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and today we’ll be talking about what to look for in a good shoe. Let’s use a typical running
shoe as our example. A shoe should bend only where your foot bends. This is at the joint
of the first toe. This is the only place that your foot bends and the running shoe should
support this. The shoe should also be resistant to twisting.
This helps to support the foot by resisting side to side movement. Another important feature of a good shoe is
a deep firm heel cup. This helps to cradle and support the heel and prevent excess movements. The next feature of a good shoe is to have
a deep roomy toe box. This allows the forefoot enough room to spread out without irritating
the toes. When fitting the shoe it should be a thumb width longer than the longest toe.
This allows enough room for movement in the shoe when walking or running. You should also be able to fasten the shoe
to the foot by either buckle, belt, strap or laces. This helps to allow for any stretching
that may occur in the upper width wear. The heel of a good shoe should also be no
higher than 2.5 centimeters. The arch shape should also match the shape of the foot so
a curved foot would go in a curved lace and a straight foot would go in a straight laced
shoe. And finally the midsole of a good shoe should
be made of solid yet shock absorbing material. This helps to absorb forced at impact. That wraps up our what to look for in a good
shoe review. For more information visit www.docpods.com.au.

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