Under the 2019 Rules, if you accidentally move your ball or ball-marker on the putting green, there is no penalty. For example, if you accidentally move your ball in making a practice swing or in preparing for your stroke… drop your ball-marker on your ball and move it… move your ball with your foot… or cause your ball-marker to move… there is no penalty and you simply replace your ball or ball-marker on its original spot.

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Dennis Veasley

One thought on “Golf’s New Rules (2019): No Penalty for Moving Ball on the Putting Green”

  1. So, on the tee, replace with no penalty. On the green, replace with no penalty. But anywhere else you replace with penalty UNLESS you’re “95% certain” you didn’t cause it to move. Then you play from the new spot, no penalty.

    And this is supposed to simplify things?

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