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Dennis Veasley

34 thoughts on “[Golf with Aimee] Aimee’s Golf Lesson 027: POWER IMPACT”

  1. great video! one questioin: I noticed Justine Rose do the pump drill before he hit the ball, but he seems squat when he pull the club down, then "stand up "after impact. What's your comment on this? I have really learned a lot from your youtube lessons, thanks!

  2. Just gotta say Aimee, you are a fantastic instructor. As good in my opinion, as most of the well known and more veteran instructors…

  3. in your power down video you have mentioned that down swing starts with hip, thigh and stomach/absnot with arms it is a great video, in this video you have describe the pre and post impact position (amazing video). In impact position your shoulders are 10 degree open what abt hip rotation/opening how many degrees…..so at impact your hips are same as address position (looks exactly like address position)and your moment is lateral only. I am really confuse…..so what is the first step start the rotation from hips and thigh and then move lateral. how would you move lateral??? if you are starting your down swing by rotating your abs/thighs and hip (as per your down swing video) what shd be the correct steps ?

  4. Thank you Aimee!! I've learned so much more from you in five videos than I've learned in a year from other professionals on YouTube … This is my first comment on any video on YouTube ever!! (Well-deserved)

  5. Hi Aimee, I have been following your videos and my golf has improved.
    I have 1 question. How do you make sure your head doesn't look up before impact?

  6. Have spent time with so many golf instructors, but I have to say Aimee is the absolute best. She really helped me throw away some wrong ideas about golf. Very informative and easy to be understood. Thanks so much!

  7. What makes the club head return to the exact place it was behind the ball when the backswing was started please??

  8. Hi Aimee, I just practiced your pump drill and I must say, that drill is awesome. It keeps the left arm straight and it keeps maximum lag, and the release point is perfect. I will do this drill forever to keep me tuned with all aspects of the swing. Thank you Aimee, you are a great instructor, you relate to all of us who are struggling.

  9. Hi Aimee. I just following ur golf lesson for last few weeks. Your technique and approach easy to follow. My swing tremendously improved especially my Driver. Thank you and may God blessed u.

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