[Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] hey stop man yeah out of my way Michael calm down what the fuck is going on nothing happened it was a misunderstanding fucked up brick in my bed bullshit it wasn’t like that you win fuck it I’m in this row let’s get this mother [Applause] okay homie what happened guy bounced my wife’s what happened which guy the guy um paid a teacher tennis tennis coat aha [Music] get this [Music] yeah one of these fucking out keep your eye out let this car check it out little pricks up there look Oh going alright this [Applause] hey asshole he ran up or we can settle a debt he’s about to have a real clear idea where I’m coming there’s a winch in the back of the truck had a cable to one of those supports up there you finna pull this deck down and that brick pulled my marriage down now you really gonna be this fucking dramatic town whatever I told you I caught the session but there were a lot of freakin sessions fun I’m thinking you were working on more than just her backhand Mandy’s backhand has come a long way bro but sometimes it’s got to get worse to get better yeah well maybe I should come up there and practice my backhand on your face fun your negative energy is seriously bringing me down oh I hope it is bud we hooked up man you come into my house take my money and nail my wife are you fucking kidding me I’m gonna stick up my hand and say that was uncool bud my bad seriously how fucking magnanimous may I please offer you my applause whoo fucking motherfucker and we’ll see how you like it was someone fucks with your shit well hey wait you got the wrong idea there we go are you [Music] come on fuck man fuck oh it didn’t fuck his ass yeah fuck him but once we really trying to pull that dude house off the fucking Hill then we were trying to teach him a fucking lesson lesson man maybe I’ll keep it on the court and out of my way hey it’s a fucking communion to did just pull her life before at home yeah I guess I did what the fuck shit we got some heavies on this home me get you do something I’ll try then try [Applause] how you doing [Music] can you see them better still back there booster pedal man we got [Music] with mango shit man hey let’s go let’s leave them behind we on this fuck man these assholes of me how much distance we have between us I think you slipped the man okay we go back to my house think about this Wow shit you did good I mean I don’t know if you hit anyone cuz your games all over the place but I appreciate the backup ah thank you are you sure I didn’t hit maybe go to a shooting range work on your aim before we go out again fuck man shit you good find this blind gotta do knocks you okay you think good shit I’m cool man I mean you meant them mentally oh man I’m fuckin ex my heart they fucked like that in years yes fucking a Bubba man you sound kind of man you just being greedy about a mess can underworld ambassador to Los Santos trust me we handled it wherever the fuck Marty Madrazo is we sit on it there’s no sunshine hey thanks for the help out there today kid I had no idea was gonna get that hot she pulling houses off the hillside show has a weird way of fuckin with people yeah well I thought I was through with all that shit I don’t know what the hell’s going on oh shit I think we’re about to find out you know who I am Do You Know Who I am do you now oh you you I think so gun I know who you are I know where you live who are you I’m Franklin license no frankly maybe hello mr. this Santa here Who am I I think Martin madrazo a little of a background and mister Madrazo mr. madrazo is a legitimate businessman who was wrongfully accused of running a Mexican American gang and a narcotic ring but the charges were dropped because of the witnesses came up missing smart and now Michael got a question for you significant modernist would your home down the hillside invite wood hills I thought the owner was banging my wife well there was a strange house for a tennis coach take it straight clearly yeah well Natalia will need hotel well you fine as their rear veils watching sure good and I’m casing here that their rebuild will be somewhere in the 2.5 million range of course raped [Music] come on amu I never better so what name looks like I’m gonna have to postpone my retirement fuck I’m and I’m mortgaged up to my eyeballs look I only know one way to make money I’m gonna have to give an old friend a call Lester I think he’s in town somewhere I’m gonna have to track him down just give me a little alone time all right all right [Applause] [Music] [Music]

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Dennis Veasley

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