We played our first tournament at age six, and we’ve been playing tournaments
pretty much every week since. My dad really made tennis fun for us. At a young age that was
the key to lighting fire. We were just trying to get as
many trophies as we could. Singles, doubles, mixed doubles,
whatever the tournaments had. We shared a room, so we had a nice
display where we would shine them up, count them up every other day. And we took a passion, that love, you know, on the tour. Didn’t watch any TV growing up. They took the TV out of the house,
so that freed up a lot of time. It was all about tennis,
and we wanted to do it. We got to the courts and we practiced for
four hours, but it was fun. We loved doing it, time flew like that.>>This is for all you haters out there. There it is. You can be hitting the pole right there. No junior comes up just playing doubles,
but we always got more satisfaction,
enjoyment and win doubles match.>>Yeah!>>That was authentic.>>Pushed each other. You know, I didn’t want this guy to have
a better play than me, and vice versa.>>Nice. That’s a good shot.>>You ever get bros up wanting
to be number one in the world. And you can’t be number one in the world
if you’re loosing to your twin brother who’s sitting right next to you. I think we would have lost kind of steam in tennis if one twin
had started beating the other.>>Wow.
Thought you were going to get that. No going-
>>You got to move. You got to move around. Very good, there you are.>>In the last 20 years,
doubles has totally changed.>>All right here we go.>>The strategies and formations are,
you know, incredible. Doubles is like chess. Single is kind of like checkers. Being twins, you feel that real
strong unity, like you’re one. And, when you’re doubles matches,
the most positive thing is dynamic. We kind of invented the style
of just getting on the net, an aggressive attacking style. Now everyone’s playing, you know,
two inches away from the net.>>Doubles is,
it takes a lot of experience and you need to build that with a partner. It doesn’t happen overnight. Well, we’ve lost together 17 years. But, the average lifespan for
doubles is one or two years. Twin bond is unbreakable. You know, we’ve been through so
much together. There’s just so
many great experiences together that we’ll be talking about these memories for
through the end of time.>>To fly high you have to
have a very good foundation. As a coach I’m not only teaching
the young athletes in their skills, I have to prepare them for
the tougher battles ahead. Nice job. Once a day. That’s the entertainment for the day. Good job.

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