At first glance, Golf Story looks like someone
took a Super Nintendo and smashed it together with a title from the Mario Golf series. It has a visual style reminiscent of many
games found on Nintendo’s 16-bit juggernaut, gameplay modeled after Camelot’s older Mario
Golf games, and humor that evokes memories of Earthbound, the fan-favorite gold-standard
for RPGs that take place in a contemporary setting. Which may leave you wondering — is Golf
Story on par with its obvious influences? Let’s find out. Right off the bat — or, club — Golf Story,
in classic storytelling fashion, begins with a flashback to the unnamed main character’s
childhood, where we learn that golf was once a big part of his life but is only now returning
after a twenty year hiatus. While simple at first, the plot does eventually
begin to complicate although the final goal of winning the pro tournament is always in
sight. For example, stealthing my way past snow bandits
to steal golf balls is still somehow relevant to gaining access to the pro tournament. From the start, I was pulled in by the story
that Sidebar Games was trying to tell. The first half of the game has your character
constantly underestimated, despite performing well at every challenge thrown his way. This humorous belittlement kept me engaged
in the plot, encouraged me to prove everyone wrong, and had me on the lookout for every
little joke or pun. It doesn’t take much to complete the main
story — only nine full courses must be beaten to gain access to the pro tournament. And along the way, NPCs are scattered throughout
the courses with challenges for you to complete, which vary in both difficulty and length. Some will have you putting the ball into small
areas, while others will have you playing up to nine holes. The reward is always cash and experience points. The money allows you to buy new and better
clubs while the experience allows you to increase golfing attributes such as drive length and
accuracy, lending the game more of an RPG feel. While the desire to prove the NPCs wrong and
improve my skills was a great motivator for the first half of the game, that driving factor
seemed to fade on the back nine. After my character’s coach and close friends
gained more faith in me, there wasn’t much pushing me forward except for that far-off
goal of winning the pro tournament. Luckily the game keeps a similar level of
charm throughout, maintaining the fun of discovering new courses and completing challenges. However, the story seemed to take a backseat
as the game progressed. There was a standout mystery mission in the
latter half of the game, but it seemed like most of the story consisted of visiting new
locations and just beating those golf courses. As far as the actual golfing is concerned,
I found the controls and mechanics to be nearly perfect. You can change clubs to adjust the overall
distance of your shot, in addition to utilizing ‘precision mode,’ which further allows
you to control your swing. The game also includes the ability to change
where on the ball your club will make contact, allowing you to curve the ball in ways that
seem inhumanly possible. Besides my character’s insane golfing ability,
I found the physics and realism of everything that takes place after the hit to be pretty
spot on — minus the moles and turtles that may help or hinder the ball’s placement. The way the ball bounced and rolled across
the fairway and green felt fair and accurate, never allowing me to be frustrated at the
game itself, only my ability to carefully choose where and how hard I hit the ball. While the controls are not explained extremely
well in the beginning, I did find it pretty easy to learn how to hit the golf ball. Chatting with NPCs also helped, since many
handed out challenges that simultaneously taught me a new mechanic and rewarded me with
the usual quest goodies. In addition to the standard method, there
are three other forms of golfing: mini-golf, disc golf, and drone golf. Mini golf proved to be the most fun, since
it took the already well-established mechanics of standard golf and restricted them to putting. Disc golf can be fun when you get the hang
of it, but the crazy controls had me more frustrated than I would have liked. Golf Story grants you total control of the
disc as it’s flying, but, confusingly, the controls match the direction the disc is facing. So for instance, if you throw the disc south,
pressing left will send the disc to the right on screen, since that is the disc’s relative
left direction. It’s more confusing than it should be, and
the controls get in the way of how much fun disc golf could potentially be. Drone golf doesn’t show up until the very
end of the game and there’s not much to do once unlocked, since I only had a few challenges
to complete with the drone. It’s fun, but it definitely could use more
content to really be considered its own mode. I found the art of Golf Story to be extremely
well crafted. It features extraordinarily well made sprites
that harken back to the SNES era of games. The game sticks to this aesthetic for everything
except the text boxes and the UI — and for a good reason, specifically in the text boxes’
case. I don’t think I’ve ever seen more expressive
text boxes in a video game. They would grow, shrink, and rotate all depending
on the speaker’s mood and expression. It really gave life and emotion to characters
when the art couldn’t, something that can be is difficult to overcome when limited to
16-bit sprites. In the sound department, everything seemed
to click. Sidebar Games seems to have gone the extra
mile with the sound effects and converted them all into HD rumble vibrations, which
made every bounce of the ball and every hit of the golf club immediately satisfying. The music was fitting for each course as well. The haunted course felt spooky, the old-timers’
course felt preppy, and the beach course felt tropical. When putting, the music even changed to an
intense tune — making that final hit all the more nerve wracking. While none of the songs have stuck with me,
they did the job of setting the mood at the very least. For those that want a break from the main
game, Golf Story also features a two player mode, where you can change the course, wind
speed, and other attributes for whatever kind of game you desire. I tried it with a friend, and we had a great
time. It definitely provides a change of pace from
the story mode, removing the pressure of wanting to advance the plot that is omnipresent in
every match. Overall, I found Golf Story to be a fun, light-hearted
RPG that’s fairly easy to pick up and kept me engaged most of the way through. The plot and gameplay do drag on a bit at
the end, as the later courses don’t do enough to change up the formula, and it really felt
like I was just going through the same motions over and over again to complete the game. Regardless, Golf Story is well-crafted and
it brings life to a unique genre of games that hasn’t been present on a Nintendo console
in a long time. I liked Golf Story, and I can’t wait to
see what Sidebar Games will work on next. Thanks for watching and be sure to subscribe
to GameXplain for more on Nintendo indies and other things gaming too.

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Dennis Veasley

100 thoughts on “Golf Story – REVIEW (Nintendo Switch)”

  1. I find it odd that the wind is in yards but the slope isnt. It has caused me to quite the last tournament due to the slopes being unreadable and inaccurate.

  2. is this that guy from the egoraptor mass effect ending? i mean the ending with thr cable guy and the 5 black adopted african childrens?

  3. It’s a good review but the narrator is painfully dull to listen to. I had to bump it up to 1.5x speed to get through it.

  4. I'd honestly say I LOVED Golf Story, it's an amazing Golf game AND an amazing RPG game, if you don't have this game yet, get it. You won't be disappointed

  5. Just watched the review – I thought Jordan wasn't as monotone as the comments described, and the review was balanced and well done. Keep it up!

  6. I was so excited for this game and for the first few hours I had a great time. I found the golf mechanics and game fun and the story was gine but once I reached the fourth area, it was feeling really slow and just not very fun. The story was really boring to me and I just wanted to play the golf part. If anyone has finished it I was wondering if it it gets better past the first part or if it just wasn't my thing.

  7. This guy is pretty boring sounding.   As someone who hasn't been keeping up with gamexplain, this unknown boring sounding guy doesn't make for a good video.

  8. Am I the only one who finds Jordan's voice to not be monotonous? Just because it's not as widely diverse as, say, Andre's voice, doesn't mean he's absolutely not putting emphasis on key words or speaking in a manner that distracts from the content. I'd say he's about on par with Ash tone-wise, and I don't think I've seen anyone speak out against Ash's style of reviewing.

  9. Hope you keep improving Tom! Criticism is hard to take but i encourage you not giving up. Find a style that fits you and is good for the viewers. Great video!

  10. Everyone who says he is monotone relax he’s new at this and once he gets comfortable I’m sure he’ll sound better. I like his reviews and he had a bit more energy this time keep it up Jordan!

  11. Excited to hear what Andre or Derek has to say! [hits play] falls asleep 20 seconds later…] after waking up 4 hours later This guy again? Either perk up or please write articles, guy. Or at least put a disclaimer that it's this guy doing the review because this is basically clickbait otherwise.

  12. This is a F**ki*g horrible review That's full of Huge spoilers & Is very badly made! I have Completed the game & it's by far the best Indie title on the Nintendo Switch. If your one of those morons whom read the comments section before or during the video then Consider yourself saved & Stop Watching the Video immediately & go & buy the Game Now. If You like Golf games then You'll love this game.

  13. well if i actually had any interest in golf i'd defenetly check this game out. it sounds like it would be a lot of fun. i might consider letting my dad know about it though because he is a golf FANATIC…then again i like havin my switch with me all the time

  14. If I'm looking for a review it's because I haven't played it yet. I'm sure followers of this channel know to expect spoilers but I didn't. Please warn for spoilers in description next time because I looked before watching the video

  15. I feel like the pitch for this game was like “Remember that joke from Steven Universe where Steven plays a golf themed Final Fantasy? Well let’s make that an actual game.” But seriously, this game looks nice. I’d play it if I had a Switch.

  16. This guy talk too slow, Andre talks so fast he can't annunciate his words properly… Looks like Derek is reigning vocal champion.

  17. Ughhhh not this guy again, every video this guy narrates is literally so dull. Cmon gamexplain, even if you guys haven't played the game this guy has can't you just get him to write the script and one of you guys read it?

  18. For monotone issue i recommend u to stop reading the script and try using bullet points to comment your point of view and explanations.

  19. I agree with much of the review, but disagree on two points:
    1. Disc golf controls are fine, they just have a bit of a learning curve, but it's not anything more than a game like Geometry Wars; it'll take 2-3 attempts to get it, but after that, the game is very simple – it's all about gauging how hard to throw and turning.
    2. I felt the RPG upgrade mechanics kept the game engaging through to the end. Most RPGs aren't constantly conflict driven either, many do depend on their mechanics for large portions.

  20. Don't worry about your voice, Jordan. You'll get better at it as you keep doing it. Everyone does. Good job on the review.

  21. I like the low tone of the reviewer, it beats the normal American delivery of overdramatically shouting into the microphone.

    Good review, I'll be buying this soon.

  22. Lol, for some reason fire emblem warrior review's comments got mixed into the golf story review comments. Wow, I was misled into thinking this game wasn't as good as I thought. (Until I read "warriors" somewhere). Refreshed the page and it fixed it.

  23. I love this game it's expression is like none other I felt before…
    I also love how they took advantage of the HD rumble and how they molded it into ways I never felt in a nintendo controller before, like I don't even know how they make the controller rumble and sound like the ball is falling a cliff :O

  24. I've been gaming for decades and while the visuals don't put me off, I kinda wish they didn't go for such a super retro look.

  25. Really great game. Super charming and fun. It definitely feels like it was either rushed, or that the devs simply grew tired of the grind at some point in development, though. There was a lot of beautiful polish in the beginning of the game with little secrets here and there that focused on exploration. It just kind of went missing for the latter half of the game, though. In a potential sequel, I'd love to see that part of the game more developed, and that it finds its way throughout the whole game. There is a lot of overall potential for a sequel, to be honest, so I really hope to see it in the future.

  26. Not being mean but I legit fell asleep half way through the review. I hope the reviewer has improved the way he speaks since this review and doesn't sound like a high schooler reading off their cue cards during an oral presentation. Great review but the monotone voice was just… yeesh.

  27. This was a good review i liked his voice its really relaxing thats what kept me watching the video i dont usually watch them to the end.

  28. Why is it called golf STORY? It just looks like a golfing game. Graphics are absolutely horrible. What doesn’t Nintendo make new and improved games of their popular games / titles? They are releasing tons of old games with terrible graphics. That’s one thing I’m disappointed with my Switch! I spent tons of money for the new system, but there aren’t very many new games like Harvest Moon, etc… I’m extremely excited for Animal Crossing, which is one of the reasons I bought Switch. I can’t find many games like Animal Crossing. I did buy Yonder, and after just over a week, I’m almost finished with it. But I can’t find hardly any games like it. Stardew Valley looks like a game from the very first Nintendo System, it’s absolutely horrible graphics. However I know it’s a one man game. But I think it’s only worth $100 or less. It is almost 2019. I LOVE games that are extremely laid back. Calming. But I also love games like Kirby, Donkey Kong, Resident Evil, Final Fantasy, etc.. I’m not real big into ‘fighting games’. Resident Evil is a exception. I like Luigi’s Mansion (coming 2019) Monster House. Some of the games I like are still not releas3, not until 2019. They should have released many of these games by 2018!! I’m not the only woman, or female who prefer these types of games.
    I thought Golf Story would be, yes, about golf, but also like a building game, with a house, a town, etc…. lol
    Thank you for the review and video!

  29. Solid review, definitely think I will pick this up. Haven't played a golf game since gamecube and this looks like it has a lot of charm.

  30. Fantastic game up until Blue Moon Dunes. Why that course was green light is beyond me. Such a shame

  31. People are REALLY bashing on the reviewer's voice?? It's pretty relaxing and matches the more easy-going pace of the game. I'd rather have a more relaxed voice than "SCREAMING AND TRYING WAY TO HARD TO OVERACT AND BE OUTRAGED AND OVERLY ANIMATED!!!" guy #596940032.

  32. Um I didnt read any comments on people busting on your voice. So I dont know what people are talking about. I thought it was calming and easy to listen to. I gave you a thumbs up.

  33. stand about a yard away from any pro shop door and rapidly throw golf balls at it (they will get stuck behind the door and the shadow will appear on the roof)

  34. Haven't played it yet(thinking of getting it on current sale), but how could the controls be better for Disc Golf? It can't operate in relation to the screen, because the controls would switch as soon as you turn 90 degrees. It has to be relative to the disc.

    Edit: I guess you could control the overall direction like a character, but it isn't logical seeing as a disc cant instantly stop and walk back the opposite way.

  35. I disagree about the controls, I'm having a hard time with aiming. I'll try to move the ball around and instead it won't move or it'll change my golf club or it'll move in the opposite direction… Anyone else agree ??

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