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Dennis Veasley


  1. Adam, I really like this golf swing tips video! Especially the part where you talked about the inertia being related to a tight rope walker.. never thought of it like that. Great video on how to increase club head speed… thanks!

  2. It's amazing how much they'll tell you Baseball will ruin your golf swing, but so much in common at the same time, great stuff as always, please keep it up!

  3. This is so very true; if I could put my practice swing on an actual ball, golf would be so much more fun. My back would feel a heck of a lot better as well. I imagine I look like a great white shark nearing impact, with my eyes rolling up into my head, as tension takes hold of every muscle in my body. This is a very psychological issue, a matter of trust and it's my biggest obstacle to playing some decent golf. There's a lot of swing mechanics here on the YouTubes, but this might be one of the most vital concepts I've seen. Good job, and if you can offer any more help in this area, I'd really appreciate it.

  4. Great video. I've never heard anyone use moment of inertia to describe a golf swing before, makes so much sense – much more so than "lag", even though it's kind of the same idea.

  5. Excellent instruction as always. Thank you for your time and effort in these free videos. They have helped me enormously. Cheers

  6. You're one of the few guys I see that swing like me, where the club head finishes right past the right cheek – so to say. Thats because the best tip I ever got was to pretend there is a brick wall about 5-6 feet in front of you and when you swing through the ball try to move that club head straight up the wall. I see so many golfers the have their right arm parallel across their chest and it absolutely baffles me as to how they do that without having an out to in swing.

  7. I've watched a lot of how to golf videos. So far after watching two of yours I've already learned more than all the others put together. Thanks.

  8. Thanks so much for this concise and understandable way to increase club head speed. I like the "gumby' reference as well. I had two opportunities to meet you personally at two different  BMW events in Florida and I enjoyed both very much. I'm happy to subscribe to your You Tube channel and look forward to more of your videos.

  9. Adam, I've been playing golf now for 38 years. Had many lessons before, and some did not work. I'm happy to tell you this one worked IMMEDIATELY! The part about getting narrow then wide made the difference. I had no trouble implementing it, and it worked with all my clubs. Not just longer, but the contact and ball flight are WAY better. Thanks for making golf enjoyable again! Mark

  10. Just hit fairways, learn how to chip and putt. All golf instruction focuses on speed lag etc, because people cant be bothered practising their short game and putting, where they have 3/4 of their shots if not more..

  11. Hi Adam; I just found your site a few days ago & am enjoying it immensely. Nice to see someone teach without so much unnecessary detail to clutter up swing thoughts. Simple & to the point. Nice job!

  12. Very good explanation! Your teaching style makes it easier to learn. Thank you and please keep the videos coming.

  13. By holding the club loose,you feel your wrists hinging more as you start the downswing .I presume this is the lag that gives you more power through impact?

  14. I love your videos . Very useful. I'm 66 and have only been playing for 3 years but I've learnt a lot from you . I live along way from Florida . I'm at Vipingo golf club on the coast of Kenya . If you ever want to visit east Africa i am sure you would love it and I'm sure so many of our members would benefit form your advice .
    Jon Cavanagh

  15. Hi Adam, just browsing the net on driving and have to say you have my vote. Some instructors can not demonstrate golf shots or have poor swings but I can tell that you can really play golf. This is key for me and adds to your credibility. I'm mid singles handicap and often very wristy opening the clubface on the backwing keeping it open into impact and closing the door through impact thus fighting a hook or pull so tend to play block right safe shots. All the best Rhys

  16. Just started watching your videos, I'm a senior golfer here but still in very good shape and flexible. I haven't been playing for only about four years and have watched a lot of others but I find that your teaching is very simple and straightforward. Really like it and will keep following. Thanks

  17. i like most of your videos adam but this will only lead to steep, difficult to time shots. hook and block city.

    the force of the mid point of the hands is actually away from the target in the downswing in good golf swings. the swing appears wide, narrow, wide but the forces and hand path form a different story. see some of brian manzella and michael jacobs research (through physicists aaron zick, sasho mackenzie, steven nesbitt et al.)

    sergio's right arm fold actually widens in the downswing.

    the amount you move forward doing this drill would further promote a late, steep hit (unless of course you moved back during and after impact).

    these 2 videos are a good intro:



  18. awesome video, i was practicing this today since my "internals" were telling me something close to this and this video confirms it. Thanks a lot

  19. Enjoy the video, find myself trying to "hold on" to the club to get the left hand BENT forward at impact! (Compress the ball, right!) I don't know what weight your driver club head is, mine so light, I can't feel a thing! Playing this game for 25 years…never have felt CLUB HEAD. Moreover, my club pro finds my point of contact with my hands almost at zipper … not left leg. What gives??? Handicap: 12. Thanks!

  20. great video can not believe the difference it made putting preasure on but of the shaft a big thanks derek smith brid

  21. It's time to move on from this time consuming and expensive game. Lots of other stuff to get done instead of chasing a white ball around.

  22. If you want to have a PRO swing you have to be as FLEXIBLE as a PRO.That means serious stretching of the body for years..

  23. Excellent once again! I have never had a lesson or have seen a lesson online that teaches the lag without saying the word. Fantastic! The concept of narrow to width is genius.

  24. Terrific stuff. The left side moves out of the way but the swing feels like a right side move when the shaft moves closer to the body on the downswing. I’m told the swing should feel left side dominant. I quess both sides are working. What is the correct feel. Thank you.

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