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Dennis Veasley


  1. Yikes Adam! I just review my swing video, and can see that my shoulders come back down on the same angle as they do going back.  This could be the reason why I am feeling shoulder pain.  Too much shoulder swing and not enough body/hips on the downswing. 5 degrees over the top too.  Thanks

  2. The 'skipping the rock' analogy is something Faldo put into one of his golf training videos (it's up on YouTube somewhere), and when i started putting that feeling into my golf swing, wow, a huge improvement to my long game. Now, to improve my putting :-/

  3. Adam…excellent (shoulder turn) video. So the steepness in the DS vs the BS comes from first moving the weight forward before starting the DS. I like it. BTW, you mentioned Faldo's two different swing thoughts (back and down), can you share them with us?

  4. Great information again Adam. Have any of your lessons talked about ball position? I see that there seem to be two schools of thought. One, ball played from basically the same spot, and two, ball moves forward or back depending on club being used. Any thoughts? Jim Shaffer

  5. Adam. I can't believe I haven't seen this being covered before. It makes so much more sense now. I can't wait to get on to the practice ground to work on it. Thanks again for another great video. The UK sends its regards by the way!

  6. im new to golf. started playing about 2 months ago. I fell in love with it. Youre an amazing coach! I casually view each video from time to time and practice the stuff I learned on the course. THANK YOU SO MUCH.

  7. Hi Adam…love your instruction…very clear and easy to understand…I
    was have issues with coming over the top due to level shoulders on my takeaway…followed your backswing instructions and nuked my irons…just bought a hitting bag and it helps increase my club head speed mostly by removing the fear of an open or closed club face…..will subscribe soon…..best Rocco

  8. Question  Adam…… the FEELING when I do this is that I am not going to compress the ball but possibly even thin it….whether related to this or not, I am much more effective with woods than irons and have never been able to truly compress the ball with any regularity or take a divot in front of the ball.    So how does one reconcile the top of the spine being away from the ball (or bottom forward) with "covering" the ball as I have heard.   I think I know what the latter is, and I have "played" with this body structure alignment, but it seems at odds with what you are discussing here about the shoulder movement on the downswing and I feel much more "on top" of the ball and much less spine alignment tilted backwards.   Comments?   Am I mixing too different issues?

  9. I need to work on this, I think my shoulders are far too level coming down, which is encouraging an out-to-in swing path. Is it early extension and a loss of posture that would cause such flat shoulders on the downswing?

  10. i've never seen your videos or heard this tip, but I think it's one of the fundamental key puzzle pieces of a golf swing. Possibly even one of the corner pieces!

  11. Brilliant video – great teacher, I've been playing golf for about 4 years, got down to a 6 handicap but as suggested all of my coordination is sequenced arms first. how long do you think it would take on average to play at a level of 6 with new sequencing, i appreciate its difficult to say, also is it just full shots this is used for or would you use that sequence for say a 3/4 pitch shot from 90 yards

  12. This is actually the key missing ingredient isn't it. Fantastic teaching, Can i send on some swing videos for a diagnosis.
    That would be awesome

  13. If i make a lateral hip movement before i move my arms in the downswing i lose the ability to square the clubface consistently and i cannot find a repeatable swing-path, granted i've only been trying it for 2 days

  14. Thx Adam I understand it's a very exclusive Club..great videos..you have endless knowledge of the game⛳️

  15. I watched this video and then took the lessons out to my yard and consistently made contact with the ball, which was something I struggled with as a beginner.  I gradually made my swing bigger and the plastic practice balls stayed straight in flight.  I have subscribed and will watch every video.  Thank you for creating this channel!

  16. This guy's golf lessons are about as salient as Johnny Miller's. In other words, they are old school chit chat that is devoid of bio-mechanics. Here's the "driver technique": in general, get to the top, re-arrange your hands and right elbow, bump your hips toward the target, and let your right elbow drop toward the ground as you pull the club handle toward the target with your left. More specifically, at the top, you should set your wrists into the Hogan Position, while you push a bit forward and down with your right elbow, while you gently rotate your left arm a bit clockwise. Super specically, the "Hogan Hands" position has your right wrist bent on itself as if you were a waiter holding a tray; while, the left wrist is in the "hitch hiker" position. The irons are a bit different from the driver, where the feeling is dropping the right elbow while pulling the handle of your tally whacker toward the target. It took me about 3 years of watching video and internet golf lessons to learn that bit, but I can cream a driver straight and far.

  17. Your ball striking and timing are perfect must be so enjoyable when u can play like that. How comes you are not a famous pro. I guess that's proof how difficult the game is

  18. Hi Adam, what do you think of Leadbetters new A swing that he now teaches? Interesting that he's ditched the classic swing ideas that he used to teach when working with Faldo to this new unconventional method.

  19. Adam,
    Have been checking out swing plane videos here, and on SGA, and was wondering if I could bother you for a tip to get more consistent contact. I used an app to record my swing from behind as well as the side to check some things out. I have a pretty flat backswing, and a flat shaft angle as well, with late wrist cock, and not enough wrist hinge at the top. My plane looks very similar to that image of Bobby Jones in your video. The good news is that I'm not flattening due an inside takeaway, clubhead rotation, or any change in spine angle, but my arms are on a flatter plane than my shoulders, and my head does move slightly towards my right side while turning. Should I work on steepening my plane, or perhaps just the shaft angle? Would that make it easier to hinge my wrists? How still should the head be in the backswing? Thanks in advance for the tips, love the training you have.

  20. adam, when swinging at speed i feel i can some what control the backswing with some thought to it but the downswing happens in such a flash that it's more instinctive reaction. does that sound correct or can you key on some conscious thought?

  21. I just watched Tom Watson say the exact opposite concerning the shoulder turn. I think you are right but he is Tom fricking Watson!

  22. The GRIP and the shoulder turn are the two essentials in the swing in my opinion.

    A good grip and a fluid shoulder turn past the horizontal works nearly every time…BUT you have to be FIT and flexible to do it………

  23. I don't disagree with your explanation as to 'why' this happens, but I have always wondered if it 'should' happen, or, perhaps more accurately, whether players should look to minimize the difference…..as I feel the best to ever swing a golf club, George Knudson, seems to. I feel that any move 'forward' which increases the spine angle 'away' from the target should be minimized or eliminated, with an effort to establish a minimal 'tilt' at address and leave it consistent through to the finish. This then creates more inertia moving down, or even 'level', at impact, and less 'up'……imparting more energy into the ball. Another player admired for his effortless length that seems to minimize this 'difference' in spine tile from backswing to throughswing is Tom Purtzer….so is there anything to this……thoughts? I'm sure that this has been dealt with before….here or elsewhere…..but I can't remember stumbling upon it….

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