– You guys ready? ♪ Let’s go! ♪ ♪ Why you do this to me? ♪ ♪ Tell valet to bring the car ’round ♪ ♪ I’m ready to go ♪ ♪ This tea is ♪ – Tatiana Trill has
definitely been an adventure. Everything that I’ve been working on is finally coming to a head. It’s music video day! ♪ I’m back, back ♪ ♪ Three feet, no pressure ♪ ♪ Big boss, like rose ♪ ♪ These fake bitches all in the way ♪ – Tatiana Trill sparked this fire in me to make me know for a fact, that being with this group of ladies is not where I need to be. ♪ Self-made, designer ♪ – Meeting with OG confirmed I’m in a different head
space in my life right now, and I really want to try to live my life as close to black excellence as I can. ♪ Stop signs can’t even stop me ♪ ♪ I’m always on go ♪ ♪ Soon as I get off the D ♪ ♪ He wants some more ♪ – I’ve been around these girls since 2010 and I think it’s just
time for me to move on. (women laughing) Over the course of my time
with this group of ladies, it has definitely shaped
me into who I am today. (sighing) We have laughed. (screaming) (woman laughing) – Tami I am not interested
in a sister wife. (Tami laughing) (women singing and laughing) – [Tami] We have cried. – I love you so much. – I love you too, Mommy. – (crying) I wanna have a baby with you, but maybe it’s just, it’s too much. – You got a friend for life in me. – [Tami] They have
supported me in my endeavors and I have supported them. – (crying) I’m so happy for you. – I’m very happy that you guys
worked your situation out. – I have been at the forefront of some of the most BS moments in history. – I need to hear you. – (screaming) Bitch don’t (beep) with me! – You look stupid as (beep). – Don’t try to play me! – I got your number, bitch. – This is what’s coming your way. – What is this, for defamation? – Yes it is. – You have a comprehension problem, so I’ll say it again. – No, you have a comprehension problem! Actually, you’re a liar. – [Tami] And I wanna do better, because I know to do better. It’s been nine years,
it’s been a good run. I’m just very, very
appreciative to all of y’all, so now we gotta get these streams, we gotta get these shares! – Is this the end of
basketball wives for Tami? Yeah, yeah it is. (intense music) – [Tatiana Trill] Tati on three, – [Group] One, two, three, Tati! (laughing)

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100 thoughts on “Goodbye Tami Roman: Her Final Scene | Basketball Wives”

  1. Good ……Shaunie was a fake ass friend to you and….She kept you there cus you kept her show going…. that’s why she added you to Brandi and the other cast show they are boring . Tami, Jackie and Malaysia make the show and since you gone I’m gone too. Now she bout to use Jackie and Malaysia for rating .shaunie has such a fake weird two faced for the cause ass personality.. yeah I said it. And

  2. Bravo to Tami/Tatiana👏
    Nice to see her walk away from such a Negative & Degrading show in reference to women of color.
    T/T has risen above and beyond that nonsense. She know her worth and full potential and it's a shame that the other ladies don't. Congratulations🎤🌟

  3. I never cared for tammy and im glad she's leaving the show. I have to admit i ran across a movie tami was in called district and i have to say she's a very good actress, i still don't care for her but props must be given to her acting. ✌

  4. Tami…. You will be truly missed from the show. I always enjoyed you, OG, CeCe and Jackie the most. Overall, Thank you for always being able to recognize the bullies and for calling them out on their ISH. Much success on all your future endeavors. TEAM TAMI!!

  5. They need to bring Brandi back, Shaunie about to tell OG next season "thank you for your service" since she's another dark skin woman who won't let shaunie and everlyn get away with bs.

  6. I'm happy for you'll Tami you'll be missed I'm glad you have decided to leave that group of women you don't need wishing you the best 💜

  7. blk excellence? your singing about non sense and your dressed like a clown..blk excellence is rosa parks..harriet tubman..martin luther king..etc..etc..bad choice of words honey

  8. Shaunie you chose the wrong friend to be your ace Tami is down asf and real asf Evelyn back on the show is dull and superficial

  9. 😢 I'm gon miss Tammy but I understand. And as much as this season pissed me off, it also made me sad because i wanted everybody that had odds with each other to work it out though I know it would be a lot, even Tammy too

  10. Im so glad Tami grew up and came to her senses. She had some ratchet moments too. But she did bring life to this show. I'm not too sure about Trina Trill. But Yeah Tami did bring life to this show.

  11. Great for u Tami…moving on & forward bc I'm sick of all yall fighting all the time. Go with ur passion, creativity & being who u R.

  12. Tami Empowered herself and moved on from that trash. Meanwhile Evelyn and Shaunie are being called out on their bs. Oh how the tables have turned 😍

  13. The sigh of relief when she said it was the end for her….you can really tell. Weight was lifted from her. 🗣️You go Tami

  14. Never cared for Tami; she was a bully just like Evelyn who only picked on people she thought were weak and that studio scene gave me Drunk Auntie at the cookout tease..🤣 Only watched like two full episodes of that dumb ass show the whole time its been out. Next—>

  15. I am glad you finally grew up😊😊😊😊😊😊😊 These shows are ignorant embarrassing and dumb🙈🙉🙊

  16. Congratulations Tami! It’s time to leave the negativity and the women in the dust! The funny thing is, they never made you, you were here from The Real World before we knew who they were! God opens doors that no man can close! In my Susie voice, all the way from food stamps! Look at God! Wishing you the best Tami Roman! She has a beautiful family, what more can you ask for?

  17. I wish draya was still on the show honestly but she doing more than she was doing on the show now so good for her 👏👏👏👏

  18. I love Tami. Been riding with her since the Real World. And if Scrappy, Kesha cole, and everybody else wack ass mama can drop tracks, big up. You aint gotta miss Miss Tam…#bonnetchronicles bruh! She's everywhere!

  19. You can tell Tami was under contract for this season if not she wouldn’t have came back a but she rarely showed up and didn’t attend the reunion and doesn’t associate herself with colorist two faced shaunie no more good

  20. Love you Tami you and shaunie the only two I like the rest was messy asf but blessings your way ❤️❤️❤️❤️👑

  21. It could be 1000 reasons why she left but i think the bottom line is she knows Shaunie only brung her around when all the young girls were against her for protection…but she never welcomed her into the circle

  22. Tami en lost her damn mind wooooooooooooow she’s getting old not damn young 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂that music 🎶 video Chilllldd

  23. Tabby has been nothing but a hoodlum of f***** gang banging which is what she looks like and acts like she jumped off that couch fire in the left hook as fast as she could and then you are act like she had the right to do it you don't ever have to to get physical that's bullship ladies Shine AO Neill you should all be embarrassed didn't you learn your lessons with Lozada

  24. Her smile at the end when she said is the the end. That was beautiful you can see she’s genuinely happy. I wish her nothing but the best

  25. Lol she got on this new show and now she's beyond the show. When those checks dry up she'll be right back. She's not above anyone 🤷🏿‍♂️

  26. 😢😢😢😰😰😰😰😰😓🤧🤧🤧🤧🤧🤧🤧🤧🤧🤧🤧🤧🤧🤧 we are gonna miss her

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