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Dennis Veasley


  1. I like the subjects you choose and your teaching style. Looking forward to your instruction on greenside bunkers. I've suddenly lost my way in them after years of pretty good bunker play for a recreational golfer. Lots of meat in your vids!

  2. my problem is I hit the ball very close to the hosel ….not a shank but I am losing distance …I try and try but to no avail …my face tape proves that I make contact very near the hosel 90% of the time …any help would be appreciated !!

  3. Hi Adam i was of 9 at one time..Now i swear i am struggling to break 200.. 100 yards from the green in 1 i still could lose the ball or picking it up, I am 55 and i can still hit it long of the tee for my age.. I have tried the 2 balls even a brick i hit everything, even when i try to miss it i still hit both things..Any help how to miss both balls..HELP..

  4. Ya. If the second ball moves, you've shanked it. What a joke this dude is. The ball flying right isn't proof enough. No genius here.

  5. Great video Adam. I enjoy all your videos. For a beginner golfer, these videos are a tremendous help. Keep up the good work.

  6. I enjoy your instructions on every aspect of playing golf. Would you do an instruction on a downhill lie and an uphill lie.

  7. I carry a hybrid with very little offset that I can hit 175-180……If I get the shanks I just use the hybrid twice on par 4's…..the scorecard doesn't care how you get a par…..lol

  8. It dawned on me that I might be swinging too inside when I shank it. At the range I laid down a club just outside a ball pointing at the target. I took the club straight back low and slow, trying to follow the guide while turning my shoulders. Didn't shank a one!

  9. I hit 2 buckets of shanks continuously today! It was embarrassing but I was so dogged that I set it right and hit 5 more buckets perfect!

  10. Hi Adam, im a scratch golf academy member and i developed the dreaded "S"… i tried this drill at the driving range….absolutely awesome worked immediately…Thanks Adam

  11. Something I've done that I can do on the course is to actually line the ball up on the hosel at address. My only swing thought is to "hit the ball on the toe of the club". I pure it every time. It's amazing.

  12. I get shanks when under pressure so now when am on a good round I try to shank it and it just doesn't happen why this works I haven't a clue

  13. Early extension,straightening my Rt arm too soon (bringing the hosel out to the ball) coming OTT with my Rt shoulder and a weak grip tend to be the biggest culprits that cause my shanks. This 2 ball drill is popular, but I wonder if it addresses the root cause?

  14. It is always a shock when I shank. I hit a good drive, a nice second shot and then wham, off to the right. Its inexplicable.

  15. maybe teacher of the year but not very good at curing the shank. I've found moving the ball back in my stance and keeping weight off my toes helped mine.

  16. Been playing golf for a while. Developed the shanks a couple of months ago for the first time. I practiced this and immediately cured it. First couple of swings at the inner ball was freaky but clicked quickly. Great help. THANK YOU!!

  17. Thank you so much this has made me feel more confidant about next time I'll be able to do this trick my dad never thought of this today

  18. I think that is the response many pga tour pros would honestly give if you asked them to give you detail as to how they hit such a good shot. “I don’t know how I did it, it’s not that hard…” 😂

  19. When he sets up two balls and hits the inside ball, is he telling us to take the downswing slightly inside the backswing? That is what I tried and it is the best cure for the shank I have yet to find. I wish some of these pros (I paid $50 for a half an hour) understood that all I needed to do was take the downswing a slightly inside. Sometimes I still lose distance by hitting close to the hosel but the shanks are dramatically reduced.

  20. I finally found the cause of my heel shots and shanks mostly with wedges and short irons. I tried everything I could find to cure this. Nothing worked to actually fix it. I stood farther away, closer to the ball, placed an object (box, head cover, another ball) outside the ball. Tried to hit off the toe, couldn't do it! The fix for me? Club shaft angle at address. My club shaft plane at address was too flat. When I raised it so the handle pointed above my belt I now hit the sweet spot consistently and can now hit toward the toe of the club. I haven't seen any so called expert instructors mention this as a cause.

  21. Sucks I hate the shanks I was going 4 under after 13 holes finished the round with an 81🤬🤬🤬 all my irons and wedges were off the hosel I was so pissed I broke my 60 wedge smh!! I’ll get them from time to time like a disease hopefully this helps!!

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