okay you asked for it I got it it’s
right there we’re gonna check it out right now let’s
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we’ve got here today what is it let’s get into it okay what is this this
is the fairway pro so a lot of people asked me like different hitting mats
that I hit off of and what’s good what’s not well this company fairway pro I’m
gonna check this out right now this is it’s not a full hitting that but what
you do you take this wherever you go so it’s got a handle and what you do is you
flip this part up okay and I’ll demonstrate using my mat how you would
use this but this flips open okay and it goes underneath your hitting mat and
then you put your balls on here and as you hit this releases see that so it’s got a little give to it so it it
reacts more like your shots would in the fairway you would hit a shot and take a
divot and the grass would move just my initial thoughts pretty cool it’s really
well made I mean this is it’s not like it’s solid so I’m glad I’m glad they
were smart enough to put a handle on it I’ve hit off a million different style
mats this grass is it’s good stuff well the turf really good here’s the
thickness of it right there it’s nice I’m guess you could put a T in
here too I don’t know why you would do that but
you could uh so I’ll leave links below for this check it out but let’s uh let’s
hit on it and see see how it feels initial thoughts first two swings pretty
amazing feel just right off the bat it mean it releases and it’s shocking the
fact that it’s it moves that feels like a fairway are already I’m gonna do three
shots on my mat and then three on the other one and just do a side-by-side
comparison see which one feels better okay so on my mat now I have an older
Matt older style Matt and I definitely feel a shock vibration in my arms and my
wrists and I can really feel it personally because actually I’ve had a
couple of wrist surgeries here you see my scar
yeah she’s scar on my wrist actually it’s still broken as well so when I hit
a lot of balls that’s why I became mr. short game because hitting lots of
drivers as long as it starts hurting so I could do short shots it feels a lot
better but anyways ah long story so I can really feel in my wrist the
difference and I’m a lot more sensitive probably than most people which is good
so I figure it’s a good comparison because I feel my mat on my wrist and
the other one not so much honestly if it goes through I’m gonna go a couple more
and really dig down I don’t take it deep divot okay I really went down after those and
now I’m gonna do the same thing on my mat and see the difference okay there’s a reason I don’t take deep
divots and that’s this is why cuz of my personal issues with my wrist and on my
mat it really hurts so I don’t like that on the other one I mean I feel it but
not nearly as much so that was more my normal swing a little more shallow divot
a man it just glides right on through I’m I really like it this uh so far
really quickly the downside so far I see the bat mat it puffs up kind of in the
middle I gotta step on it to get the get it flat to the ball this will roll off
so uh that just might be a new issue because it’s brand new might break and
we’ll see how it goes but so far so good we’ll hit a bunch more shots see what
happens okay so here’s the deal fairway Pro I’ll
leave links below for their their website you could check them out if this
is something you’d be interested in it’s great if you hit off Matt’s a lot and
you’re not happy with you know it’s time to style of Matt you have to hit off of
this would be something perfect to take to the range and and really take care of
you know u-joints I feel a difference personally especially my wrist it’s
really well-made nice grippy kind of rubber back so it’ll hold firm on the
concrete if you’re hitting off that you’d do well in my grass it’s for
right-handed and left-handed players however with lefties you just have to
move this this comes all off and you put it on the other side okay because it
only it only releases in one direction and then there’s cleaning instructions
and how to keep it lubed up or if it gets dirty spray some stuff in there
wd-40 or whatnot directions are in the in the box it’s not a gimmicky product
it’s for somebody who’s going to the range a lot and hitting off Matt’s where
let’s say they’re not spending a lot of money on the mats they’re just throwing
you know junkie and Matt’s out there and you want to protect yourself a little
bit perfect little solution that’s my take I give it a thumbs up I think it’s
a good product I’m gonna use it here it’s not like I’m gonna just keep it off
my mat that’d be dumb I’m gonna hit off this and it didn’t jar loose fish like
it if I didn’t have to readjust it all the time he just came right back in
place so fairly pro give it a go well that rhymes fairway pro give it a go no
charge for that that’s those are on the house thanks for watching smash that
like button subscribe to the channel if you haven’t done so already I love you
guys we’ll see you next video you

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