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Dennis Veasley

100 thoughts on “[Golf with Aimee] Aimee’s Golf Lesson 021: Power Down Swing”

  1. tried that and now i m having a bigger problems like club separation between the body and the club. Shanks alert !!

  2. Awesome tip Aimee! Lost some power in my swing, but now I know. Thanks again! Btw, no filter needed in the videos too!! Amazing…. 😜

  3. Happy holidays.  Very detailed, thanks.  My 8-year-old daughter has been playing competitive junior golf tournaments in Asia and the US for a year and half (started the game when she was 4 years old).  We (her instructors, some retired pros, and myself) believe that she has very good swing paths and body movements.  However, she now tends to be stuck behind during the downswing a bit (hip and chest open up way quicker resulting in the stuck-behind position in downswing).  This issue affects the release as well, I think.   I watched Tiger Wood's videos explaining how he tried to correct the same issue developed from his junior years.  But, no drills for bringing the club in front of the chest when downswing.  Any effective downswing drills to keep the club more in front of the body?  Or, this issue would be solved when the kids develope core muscles in the coming years? Much appreicated!  Once again, happy holiday season!

  4. Sorry to hear that you retired from the tour due to injuries before. Maybe you should give it a shot still. After all, you are very young. I think that you are in southern California, but we are not. Perhaps next summer if we visit southern California I can book your sessions or junior camps for my 8-year-old for a week or two. Keep up the good works, and thank you for sharing your experiences!

  5. HI Aimee. Thank you very much for the tips. Very unique tips and extremely helpful. I just started playing golf and your lessons have been a great help.

  6. Hi Aimee Thanks Alot for your very good video's. I have just started playing golf and this will help alot. Good explanation and drills . Keep up the great work 🙂

  7. Thank you Aimee for posting these golf swing lessons – they are by far some of the best on YouTube! You explain basic swing concepts very well, add many practical checkpoints and drills and point out the "wrong ways" too. I use your videos to reinforce what my local pro tries to get me to do. Would you be able to use a super slow motion video of your iron and driver swings at full speed? Thx!

  8. Thanks Aimee you have been extremely helpful, keep up the great work. Ive been playing for a year now and you have helped a lot.

  9. Excellent lesson and drill. I've taken five lessons with GolfTec, and while I can see what I'm doing wrong, you're the first person to explain it that clearly and with a drill to solve my issue. Thank you from this amateur golfer, greatly appreciated.

  10. Both drills are great. The home one is really hard but am finally getting the muscle memory down. What do you recommend for the arm bend and grip pressure? I feel like my shoulders are very tight as I uncoil. P.S: Sorry for jerks who keep commenting on your looks. You're an amazing teacher

  11. Thanks for the lesson. Why are most of you jackasses who can only comment on her looks and not the lesson that she provides?

  12. Hi Aimee, Great video. Just to add a bit regarding the transition of the down swing, As Sergio Garcia says, I too like the feel as if I am pulling a chain down with both hands using the counter force of my lower body.

  13. O' God .. how can anyone focus .This is not what i expected.. Damn she's looks far too hot and perfect to be a golf player not to mention the outfit she's wearin trouble the moment i click in..she's too hot .
    check out Jeanette Lee "The black widow" and Shanelle Loraine ..Pool players

  14. Hey Aimee, im new to the game of golf….How far apart does ymy legs have to be., shoulder to shoulder or wider?

  15. I have had numerous lesson however I have learned more from your video lessons. You have a real knack for connecting with your audience. Thank you so very much!!! Bill Heggen , Austin, TX

  16. Fantastic advice, clear and easy to follow instructions. Burnt your eyes, shut them like shutting your mouth and listen! Stupid people!

  17. Love the tip about putting the butt of the club on the wall to exaggerate the feeling of what muscles to use in hips and trunk! Best explanation of this I've ever seen. Your videos are really helping my swing! thank you!

  18. Can dudes really not appreciate a lesson by a lady without feeling the need to comment on her appearance? Some guys are disgusting pigs.

  19. Thank you Aimee! I have had a problem posting on the left foot ever since I starting golfing. I can hit an occasional drive around 295 to 300 but my swing looks horrible. After I hit the ball both of my legs are flat, then after contact my body shifts to the left. I have tried everything to fix this but I will definitely try these tips. Thanks again.

  20. sorry, I know you are a professional golfer and you are extremely talented at teaching but just have to say you are so beautiful and it would definitely be intimidating to take lessons from you! xoxoxo

  21. As for myself, to get the feeling of using my legs and hips to start the downswing, I feel as though the club and my arms are still 'up' and 'back' (essentially the position at the top of the swing, not 'dropping down'). The actual 'letting the club and arms drop' is actually caused by the legs and hips, not by the arms in effect. Love that wall tip btw.

  22. Aimee: At 0:52 and 1:43, you say to uncoil in the correct order: thighs, hips and abs. at 2:49 and 5:25, you say to uncoil using hips, thighs and abs. I assume you meant "thighs, hips and abs". Right? This is a good drill to work on in a domed air-structure over the winter up in snow country where 1/2 swings in the dome perform much as they would outdoors.

  23. I would hire her as my personal golf instructor…then sit back, grab a beer, and watch her teach me how to play golf.

  24. Aimee—– I am playing in the World am handicap tournament this august in Myrtle beach. I have been practicing your lessons every day! Only problem —i am 60 years old but have been waiting decades for time to play more golf!!!!! I am retired now and will get back to you with the results. OH YES, you are beautiful but i am not going to get into that. Your lessons are a great Inspiration for me. Thank you Aimee.

  25. I usually wouldn’t say this about Aimee because I love her lessons, but she is looking extra sexy and hot in this video. Those shorts.

  26. Been following for 3 years now.. my first Aimee golf video! Wow, who else breaks it down so good? Initiate proper down swing uncoil sequence with the lower body: Too much arm and u cast, too much upper body & u come over the top.. boom.. btw are men more prone to rely on upper body to generate swing speed than women due to physiology?

  27. Hi Aimee. Nice lessons. They're helpful.
    I'm trying to get a better swing and mentality to win competitions and maybe even get professional. You're really helpful for that road to get a better swing! Thanks

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