hi i’m paul wilson from the creator of
sewing machine golf and the director of the paul wilson golf school at fares
best las vegas in this tip i want to talk about the
golf weight shift throughout our hold off on first off we want to look at our address
physician and we want to look at the top of the
backslide impact and then our follow-through position okay so let’s start with our setup
position furs are setup is concerned we want our
wade fifty between the fee and yes i’m no this people that want you
to favor you’re right side you do your dress position i don’t want you to do that because we
don’t hit the golf ball going back i want you at fifty fifty if you favor this side your pre setting
your whole body on its heels is going to make you tilt as you come through the shock basil bergen start fifty-fifty we’re
gonna get distilled unwinding properly with our lower body so i don’t need you to credence pre tilt
in the beginning so we’re gonna be at fifty fifty as far
as left and right is concerned take a look at the toes verses that heals take you want your weight in the middle of your feet so to get that you can just rock back
and forth if you rock back and forth a little bit
you’ll feel where you’re laces are hope that’s where we want to be balanced
with our fee okay now we also have to take a look at
that insider outside of our feet soap here if you’ve got your knees knock
him you’re gonna feel the way down the instep if you’ve got your knees turned out you’re gonna feel it on
the outside your field so we want our knees basically
straight-ahead but not knocked him soap in that position we’re gonna feel
our feet level to the ground or planted as we do our set up okay so we don’t want to be on the inside or the
outside of our feet we want our the souls of our shoes flush
on the ground at fifty fifty right now as we go into the top of the
backs and position from fifty fifty i’m going to move to eighty and then twenty eighty twenty kuwait distribution itself will be on
the instead he’ll area of this back foot now a good way to feel that is to just pick up a ball like this and make a throwing motion with the ball so i guarantee you if you go through
this fall you will feel the weight on the instead of that back foot c we already know how to do these moves
is just involve the ball is stationary so we have to tell ourselves to do it we’ve already done this million times
before so if you’ve ever thrown the ball you have loaded into the snack food and then you can use that make this make the uh… throwing motion so this is the same place we want to go
to when we’re in our golf swing try throwing a ball and that’ll that’ll
give you the feeling of where the weight is and it’s on the instead he’ll at a eighty okay so five electives to go into the back sorry i feel the weight right now eighty percent on the instead peel a good way to get that is to just take
the club to the top like this you can bounce a little bit on this leg if you bounce a little bit you’ll feel the weight on that side soap that’s where we’re trying to get that uh… balance point china here
trying to memorize this spot at the very top of your signed so that
you feel the way over here golf weight shift okay we definitely don’t want the weight
on our last at the top of our backs because if we do our whole body will be tilted to the left and that’s gonna spell disaster you are
gonna hit the ball you’re gonna come over top you can hit
polls and and even slices from there skate so we want the weight going over
to this back leg and we want to eighty percent as we is a clip comes down to words
impact what we’re trying to do here is from right at this moment in time we’re going to be gradually shifting our
weight so from here it’s eighty percent it’s seventy percent it’s sixty percent then it switches to seventy or minimum
of seventy as you’re hitting the golf ball pixel i what i don’t want you to do is to go
up at the top like this it we don’t want to be shifting up here we want to be because we’re going to be trying to take
this leg and we’re going to try and touch the
other way to get into our finish position and i covered that in the
previous less so if i go from here and i try to take
this late in touch that like my weight paths to shift because i can get to this position with my feet flat on the ground okay so if i’m here my weight or shifted
and i didn’t even think about shifting it so i thought about it by taking this leg and trying to touch the other leg so in that process my weight shifted so this many people that i ask you know
why do i want the legs physically touching in the follow-through there’s a good reason for you if you touch your legs he had to have
shifted your weight that’s a good position to work on you want to be up here and you want to be thinking about your legs together when you’re done that’ll help you shift
your weight okay so when we’re at the top of our
site work eighty twenty we’re not thinking shift anymore we’re not thinking uh… shift when i thinking bumper hips
were not thinking out of that up here just thinking about turning our lower body because we’re trying to take this leg to
touch that way in that process the weight will shift through impact
will be upwards of seventy percent at the moment we’re hitting the ball it’s not more than that and then from there the club will go uh… continue on our weight will move to ninety percent and ten percent on the back way when were in the finish position and the we feel the weight over here our weight will be from the heloc baby toh here on the outside edge of this foot and yes it’s ok if we roll-up onto the outside edge here
you’ve this left foot or forward foot it doesn’t have to be flat on the ground it can roll so that your balance on the outside edge soaps principle we get to the top like this for eighty twenty and we’re trying to cut your legs
together which gets us to shift our weight we’re
now balanced over the forward like at ninety contend on the outside edge and on the fairy
tale of this style okay so we’re not feel a
lot of pressure here afflicts about ten percent just so that we car and balance okay so hopefully you understand that definitely try to work on that in
practice swings takes on a nightly basis just get an old golf club and just start doing practice lines do your setup position try to fuel your
weight go to the top feeling here eighty percent instead he’ll great got
it coming through impact i really wouldn’t
worry about this too much s it’s gonna be very difficult uh… for you to get into this exact
position it happened so fast and it also has like went when i so i would be concerned more with
getting from the top of the backslide the finish position if you do that you shift the weight all
on your own are all on its own you won’t even have to think about it so hopefully it dot that do the practice
swings then apply it to the your actual shots please ask questions about the golf weight shift
post your comments below i’ll try to get to as many as i can

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