You tired of hitting a big old slice, seeing
that ball drift out to right field? Today, I’m going to cure that slice of yours,
and we’re going to have your ball flying nice and high, and straight. So, let’s first talk about what causes a slice,
what I usually see coming through the bay, and what I’d usually do to fix it. So, what causes a slice? We have a path that is travelling too far
left of our intended target with the club face open. So, the club’s travelling left, the face is
open. So, in the sense of a baseball diamond, we’re
trying to get to second, pass head to third, the face is looking at second or right of
second, and the ball is heading out past the out-of-bounds post. So, we’ve got to get our path fixed and our
face fixed, and that correlation in order to get rid of the slice. And so, what I usually see golfers doing,
when they come to see me for a lesson, that have a chronic slice condition, they usually
lack rotation of their torso, and they, ergo, use their arms incorrectly. So, sometimes, I’ll see a golfer twist, shoulders
get really flat, steep into the downswing. When that happens, their shoulders get flat,
and then their shoulder steepen, and then you can see how that golf club will start
to travel up and out. Or, the opposite, where they try and twist,
and they just end up tilting, now my shoulders are tilted too much. They’ll come down, pull up and out, and that
one’s even worse out to the right. So, a lot of it has to do with the bad use
of their body and their torso, and we’ve really got to clean it up to cure the slice. So, one of my favorite drills to get players
out of right field and hitting nice beautiful draws is a little three-step stopper, or two-step
stopper, really, the third one being the finish. We get set up. The first thing I’ll have them do is turn
their body so that the golf club rests behind their right heel. So, we’re set up, we twist, and the club ends
up behind our heel, and it’s on the ground. If the buttons on your shirt don’t match with
the club head and you’re here, you did not do this effectively. Get the buttons on your shirt looking to the
golf club. So, we start with a twist, we then fold our
right elbow. Our right elbow’s in, our buttons are over
our right toe, and then we would come in for the hit. You will start to hit a push. A push is not a slice. A push is a straight ball flight out to the
right. A slice is a curved ball flight to the right. So, if you hit a push first, you’re on the
right track, and I’ll tell you why and how we’ll face this. So, first, let’s try this drill to start with. So, we turn, fold our elbows, our elbows are
in our ribs, buttons are over our right foot, club looks at the golf ball, finish the golf
swing. And, of course, I hit it to the right, the
reason being, if you start hitting it to the right, most of you have turned your shoulders
more than what you’re accustomed to. So, if you’ve only turned your shoulders 20
degrees, and now we’ve got you going back to 50, that’s 30 degrees more rotation that
you have to do in the downswing, so you will hit this to the right. But, the simple fix is, once you get back
there, (and this is the beautiful part, ladies and gentlemen), you’ll be able to turn back
into the ball as hard as you want. So, the faster you turn at that point, the
better it is. We set the club back, hinge the club in, elbows
on the ribs, buttons over the shoe, golf club pointing at the ball, finish our golf swing
with a good turn, and that gets our ball flight a lot straighter. If you’re still blocking it to the right,
one thing we need to fix is the flexion in your wrist. The flexion in your wrist is probably more
at an extended state, where your left hand is extended like a push-up instead of flexed
like a tour player. So, when we get into that position, where
we’ve turned, hinged, we want to flex our left wrist without trying to change the golf
club. Flex the left wrist, and now we turn and finish,
and the ball’s on line. We do this drill, we’ll fix that slice. If we do it effectively, too, we’ll increase
your lag and shaft lean, and I’ll promise we’ll be hitting the ball further.

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Dennis Veasley

5 thoughts on “Golf Slice Fixes (Eliminate Your Slice With The 2 Step Stopper Drill)”

  1. Hello! After using the 15 Shot Technique I do not slice any more, I am little by little adjusting the grip to get to the perfect draw expected.
    I am training myself also with the Swing Imprint Technique. It is wonderful as it helps to fix my problems step by step. It is very helpful as it is improving my swing progressively.

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