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Dennis Veasley


  1. Thanks a lot for another great video!
    I'll try this out right away.

    "You will need that when you kill an animal, like a rat or something…"
    That sounded so funny

  2. I have been a premium member for 2 years and it has been a great experience. I have watched some videos over and over and learning something new every time. Thank you Adam and team

  3. Adam, First of all, I love your swing. A great one to emulate – effortless. In regards to the video, another great one. I have found that the most important part of the concept of hitting "down" on the ball or getting the shaft lean you talk about is not possible unless you get your weight to your lead side. You touched on it but I think that is the most important part. If you don't move your weight you will be tempted to hack at it. Your thoughts. I see you have the AP3's – how do you like them?

  4. Quote of the century at 3:58 "You would need that if you were trying to kill an animal or a rat or something but we are not… we are trying to sweep the floor" . CLASSIC! Had me LMAO. Nice one AB!

  5. If only I could find such a useful and easy drill for striking my Driver…

    You're still making excellent videos Adam, thanks!

  6. Why is the sweet spot in such a difficult position to hit on the club face? Golf is hard enough! Leaning the shaft adds more challenge to swing path/club face/solid hitting formula. But thank you for the video, it is very interesting and helpful.

  7. Santa Claus ( actually her name is Virginia) brought me a lesson with Adam this past Christmas and we covered some of the ideas in this video. It’s had a huge impact on the quality of my iron shots. More important, he gave me a couple of drills to maintain that quality.
    He’s a terrific guy and I’m very jealous of his hair!
    Many thanks Adam

  8. I've watched a lot of golf tutorials, but your drills and explanations are the purest and easiest to understand. Helps me a lot.

  9. nice and helpful video . BUT IF POSSIBLE , PLS STOP SAYING 3 TIME PGA TEACHER OF THE YEAR! i feel im watching a rerun everytime i watch one of your vids. thank you.

  10. Thank you sir this video changed my golf game just had the best round of my life i have never hit my irons more pure now i can feel the ball compress off my irons great lesson very simple thank you again!!!!

  11. Too technical? That really made me laugh. You are a pure feel instructor. You're up there with Harvey Penick. I admire your teaching as much as Harvey's.

  12. Adam, thanks again for your great videos!!! Simplified and precise!!! I've been working on this technique and have been struggling still with 'fats and thins'. Yesterday, heading to the back nine after shooting a 45, I had an 'A-ha' moment…I began taking my practice swings along side of the ball as opposed to behind and began paying attention to where the club was impacting and adjusted from there. It seems a little further back than what I've been told is 'normal' but my strikes where MUCH better enabling me to post a 39!!! Any feedback on this is appreciated…I feel better hearing you say that things can be personalized!!! Cheers. Todd

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