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Dennis Veasley


  1. golf stuff and thanks for video
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  2. Adam, I’ve learned more from you over the last two years than I have my instructor. Keep up the great videos!

  3. Do you have a good drills or vid for getting through the swing and finishing balanced .my bad shot I will end up on my back foot and come across it very much so with driver no matter how much I try to get over and out thanks will

  4. This is a fantastic drill. It gave me a feeling in the downswing that I don't t normally have, I am an over the top ball sticker and almost everything goes to the right… Thank you!

  5. Would love to come and see you Adam. We live close to Charlotte, NC. The wife has never been to Florida, great excuse for a lesson!

  6. Enjoy your videos. I am tall and cannot find instruction for my body type. Would be great if you did a video on golfers who are not average height. Especially need help on setup and swing plane. Thanks.

  7. Hi Adam, you are the best golf instructor, ever! … Good or bad, I hold you personally responsible for me spending 6-12 hours every week, on the course. … My handicap is now floating around 7-10, and you are the instructor who is responsible for me dropping from 36+ to 7-10… You have so many great lessons… As I improved, one of the many things that resonated with with me was: "Driver: you need to get that thing down there, and if you 'shorten-up' the course, believe me, the game will become a lot easier…" … And then I worked on the irons, sand pits, and short game, and putting…. … … Thank you so much again, from Simon, and son Teo, at The Sands, in Torquay, Victoria, Australia! … You are the best… We will meet you some day soon in Florida… 4 years away…

  8. THE BEST GOLF INSTRUCTOR EVER!…. Yes, you ADAM! … Keep up the great work! … (even though I have now progressed well passed this piece of instruction!)

  9. This new question is a very good one, I watch a lot of video and I don’t think I’ve seen this, but I want to know how to take my swing from the driving range to the golf course because I do really well at the range but not even close on the course. Thanks

  10. Adam. Im a 15 year old golfer who hasnt got had much lessons. Im finding it difficult to a) find a decent rhythm in my swing, I end up trying to put power into my swing which I know is not right.
    b) thus lowering my chance of a sweet contact and c) losing loft.
    Can you perhaps link me to a couple of videos that can help me on that. Thanks.

  11. Enjoyed watching, and comparing it to my swing philosophy and session's I have with myself a lot. I probably define his drill more precisely in my own way, but I think there is a lot of good demonstrated here.

  12. From one Youtuber to another I love some of the content you are putting out. I can see Fred Shoemakers influence, no surprise you have won teacher of the year on a number of occasions

  13. I have added this practice to every swing! Release my mind, it’s probably the hardest and easiest thing to do!! Once you stop thinking about the ball it all comes together! Wow, no tension no worries just free swinging! Remember the target is out there, not down there! Thanks Adam, great insight again!!

  14. Adam can you do a video and how the club shallows out without your wrists getting too flat on the downswing. Thank you

  15. I stumbled upon your channel 2 hours ago. I just realized I've been watching all your videos for the past 2 hours and didn't even realize I've been watching this long! Such great content! Thanks a lot for sharing!

  16. Another excellent video. On my major problem, which is coming over the top with the club. I will practice lifting the club in front of the ball and then taking it back slowly, without worrying about the outcome. Great video, keep them coming.

  17. Adam, you do a fantastic job of not rolling your wrists open on the takeaway and wrist hinge (closer to a Jack Nicklaus). I'm in between you and a wrist roller which causes me to snaphook at the worst times with my driver and hooking my long irons. Do you have a drill for that problem or is this it?

  18. Subscribed! Coming over the top has been my Achilles heel for so many years and watched many Youtube videos but yours hit the nail. First, whipping the club too inside during backswing as you described (watching my own swing videos I have been doing this), second and the most worrisome to me is that I attack the ball too hard and forget letting the swing do its job. I am going to remember your drill of tossing the club out without looking at the ball and pre-cocking the wrist before backswing next time when I am in the practice range. Thanks coach!

  19. Not a 3 time pga teacher of the year ………… All time pga teacher 🏌🏼‍♂️🏌🏼‍♂️👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻. Thk you Adam 🙏🏻

  20. Watched this and immediately went out the hit the skytrak. Hinged above the ball to start the swing (2:20) was an amazing change in path for me. Thank you so much. You have a new subscriber!

  21. Adam,
    Thanks for your incredible videos! YOU have been the primary reason that my golf game has improved! Additionally,
    your immediate release of information, without waisting any time, makes it simple for me to remember your lesson.
    I am not surprised that you have been awarded "The PGA Teacher of the Year" three times!!!!!!!!

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