every now and then I can putt right what
are your thoughts about Matt in general what’s up y’all hope y’all having a
great day we’re out here at the Junior course again with the GM Golf crew everyone
right here behind me we’re gonna do a little 2 man
scramble teams it’s me and Steven right here against these two in the middle me
and Steven we did take the loss the last time so
hopefully we’re gonna get a little I can’t think of the word all the above
job done that wait maybe yeah a little Redemption that’s what I was looking for
the losing team has to go up to a complete stranger at the legends here
after the round and asked them for directions to somewhere in the legends
and once they give them directions they just have to walk the opposite way from
where they were being directed to should be really awkward and really enjoyable
for the winning team to witness this first hole out here at the Junior course
180 yards around the corner so obviously it’s reachable but it’s all blind to the
green unfortunately yes the this was the
winning team from last time so y’all get to go first you just choose whoever you
want to go first it’s just a scramble I’m gonna say good luck today
good luck today really good it’s heading a little left you got it
did you that distance should be pretty good though a partner has come to play
today oh I like it all right should be a good position oh yeah I should be good game plan for today Steven well we’re
just gonna play the best golf we can that’s just what we do the opposing team
decided to wear like full golf attire today
what was the decision-making process for y’all we just thought it was gonna
really get our minds in the right mood right
and the winning mentality really dial it in focus that way and get it done should
have hit a little more Club there we are a bit short Steven this should hit a
7-iron hit 8-iron Ole Miss Club and this is where Garret and Matt are they’ve got
a pretty good look here first real golf shot in a long time
we’ve been doing a lot of we love not ideal so I’m very happy with where this
one ended up we got to putt up the hill about 20 feet right-to-left Matt I see
it damn it and that’s not happening right out of my course not in your
course okay that was terrible there we go slow
go slow to date boy are you going instead of snow when
you eat it like that he’s gonna go ahead and finish you guys about 10 feet left
here oh well slower than I thought down one through one not our best
performance there on number one on to number two right behind me about 130
yards from here maybe a little less maybe 125 straightaway par 3 they
they’ve got the tea still I’m thinking six aren’t Garrett what you think I’m
singing putter 125 6-iron – the wedge but if you divide it by 14 then you’ll
get the driver 52 degrees is I’m really confused on that but I guess whatever
gets the job done petting a little left should be on the
green oh that is way long that is heading a bit right all right should be
a good number get up there run look at this that’s my partner love the energy level sir
mine spun back to the front edge of the green so we’re going with Stevens and
theirs is right there just off the green about thirty feet from the hole I was a
bit aggressive too bad didn’t really check for you though ah wait a little too much break all
right we are in for our three I might get it a grip left to right don’t aim
right here cuz it looks yeah I don’t know it’s left to right that’s right for
sure left to right for sure you hit it too hard man what is that you better stay get a grip and I miss
this oh well guys that’s one plane with obviously GM underscore out of his mind
golf he’s gonna putt again off-camera and I’m gonna tell you if he makes it
no still missed it you missed it on the opposite side it’s a left-to-right putt
we’re gonna big conversation here through two holes all square onto number
three we’re going up and over the street pins back left about the same yardage as
last hole looks really good if it’s a good number should be pretty good and a
little right that’s not probably what he was looking for there thankfully his
partner had his back there so Matt Steven we need to address the
beef people have been asking the fans have been wanting to hear about it first
question to Steven what are your thoughts about Matt in general well his
personality is crazy and I have the complete opposites to like we really
it’s hard to mix with him and he’s always insane that’s starting to talk to
somebody that says five words all day hard yeah but it’s even harder we came
and get a word in well it was way better than I thought
looks like we got four feet down the hill much needed we are a little further
out than Garrett that is a lot closer than I thought his ball was to the hole
we’re right here little short left nothing that a bomb
can’t fix well you did not all right so let’s
Garrett should be pretty but I’ll make it oh I didn’t need to move actually look – four – over here every now and
then I can putt right there back – one down
they threw a close one in there well Garrett did and then Matt rolled the
rock according to Matt he can putt every now and then really really good and 25
yards long walking up here we’ve got you know man
ten twelve feet left for our birdie thought that ball is gonna spin back a
little bit however it doesn’t still good shot
Garrett’s in here at about five feet that is a par-3 for us right what do today okay ready
we’re down two through four with two to play we are Dormy Garrett is throwing
darts we pretty much have to go birdie-birdie to have any shot here yeah
number five here are three I believe we’re gonna be playing from about 90
yards pretty straightforward Ben’s pretty accessible let’s knock it close struggle a little bit I thought you know
let’s throw a dart so I just put it right at it how did that not go in I’m
gonna let you tap this in for us obviously Stephen Caston aided the
potato I made it I thought he made it now we got a chance for birdie to tie
probably not gonna happen that is a really good putt little short – pretty
good rolls we get the win here we’re only one down full six it’s about 88
yards downhill downhill there’s a bunker not even the bunkers just a place where
the balls go to die what are you even saying Stephen is throwing darts for us dude not set I went to the wrong
all right it’s pretty good apparently Stephen did
not want to ask a random stranger for directions because he’s come to play
these last two holes we were one down here with a putt for birdie hopefully
they miss give us an opportunity to go into a playoff and that’s where we’ll
get the victory here’s everybody shots all pretty decent shots here kind of all
right in the line what are the same thing you do got a
birdie putt to save us right now I’m just gonna drain it so Zach doesn’t have
to do anything are you kidding me Lito Steven solo birdies the last two holes
to save us to send us into a playoff that is incredible bro I can’t believe
it again seriously solo birdie in the last
two holes we had to do it so we got it done
all right heading to a playoff right now being here abode tried to throw it off
the slope and haven’t spent back neither one spun back unfortunately no pressure here left it short Wow that’s the loss Stephen you played
today you really did yeah playoff hole
I didn’t think era was gonna actually make that putt never does today we’re
going to talk to random strangers yeah yeah this gaming very interesting so
we’re doing this yeah we are gonna be going and talking to some random
strangers asking for directions and uh walk the opposite direction yep so what
they’re gonna be doing is going into the outdoor sitting and Chipotle and asking
people where voltages when it’s literally there’s a door your eyes so
there’s the Chipotle we are here we are ready to go play and wondering do y’all know where
the Chipotle is down that way okay like okay I’m here to the right okay how was
uh how was it what we lost we had to hold up our end of the bargain so I
guess the you know we’re sticking to the Chipotle theme here as well we do like
Chipotle yeah hope y’all enjoy today’s video had a lot of fun out there the jr.
course and getting a little awkwardly humiliated here at the legends Stephen
came to play today I didn’t help him out on those first few holes we took the big
loss however it was fun enjoyed it hope you all enjoyed today’s video
Matt and Garrett are down there looking at this pond I’m not really sure what
they’re doing all put everyone’s socials down below in the description make sure
to follow GM golf Matt Stephen yes there they are here today yes and we’ll see
you all we see you

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Dennis Veasley

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