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Dennis Veasley

20 thoughts on “GOLF SWING PLANE MADE EASY!”

  1. Great video, thanks a lot for the clear explanation and the prime examples of the swing plane. This has been a question reoccurring in my mind about what the club should be doing on the back swing and down swing. Will have to give this drill a try!

  2. Love the Free Swing Club..Simply put if we don't get in the way of how the Tool wants to swing we will be at our best. If you start from a semi finished condition the club will be free the find plane. Plane being your hula hoop. Cocking the club is simply the fulcrum point in which it wants to be swung. Good stuff my friend.

  3. Love your videos. Just a random thought for a future video, I’d love to see your warm up routine for the average golfer. Any stretching? Maybe what your range shot routine.

  4. Should this drill only be used for my iron swings, or can this same drill also help with my fairway woods and driver?

  5. Great videos again Adam, I always seem to nail the drill…. as soon as I put a ball down it all goes out the window! Thanks again ⛳️

  6. Great drill Adam! I do feel that with my irons but getting the same feel on the takeaway with the driver is tough for me. Maybe because I farther away and flatter?

  7. Hi Adam great content as usual thank you! I am struggling with a power leak somewhere in my swing? My friends are always telling me what a great swing I have, However everytime i step on the tee on a par 3, my knees start to tremble! as i know i cant hit an iron with any power unlike my playing partners?

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