Oh what was that kick
what is up y’all hope y’all having a great day we’re out here at the
lightning bug course just south of Nashville such an awesome little par 3
course that honestly I’ve never been to until today we’ve been out here filming
a bunch of fun content just finished filming a video on Brodie’s channel you
need to go check it out we need a little rematch yeah yeah shots were made not
from our site no so it’s gonna be me and Brody scramble against GM golf Garrett
yep who is hitting right there Matt and Steven on a team scramble me and Brodie
need a little redemption here we’re gonna head straight to hole number 6
we’re gonna be playing hole 6 7 8 and 9 for hole scramble if there’s a playoff
necessary we’ll do a little chip off to end it however I think me and Brodie are
just gonna sweep it here pretty sure I hit this one with the
paddle and it did do well so this one’s probably should be better because the
golf club looks really good needs a little hop
left and that is in the bushes bro watch the other video you will see me
launching every ball over the green I don’t know what’s going on I don’t know
if I had a too much preteen today I don’t know all right hopefully I hit
this a little shorter partner just trying to play that slope there cuz it
does funnel left missed it by just a fraction we got a
putt a bird that’s heading a bit right Oh what was that kink Oh what just
happened I think every thought right so yeah what happened in Brodie’s where were
your shots go oh they’re all straight right just shrink shankha bottom is this
time I need it right bounced off the tree and got a great pick onto the green get on the tree that is a stinger right
there and to the bushes that’s a little left you know sometimes you have to let
the other team get some you know nice bounces and they’ll come your way so you
know you can graduate it you tell him good shot and you move on I’m a decent
golfer when it comes out of here but I have just been hitting some really good
shots and and the GM crew has kind of been put it together now we got to
continue to grind we got to continue get the job done that way you don’t take in
Stevens ball let me putt first cuz I want to try to make the bird match we’re
gonna give him that good you guys are in for par and we got Garrett here oh that
was not a bad putt all right good three pars guys all right i’ma let Brody go
first you regardless of what we did last time he didn’t work it did not I think
that best chance is like clearly just dumb luck making a good putt and having
it rolling Brody’s gonna wait it off for us Wow did you understate it’s good you
made it either way all right here we go Zach
give it a chance go go go that’s actually a really good putt man try to
catch it dropped it all through one hole all square on to our second hole which
is number seven 96 yards little downhill should be able to put it right on the
flagstick don’t go long okay that’s all I’m
thinking okay he’s just sit down maybe alright ah good night all right
then we got a decent I was just a wee bit short Oh what is going on with Stephen yeah I
know it’s only your channel Stephen really comes to play here on the
channel I mean he threw darts back in Kansas in that one video basically
carried me and now he’s kind of carrying his team we’ve got a decent look it
looks like they’re a bit out so so you can roll the rock he didn’t come to play
in the Walmart challenge what you guys haven’t seen that I don’t know if it’s
on YouTube but it will be if it’s not that challenge Stephen just didn’t come
and play right here alright so that’s where Stephens ball ended up pretty good
look right there that’s where me and Brody it is is our zero percent chance
way too far right I’m saying 76 percent chance Garrett makes this oh he did it
ah I are you kidding me right now frickin told you I said 76 percent
chance Wow pretty but cuz I’m telling you right now I grew up
playing slow greens I know slow greens I am slow greens I think all the hop left at the very
beginning early in the match two holes to play it didn’t expect there rolling
in a 20-footer well this hole you got trees on the left
man you got trees on the right and you have trees almost kind of in the middle
when you guys come up here and you’ll see it’s very intimidating it might be
one of the most intimidating shots if this was like a par four and you had a
driver it might be the hardest tee I would be fine with literally making the
tire of this video Hardesty shot and all the golf the fact
that you’re probably have a wedge you know you might be able to throw it up
there a little bit get over the trees but it’s still one of us is gonna blast
into the trees I don’t know who it is probably that guy honestly I don’t know
what’s gonna happen I see trees and a golf ball barely so I think we’re just
gonna hit it really hard I know for the best so this is the tee
shot yes right there that’s pretty ridiculous trees right there
trees right there trees pretty much everywhere except for about a 5-foot gap
right there yeah 120 yards he tried to sting that through the sly
stinger not to play got it it’s heading a bit right all right we’ve got a chance none of
those found the green you Brody needed that so we need to stick one closed comment below if you’ve seen a tighter
tee shot Brody hit that well heading a bit left that literally might be the tightest tee
shot I’ve ever seen in golf it’s a crazy-cool hole shot wedge in hand but
it is tough to get it online those trees very distracting hopefully
me and Brody are up there with a birdie look what happened two of the trees
situation hit this tree right there and somehow cut it off the cream what is
crazy the craziest round of golf I’ve ever played do you believe your partner
that that was his actual shot no but it is a nitro what’s going on I feel like
someone’s throwing balls out of the woods I’m 15 yards deep again I mean are
you the only one playing yeah I’m the only they’ve taken my shot every time I
hit the ball so that should be a good sign Steven like carrying the team
that’s what he’s doing I make the putts he’s hitting the shots and that’s
basically just here and you know that’s a factual statement not trying to roast
Matt hopefully he can come to play on the last hole got it in any grave live great line yeah
you actually kind of see the line I’m gonna do right whatever you say hey you mind if I tap
Oh are they here pull Brody okay okay I see you wait right it No what is this no what we’re dropping
them right now baby let’s go we’re running today do you have a golf
are you kidding me right now get involved here what could I say we’re two
under the rain is literally right there but we’re not getting wet nothing
think about me Wow Oh rody what the flip is going on me and
Brody have no idea what’s going on garrets raining just bombs on us go go go Wow what’d they ask you how are
you just to say that you’re fine when you’re not really fine you just can’t oh we lost out of last where we’re going
to the last hole cuz we need to win a hole they won the match Garrett I don’t
know how you’re fighting I don’t understand it we took the dub we are
playing the last hole because it’s a really cool and we want to see you guys
watch us play this hole if I don’t watch you watch us we didn’t watch each other
play this hole how far what happened I wrote it well I did want to be long so
success but resolve the shot trash I won’t belly flop in that water if you
get this within 5 feet right now oh wow I’ll do it a little short right Darryl what club
you got here all right a little short Oh Maddy I lied at it I’m telling you
guys it’s an old he’s walking the lake yeah that is a really good shot Zach Radford here on the tee trying to
hit a little zipper first zippity-doo-dah day that’s good just
finish it by dunking it go in go in go oh it’s a little too late unfortunately
we did lose the match already on the last hole Stephon hitting shots into the
woods and kicking out onto the green yeah yeah they played well congrats to
them just playing this hole for a little bit of fun and wanted to show you the
hole because I thought it was pretty awesome hole thanks again to lightning
bug course really appreciate letting us come out here and film some of these fun
videos hope you all have enjoyed these videos and we go up here and see if we
can’t make a birdie pat this in the old tap tap-a-roo we’re walking up here this
one is me clothes that needs to go have you ever had luscious locks my hair when
I get along here just poops up the tops terrible it’s pretty good you’re not using a
putter so I’m not too worried about it he made it I will give that to him
gently we can’t be shut out of nine holes of no birdies that’s absolutely
insane I agree I mean we were over five on your channel
we’re over three currently alone I believe I came out here and play
one-handed I probably make two birdies by myself I I could agree yes yeah I’m
gonna go first all right I think this is pretty much straight in maybe a little
to the left yeah oh okay don’t think about that the whole
there was ever a time to make a putt that’s right now don’t get shut out
don’t get shut out no we got shut out so the rematch here from Brody’s Channel we
had a great match over there this rematch here the GM golf crew Matt
Steven Garrett did take home the victory Brody we didn’t make a birdie all day
know the only plan I made was off camera yes hope y’all enjoyed checking out the
lightning bug course such a fun little course here some epic little tee shots
had so much fun out here playing a little scrambled me and Brody against
the GM crew I’ll put all their socials down below check them out if y’all
enjoyed this kind of content toss a little thumbs up hope you enjoyed and
we’ll see you when we see you

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Dennis Veasley

100 thoughts on “Golf Scramble Match With Brodie Smith And GM Golf | Lightning Bug Golf Course”

  1. Garrett is a really talented golfer. If he was hitting ball after ball after ball on the range for 8 hours a day, he would have a real chance at the pros. not saying that he should do that, because his YouTube channel is awesome, it's just an opinion.

  2. Zac is a really nice guy but its tough to watch him with brodie and the gm boys. He just doesnt have enough character tonreally fit in well

  3. GM_golf bringing it! I think Steven needed that win. Great video…and feeling your pain Zac on the slow greens. I can’t roll the rock on shag carpet either.

  4. Romans 10:9-13 That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved. For with the heart man believeth unto righteousness; and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation. For the scripture saith, Whosoever believeth on him shall not be ashamed. For there is no difference between the Jew and the Greek: for the same Lord over all is rich unto all that call upon him. For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved.
    Time is running out!

  5. I tell you what I’ve been golfing sense 1990 golfed over 100 corses never seen a tighter tee than that one. Seen almost that tight. Can’t really tell how wide that opening is but we had one where I’m from in Ohio that was about 20 feet wide

  6. 2 thessalonians chapter 1 verse 9 who shall be punished with everlasting destruction from the presence of the lord and from the glory of his power

  7. the second at palm beach golf course in sydney australia is stupid i was a member here for my first year of golf, being a beginner helped with the nerves cause i diddnt know anybetter lol
    my dad got a hole in 1 on this hole

  8. I live in NE Ohio, and there are golf courses all over the place here. One now defunct course in Madison, OH was called Thunder Hill. It had a par 4 or 5 with a similarly insanely narrow tee shot, except that the gap in the trees was about a hundred yards away across a gorge(!). Thunder Hill remains the stuff of angry local legend, despite shutting down over a decade ago. It also was allegedly built on land that was previously a fish hatchery, causing the insane number of tiny water hazards and ponds that you didn’t see until you could not find your ball.

  9. "Guys, I'm telling you right now, I grew up playing slow greens. I know slow greens. I am………..slow greens."

    That had me rollllllling.

    Boom Garret Clark getting the job done that way, makin' the funnies.

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