We love golf we train hard we measure our swing we keep notes of our game. Everybody thinks they know everything
when I play bad. My buddies tell me to change my posture, my swing analysis
tells me to shallow out of my club plane and as for my game stats, they tell me
I should never hit driver. We track every shot My swing analyzer can’t track my
shots my shot tracker doesn’t analyze my swing I need something that can do both. We try to better our game every day yet we aren’t able to improve. We feel stuck. I can hit a 300 yard drive. My friend can hit at 260 yard drive, but the real difference actually happens in your short game which happens within the
100 yards from the hole. So there is definitely a need for a technology to help you analyze that particular part of your game. We talked to hundreds of
golfers and realized that each one of them was facing a very different set of
challenges. What we set out to do was to build technology that would give people a very holistic view of their game and solve all these problems. That’s when we came up with The Ultimate Golf Hack Golfication X Golfication X is Golf’s first super
wearable that’s powered by Artificial Intelligence. GPS Rangefinder comes with over 18,000
Pre-installed Golf Courses. Eagle Eye identifies hazards and visualizes your shot using the smartphone camera. Improve faster with fully automatic shot
tracking which combines swing analytics
and your shot outcomes. Automated Pro-Tracers to make your golf round broadcast worthy. Set up a game versus Artificial Intelligence which simulates your heroes or
your friends on your home turf. The Ultimate Golf Hack – Golfication X Golfication X is a GPS rangefinder a swing sensor and a shot tracker and it combines these functionalities to give you a holistic view of your game. With Golfication’s comprehensive feedback you can now finally start fixing your
slices of the tee or you can develop a great short game by understanding your shots within hundred yards You can do a bunch of things with Golfication but the best part is it’s all completely Automated No taps, no manual input and no smartphones on the course Golfication X is the future of golf technology because now we are able to see the game
in a way that’s never been possible before and that’s because we have an
inbuilt GPS Motion sensors and we collect data
from your smartphone We’re able to make Ultimate sense of your data. Hi I’m Anirudh, CEO of Golfication We now have working prototypes that have been tested on multiple Golf Courses We’re ready to start production and we need you to partner with us, to bring Golfication on to your Golf Club. We hope you’ll join us, Thank you for your

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Dennis Veasley

5 thoughts on “Golfication X: AI Powered Golf Super-Wearable”

  1. Buenos días a todos,

    Compré el sensor GOLFICACION en diciembre de 2018 y, como mucha gente, recibí este sensor con retraso en febrero.

    ¡Qué decepción cuando llegó en febrero!

    En primer lugar, me doy cuenta de que en Francia hay muy pocos campos de golf disponibles para utilizar el sensor GOLFICACIÓN. Y en todas partes es lo mismo. Peor aún, me doy cuenta de que les toma tres semanas con un montón de mails para que añadan un pobre campo de golf. ¡200 dólares por no poder usar el sensor GOLFICATION parece caro!
    Y eso no es todo, he usado cinco veces el sensor, que no funciona en ningún campo de golf. Ni siquiera hablo de las docenas de mails enviados con respuestas, últimamente, respondidos de manera muy esporádicas. 200 dólares ese sensor GOLFICATION me parece muy caro. Les resumo lo que pasa, empiezan a jugar en el hoyo 1, haceis unos golpes más o menos bien reconocidos por el sensor GOLFICACION y cuando se pasa al modo putting en el green, el sensor GOLFICACIÓN no reconoce el TAG puesto en el putter. Como resultado, se quedan atrapados en el hoyo número uno. El sensor GOLFICACIÓN sigue sumando tus otros golpes como si te quedaras en el agujero número uno. ¡Esto incluso cuando llegas al 18! ¡Vaya inteligencia artificial! ¡incapaz de entender que has cambiado 17 veces de hoyo!

    Paso al hecho de que a veces la aplicación smartphone se bloquea o que el sensor Golfication ya no es reconocido por el smartphone. Ni siquiera puedo decirte si esto lo hace de vez en cuando o siempre porque no he podido hacer un golf normal con este sensor Golficación.

    Durante más de cinco años tuve el sensor Game GOLF que funcionó desde el principio. Qué decepción con este producto Indio. No te lo recomiendo por el momento y te mantendré informado de una posible evolución si no es una gran estafa.

    Saludos cordiales à todos.

  2. HI,

    I bought the GOLFICATION sensor in December 2018 and like many people, I received this sensor late in February.

    What a disappointment at the arrival in February!!

    First of all, I realize that in France very few golf courses are available to use the GOLFICATION sensor. And it’s the same everywhere. Worse, I realized it takes them three weeks with a lot of email exchanges to add a poor golf course. $200 to finally not be able to use the sensor looks expensive!

    And that’s not all, I’ve used the GOLFICATION sensor five times, it did not work at all on the golf course. I’m not even talking about the dozens of e-mails sent with very episodic responses lately. Now, $200 this sensor seems very, very expensive. I’m just summarizing what’s happen 5 times, you start playing the hole one, make more or less well-recognized clubs by the GOLFICATION sensor and when you switch to putting mode on the green, the GOLFICATION sensor did not recognize the tag put on the putter. As a result, you get stuck on the first hole. The GOLFICATION sensor continues to add up your other shots as if you were standing on the first hole. This even when you get to the hole 18! You speak of an artificial intelligence!!! unable to understand that you have changed the hole 17 times!!!!

    I pass on the fact that sometimes the smartphone application gets blocked or that the Golfication sensor is no longer recognized by your smartphone. I can’t even tell you if that’s still the case because I couldn’t do a single normal golf course with the Golfication sensor.
    I had for over 5 years a Game Golf sensor that worked from the start. What a disappointment with this product from India. I’m not recommending buy it at this time and will keep you informed of any developments if it’s not a huge scam.
    Good golf to all of you.

  3. Dear Sir/Madam,

    Yesterday I took my unit onto the course for the first time and had a mixed experience. The preparation (syncing the clubs and pairing the unit with the app) was seamless, and gave me high hopes for the experience to follow. On course I unfortunately encountered a number of issues however – on each of the holes that I completed at least one shot was missed entirely; these were not slow/soft chipped shots as I had expected they might be, but full swings. Putting seemed to work well, but the whole process of having to manually switch into putting mode and add each putt is unnecessarily fiddly.

    The real issue however came with mounting the unit onto my golf glove. The unit flew off 3 times during the first two holes, despite the fact that the green plastic section and the metal arms had been securely slotted into the appropriate gaps. On the 9th hole the unit flew off once again, and this time into a pond – it could not be retrieved. If you're able to check my course stats you'll see that this was the point at which my use of the app stopped. I know that many others users have expressed having had similar issues, so I hope that this is something which you have now been able to resolve. Please could you send a replacement unit at your soonest convenience (no need for additional tags) – if you require any further information from me in order to facilitate my request then please don't hesitate to let me know.

    Your sincerely,

    Matthew Hill

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