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Dennis Veasley

100 thoughts on “[Golf with Aimee] Aimee’s Golf Lesson 032: Throw Through to Drive it Farther!”

  1. Aimee has helped me to save few strokes off course since watching her video, particularly what I liked about is her rhythm lessons, we men need to learn more about the mental game from women also, I am serious!

  2. Aimee, I have less problem hitting tee shots with 3 or 5 woods than driver. I find it that driver is longer as I am not a tall person.
    How do it correct my driver shot in this case? Kindly advise please. Thank you

  3. GREAT INSTRUCTION. She seems to understand what I'm doing wrong better than the men instructors. Thanks for the video.

  4. I have been struggling because I stopped coming over the top and started swinging out and have gotten better at my drives but still have issues… this lady has such a simple way of saying things that I needed to hear, way better than other people doing videos. Love this lesson, can't wait to practice the swoosh tomorrow.

  5. Hi guys! Yes I know I say "top spin" in this video lol! It is lost in translation. In Korean we use the term "top spin" in golf to indicate "less back spin" on the ball. It didn't even occur to me until you guys brought it my attention! And YES the ball will not get airborne if I actually put top spin on it lol but most of you smart golfers already knew what I really meant by "top spin."
    I do explain briefly about this in Q&A lesson https://youtu.be/sph1e_nawdg
    Thank you guys for your support! You guys are the best xoxo!

  6. Aimee, you just keep on keeping it simple. Being 79 years old and out of the game for almost 5 years, I had totally lost my swing. I used to swing the club really well, but my back just hurt most of the time (ALA Fred Couples) Chunks, tops, and a lot of obnoxious names for the golf ball….I discovered your videos. Like someone flipped a switch in my thick head. All the good memories of watching my tee shots flying straight down the fairway (though not as far) are becoming a reality again. Thank you for returning me to the game I used to love.

  7. It's so enlightening to see my number one driver flaw (the quick forward lunge) revealed like this. Hopefully with this realization and your teaching I can fix it.

  8. In the 60-s- My dad towed me around working with CBS at tournaments including the Masters. Aimee, has the gift of being the best instructor that I've ever seen in my lifetime.

  9. You need your own tv program. You are better than the golf fix and school of golf. Great instruction and to the point….! One question please. Do you want to extend and make the biggest circle with each club? Thanks

  10. Man I am loving your videos. I came across a video the other day talking about how pga tour players tend to have pressure in their back heel in the backswing. For the driver at least. I realized I was always sort of on my toes. I really smashed a couple drives trying it out but I’d like to know if that’s just a quick fix or something you should feel. I think maybe i just accidentally sort of executed some of the lessons you’re teaching here. Great video. I’m playing tmrw. I’m going to try out your alignment drill tmrw. Setup open then adjust from there. Not sure why I never thought of that. Thanx.

  11. Explained so nicely and clearly! Makes it so easy to understand!
    I watch this video every time on the train before I get to the driving range! 🙂

  12. What a difference just loosening up your shoulder and elbow joints, feel the weight of the clubhead. wow!

  13. I am trying to learn but i cant stop staring at her legs. This is why i take lessons from an old retired dude.

  14. I really like and appreciate Aimee’s golf’s lesson. Her explanation, showing, kind attention, body language.. are just great. Thanks so much! Aimee.

  15. Thanks Aimee. This is a great video. I tend to put a lot of backspin on my drives (like my lofted clubs). This gives me something to work on at the range. Is there a tip to work on best grip for drivers? Do you change your grip from club to club? Thanks!

  16. Aimee, love your videos & they’ve really helped my game. Can you please do one on how to improve hitting more par 3 greens. I really struggle with par 3s – mostly due to lack of confidence & no course management.

  17. I tried to throw through the drive but I don'thave the fixability to make it work. How can I close the face of my Driver in my swing? I have moved the ball forward and backward in my stance did not fix a thing. Tried to tee the ball higher and lower did not work. Tried to shorten my Driver from 45.78" to 44".1/2 did not work. Sometimes I strike the ball great and it's down the middle of the fairway with great height and forward roll. However, I can not repeat what I did on my next Driver. Please help!!

  18. Your videos are the best. This video helped me a lot as I have as I like the downward blow and have a habit of shifting the hips. Result high and out to the right with the driver.TY

  19. I took your advise and would like to thank you! I'm hitting my ball a mile and dead straight even brought my handy cap down with two shots!! 😻

  20. Your lesson is exactly what i am looking for, i got trouble with my rotation when i hit down . Thanks so much for your expliquation.

  21. After watching literally hundreds of hours of golf video instruction, Aimee is clearly one of the best for not only teaching the swing but giving both insight and drills into how to teach yourself to swing correctly and efficiently.

  22. Well presented instruction and I'm looking forward to swooshing at the range tomorrow! One minor comment if I may – the only way to put topspin on a golf ball is to actually top it. Every well executed shot will impart backspin, including the driver. Of course this takes nothing away from your excellent video. Cheers and thank you from Sydney, Aust – Dave

  23. I've watched this video a few times and I think I finally listened..or heard you..or got another nugget out of it. Thanks Aimee! Again!

  24. I like the lesson but it's distracting with the translation right smack in the middle of the video. Place the translation on the right or left hand side of the video not where the ball is.

  25. The only female korean golfer who is not only about flaunting her looks. Glad to see someone serious about golf. Korea focuses too much on aesthetics.

  26. Love her lessons. Even as a mid single digit player, I find myself watching her lessons as a refresher course. She doesn’t get to technical and makes it simple.

  27. Every time I watch one of your videos, even an old one, I am impressed on how good a teacher you are. As the hips turn towards the left at the start of the downswing, moving the hands down, a point is reached about when the hips are square to the target line, when the rotation of the hips slows down while downward movement of the hands accelerate as the club head swooshes through the impact area. This pulls the hips leftwards to complete the weight shift and lifts the hands above the left shoulder as the body faces the target. Thank you for your video lessons. I'm sure that many, many people, like me, appreciate your generosity very much.

  28. I think this lesson nailed my problem of why I hit driver so low. Weight is shifting like an iron shot, too early for driver. Thanks Aimee, something to work on.

  29. Nice video..question though .. Shouldn't the swoosh be at the ball not after it to max out distance…or is it a feeling in your practice swing that helps impact. Anyways great intuitive explanations and ideas

  30. This is good, i was just at a golf shop and was testing the f9 driver . I am new as can be to golf and really cant hit driver at all but the guy there was so painfully annoying about trying to help , he goes im a pga professional watch me lol so i watch him take a swing and not sure how that was supposed to help, i did not pay for or ask for a lesson but if you are going to help try giving instruction instead of ripping the driver 290 yards and going see! Thays all you gotta do lol , thats called being a jerk not teaching and i have to admit it was actually kind of discouraging, I appreciate all of the youtube instructors for taking the time to explain it in detail like this video so thank you and in case anyone was wondering i did nit buy the f9 lol i will stick with my used ping g15 until i get better , besides that i like my driver quite alot even compared to the new stuff.the best part about my driver is it cost me 29 dollars out the door with a new grip !. And it goes as straight and as far for me as any other driver ive hit , when i actually hit it hahahha golf is so much fun.

  31. Down blow just means that you make contact with the ball PRIOR to the lowest point in the swing. This results in compression and high launch with your irons.. people who intentionally "hit down" with their irons will find that they will struggle with hitting behind the ball, resulting in "fat" shots..

  32. I just sub ur channel because I've been working to fix some of my swing issues, your realm covering some advance stuff and I like it!

  33. Great thorugh swing thoughts…Can you (perhaps you have already?) do a video on shallowing the golf swing please?

  34. Aimee does a lovely job of giving you a clear, simple, measurable swing thought to take to the range. I never feel overwhelmed with things to remember after watching a video.

  35. Hi Aimee, I'm struggling to feel my core initiating the takeaway or loading/coiling. I know it's key in a good swing. Do you have any drills?

  36. Aimee, what shaft flex do you use? And have you cut your driver down to petite length? I did, and kind of regret it. I get more distance, but that 1” really makes a difference.

  37. Alright Aimee, tell me what I can fix for you in exchange for one swing lesson. Sanctuary ridge awaits us, and yo are awesome! 😻

  38. Thanks Aimee. This video may be almost 3 years old but it is one of the better explanations I've found. Relaxing the joints and not transferring weight early. Made a lot of sense.

  39. Fantastic tip Aimee. Never realized the weight distribution. No wonder I got teed off. I go to the range and blast range balls out. Then on the course I hose up approach shots because I don't use shift the weight properly.

  40. Thanks Aimee, I love watching your videos. You are such a wonderful instructor. Very beautiful also I wish we could golf together. Marko ❤️

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