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Dennis Veasley


  1. some really interesting ideas. I particularly liked the idea about the number of shots and swing without too many thoughts. thanks Adam

  2. I like the video and the course management tips. You said early in the video that a real problem is being inconsistent on where the ball strikes the driver face. What are your suggestions to improve hitting the ball in the center of the face?

  3. Excellent video! I have found that once I make a decision of where I want to hit the ball and I am set on direction that I hit the ball better once I clear my mind. If it is a course I have played before I try to think where would be the best spot, that I can reach, to play my second shot from and try to put it there. If I can put the ball in a position where I don't have to hit over a trap I try to do it. Unless there is water in front of the green and then going over the trap may not be a bad idea.😃

  4. Hi Adam, Im curious what video camera you use in your videos. They are always clear and I want to start filming my swing and golf adventures. Thanks, Bill

  5. My biggest problem is slicing the ball, every once in a while I may hit a great shot. I wonder if I just think about it too much or what. I do also know im not consistent on hitting on the center of the driver.

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