the 50s. California is where the obnoxious city punk skateboarders were. Greaser subculture was started by a bunch of middle class hillbillies who lived on farms. Huge fuck up on the location

  8. Modern Grease

    Rizzo: Let's get 'em, girls! We're gonna rule the–
    Other students: EYYY (Pick up boxes of eggs)

  9. I will never forget my senior year in high school. Yeah, you feel as if you're old enough to run the school.

  10. Rizzo's such a slut! She has no right to make fun of Sandy, as there's nothing wrong with purity and innocence and actually having morals!

  11. lol I just got a job at this high school in Huntington Park. Things have changed a little – there's a Home Depot next to it now 🙂

  12. Dinah Manoff. She was a cutie back in the day. I mostly remember her as Maggie from Child's Play. Grease wasn't the word in 1988. For her performance as Maggie, the word was hammertime. She flew across the room like someone who stepped into grease though.

  13. There was a vid called pinkist lady in the world and one of the pink ladies from grease was on the show lol crazy

  14. Top grossing 'G' movies:
    1. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2
    2. Guardians of the Galaxy
    3. Gravity
    4. Godzilla (2014)
    5. The Grinch
    6. Ghost
    7. Gladiator
    8. The Greatest Showman
    9. Gone with the Wind
    10. Grease

  15. There’s the Heathers, there’s the Plastics, and there’s Cher and her friends…but no one tops the Pink Ladies. 😂👏🙌

  16. 0:15 – yeah. They're seniors alright.
    They probably all dropped their kids of at daycare before coming here.

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