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Dennis Veasley

54 thoughts on “[Golf with Aimee] Aimee’s Golf Lesson 011: How to hit a Three Wood”

  1. Hi Aimee, thanks for the fairway wood lesson. I can't wait to get to the range and give "slow – big," a try.

    Do you have an instructional DVD for all the lessons you have done on youtube?

    Something to think about?

  2. Hi Aimee, i used this tip today, (slow and big motion)and hit my best shot of 2015, a 5 wood 200 yds to 8 feet! Thanks, look fwd to next video as all your tips are very good, well presented & explained.Good luck to you

  3. I guess I came to watch these videos for slightly male reasons but I have to say you are an excellent teacher and your tips and drills are brilliant and very helpful. thanks

  4. Great video Aimee! I've struggled with my 3 wood for years which made me afraid to hit it off the deck. This drill helped me tremendously. Thank you.

  5. Just discovered your channel. Really excellent, love the helicopter drill. Makes so much sense and rhythm is so much smoother. Congratulations on a great channel

  6. some great instruction you have in all the videos I've watch. Very easy to understand. You continue to make the game simple

  7. I agree with others that you have very well explained, and easy to follow instructions. n Do you have a video on staying DOWN through the down swing? I have been away from golf for about 10 years, and now have a habit of straightening up, and thinning the ball with my fairway woods and irons.

  8. Thank you very much. Very well explained, instructed, and demonstrated. Very logical. I like the comparison much. Your lesson really helps me improving. Will support you my best. ^^

  9. Hi Aimee – what is the correct distance to stand from the ball? I take my stance, let my arms dangle down softly and that's the spot I hold all clubs from (distance wise from my body – usually under chin/nose)

    But is this correct? With the driver/fairway/hybrid should my hands be further out from my body? Thank you.

  10. Aimee thanks for the tips since watching you talk about hip turn and moving weight on to front foot I have gone from scoring 28 points to 42 points. No other coach explains it as well as you. Again thanks.

  11. Thank you Aimee, you explained it in such simple terms that I could follow and understand. I'm struggling with my fairway metals and I think you just made me aware that the speed and arch of the swing is different than irons. I have no trouble with my driver and the swing seems similar except for the ball on the tee of course. Thanks again

  12. Dear Aimee I would like to thank you for very informative instructions. You have an easy style and very practical. thank you

  13. Very well explained lesson, Aimee. As far as hands are considered, do you keep at the ball (inside of the left thigh)-tilted shaft or in front of the ball towards the target and in front of the left thigh or away from the ball -straight club

  14. Some of the best instruction I have ever seen since I started playing in 1977. You instruction is better and more understanding than many of the best known, televised and published instructors. Keep up the great work, I will be recommending you to everyone I know and meet.

  15. Aimee, love your videos. You didn't mention it here, but you do need upper and lower body separation for the 3-wood, is that correct? Thank you.

  16. She wears a short skirt for slightly female (or male) reasons (as opposed to long trousers), but Aimee's teaching is meticulous, comprehensive, clear and excellent. Also with the skirt you can see exactly how the legs should be moving (in a golf swing!). Great 3-wood shots.

  17. Maybe I fail to understand, but it looks a lot like how you swing the 3 wood is much like the driver. can you explain, the difference to me

  18. I think the propeller drill would be beneficial for the driver swing also. Another nice lesson that many can use including me.

  19. could you discuss where you head is located at impact ? is it the same in the "iron" swing and the "3wood" swing ? thanks

  20. omg.. Aimees golf lessons are the real deal.. even the graceful sequential chain in which it is presented mirrors all of the elements of an actual swing. im a 2 handicap in 10 years but u are my "go to" for golf fundamentals. This is all meat, no fat coaching.. ur 'no-club drills' set up 2 birdie shots from 145yd 9i wet fairway shots to set up my 2 birdies within 4ft of the pin.. i have never done that before.. i thank u because there was a little version of u in my head coaching the motion ingrained in my head during those shots.. even the tensing up of what not to do is visually articulated. Thanks for a non b.s. video. To other golfers obsessed or passionate with this sport, to play like a professional, learn from one, like Aimee. xo

  21. Aimee, in the setup with three wood, where the handle of the club? Ahead of the ball or behind it? Thanks.

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