What’s going on guys and soul fire sneakers I’m here with pod today we are at the mall We’re gonna actually have him try to return the air – your local retail store We’re gonna see what the employee reactions are gonna be at least whether they know what these are don’t know what they are we’re gonna see if they’re gonna try to scam him or Actually help him out and see if he can really return these let’s get to it. I got a link It’s on 40 in my right eye like I noticed Good Maybe you can help me out. I don’t know if my wife bought these here for my grandson or not No, no, yeah, they don’t sell air bags They’re kind of weird to me I I don’t understand them but They’re size seven. So maybe if I can just get a Maybe get a Squatch store credit for them Like I said, I don’t know anything about them. Okay, you know how much these are worth? No I Couldn’t get a store credit or anything for him Holy cow, these are incredible. Yeah, see I don’t I don’t know anything about him. He’s a size 9 These are a size 7, but if I took a picture of him and I sent it to my boss they would Freak out and be like what really? He’s a size 7 and he’s a size 9 and I Don’t know if I was thinking maybe getting a store credit or something this but the thing is on These aren’t as much as what most people would say that there’s worth as much as the rest of him. I’m happy what? Bro, what are you talking about man? Yeah, I imagine My wife bought him I’m not sure if she bought him here she got him from my grandson He’s a seventh my grandson was nine, but we were told because they might be you know, where something Oh, yes A lot. All right Hi, I’m not sure if my wife got these here and not I thought she did Yeah my grandson he was an Extremely rare extremely a Lot of money My wife got him they were size 7 and my grandson’s a size 9 Oh, so I don’t know if I’ll get a store credit or III definitely do not sell this shoe But what she is doing for you as she is looking the shoe up Can we look it up through through? every taco man or no through through the internet and see if see if it pops up any like a full library’s go to the Nike outlet I was just at the Nike LA and I’ve never seen anything. Like how would you look it up? Yeah, what what what is this? Is there a style number in it right there? I’m oh, I don’t know but it was I was just gonna say yeah, that’s crazy, right? More 1:7. Yep, seven four four. I’ve never seen these never die now What are you doing this you just wearing as a shoe and you ball in it? Like what is the purpose of scale? I mean, I’ll make even right it’s an energy products and I Have flight club. Well this bear on line here for $35,000 Yeah kid $35,000. Like I said, you’re testing all night, man, man, that’s been one of the night pay for my car That’s a gold mine as soon as you pulled those out. I was like, whoa Wow, Zara like Wow, thanks for your honesty. No problem. Like I said, I’d you sit another cold mine. What do you think they were? Realistically. Yeah 20 K 20 K. Yeah That’s more than I pay for my cars You know what? I don’t think I’m gonna take the store credit, but I appreciate you on it. I appreciate your honesty course, really? Thanks a lot. It’s on Okay You want me to be honest with you I want you to take a drive to New York if you want the address I will give it to you right now. You’re gonna go through a protocol flex look Good shoes to themselves. Really? Yes Right. Now they have a pair of these in a size 8 at their store worth twelve and a half thousand dollars So, yeah, I take these to New York onto the flight clothes store And yeah, but the energy house somewhere do not tell anybody you have these shoes. Really? Yeah That’s awesome Hey, thanks for what they appreciate it. Thanks guys. Just do me a favor. Go straight to college. Yeah Okay, so these are the air max right? And you said this was nice seven. Mm-hmm Last I was 13 I’m being this is serious. You could sell out right now. Like that’s like that. These are like thousand dollars. They’re very very rare like in the world Yeah, thank you you made my day Thank you know how much these go for 12,000. Yeah, shut up. I’m psycho 12 5 that’s more than I pay for my cars You you need to take these back Tell your wife you’re really sorry I’m gonna take a picture of it and slap it on the internet somewhere eBay something Thanks for your honesty If you don’t have him help you do it if he knows about shoes and he was buying this or wanting this just to collect It collector’s item. How long to look it up and stuff and and and see? Okay, okay Now wait a minute the best part the best So that wraps up the video guy Watching and most of all thank you for everybody. Actually help them out. Try to sell these We hope you guys had fun watching this. I know you got something to say When they open the box and because they crack me and they didn’t try to scare me Good things come around to good people. So thank you guys are watching we are soul fire sneakers We’re giving these away for free on Christmas Day. Make sure you guys like us subscribe us to check us out peace. Oh No a young red star and no force facilities you can’t cut Do it Sam Because I’m nice. I got a link. It’s on 40 in my right eye like an artist Flick it being kky we always get game shake it

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  1. 7:21 I think the female in the back is 'displaying' you have proven to be a valuable mate and she is ready thus displaying mating behaviour.

  2. the bouth girls….how the fck to do know what shoe are this,you work in a shoe store,and you dont have a idee what are that…dammn it

  3. Never Trust a dirty white bro , he says there not worth much , then his boss comes and says there worth more then his job 😂👌😁😁😂😂😂

  4. My dream it's to buy this air mags
    I love bttf and expensive shit xD
    I'm just waiting to finish my career to get a good job and good paid to buy this

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