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Dennis Veasley


  1. Great video. I'm wasting too many good drives at the moment, either to heavy or thinning the second shot. Any advice?

  2. Good Vedio Adam I'm 78 yrs old and I hit my irons say 6,7,8,9, 10 to 15 yards difference, should I be able to get more?? if so what can I do to get more distance? Steve

  3. Awesome Adam, I'm at this yardage all the time, it's nice to be close to the green but the wedge has to perform..:)

  4. I like the idea of the clock face to control distance. I am using club speed, but its tricky to control well.

  5. I love your content Adam! You do a GREAT job explaining the technique. You are one of the most sound teachers.

  6. Very great video Adams. I love the way you break down all the technicalities on the use of wedges. Great job.
    Babatunde Adekoya.

  7. Great video!!! Im a long ball hitter. An i always used a duel wedge from 120yds on in to the green. Just broke that wedge an bought a 52degree gap wedge today an cant wait to try it.

  8. I have three shots with my ping stealth 2 lob wedge around the greens. All three of them with the same grip and stance AND SAME BACKSWING. Nothing changes except hand position. For the low gripper ,I simply press the hands forward and keep them low following through. The standard lob shot has the hands neutral, which is slightly forward with the ping brand and finishes medium height. And the high shot all I do is bring the hands slightly back at address and release the right hand under the ball. But the point is….the grip ,stance and backswing are all the same . That simplicity helps me pull these shots off at will, whenever they come up.

  9. great video Adam! I actually started using half wedges into the greens for distances like 95 (half G) to 120 (half 9) yards. My full G flies about 115 – but I feel contact is more assured with what I call my "9 o'clock" swing. My only problem is although contact is easier – I find there are days that I tend to pull the ball to the left. Would you have any idea why this is so? Thanks!

  10. This man has got to be one of the world's finest golf teachers alive. Outstanding instructional video on the half pitch. Like the fact that, even though he overshot the green on one shot, he didn't try to hide that fact — for golf is not a game of perfect.

  11. I bought a Swing Caddie 200..I use to get the distance I'm hitting that day..I use the clock method..From my 60* to 6 Iron, I do full swing 10 to 2, then half swing, 9 to 3, 9 to 2….I write these distance down in my made up yardage book I carry in my back pocket…so if its windy, or I'm just playing around, I'll hit half shots to flight the ball down,….. Just keeping it fun……. Leland

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