but if you notice there’s a boost pad
like halfway up this thing there yeah what’s up guys and welcome to get good
gaming today we’re bringing you another beautiful episode of Dalton just like
you beautiful beautiful people that is right I’m ready
wins guess what we’re playing today folks golf it folks hot now give me my
wings oh the weather’s looking like we got a Cloudy with a Chance golf balls
back to you Matt we’re play I’m not said that that basically get the jump around
all over the place if you don’t you’re not gonna be successful therefore it is
a parkour map baby okay correct who is that I did it oh I’m so much better Wow
sparse to jump so you gotta jump over it oh you way over well I’m good
can I like this adding flavor oh oh wow jump I jump over it John I like the jump
man jump jump no crap I know it yeah well you can just jump off of it over
this are very rare the sauce you sucked this is great season pretty good oh boy
oh boy oh boy buy more stuff oh wait did I oh yes I’m doing it dad yes I got it
easy alright cleared that was close
nothing’s close in my book no is that that is not the counter for jumping to
really is it not jump so really yeah no you just don’t jump at all hey guys no
good oh this is their stall this course left wait wait yeah you may not go wrong course yeah I
made it in the wrong cars my dues you’re looking like it oh here we go here we go
tanner do not miss chance miss oh it was just like Harry Potter you know quit put
it your role with the snitch hang on got it
wow it’s nailed it holy cow you’re gonna be quick
dang it oh wait what’d I do there it is I think I got it oh did I
get off I got it I got it nice good job having for me please oh yeah you can
judge there this one’s got like double jumping or something like oh how did I
get the time what guys I broke the game I see that Danny your flow oh yeah I’m a
ninja cheeseball I’m not even sunny hard enough I need to send it harder no I did
some like an are you sad no no yes I keep breaking the game wait yes send
that bad boy I sent to sent it to the village
you send it to far you got a wind that bad boy back oh say you got send it
right in that last chance end stroke get there get there
oh one shot one opportunity it comes like that that’s something I ever wanted
but it’s okay close my first toy no I did it first right hold it straight up
into that giant metal thing do this on rate what yeah I got hole-in-one hold on
are you could have jumped me there no you can’t he would have had the head oh it’s like a budget either I’m
overdoing as my problem is see ya I’m gonna first try every time
you see this little takes too much skill tree far away four there you go oh we
made it dumped oh that’s gone short wait what do
you made it no I’m yeah oh we’re next hole thank you
press spacebar as often as possible that’s in holy no.1 maybe I don’t think
I made it I don’t forget there sherry oh there you
go tanning there you go yeah there you go nice good yo my score though 14 12
114 1 no you press it wait wait for it now wait you’re gonna break your
keyboard you just open up the windows tab or sauna help help me oh I got it
the cowboy if he knows there’s a boost pad like halfway up this thing there you know you wanna win a nice gesture cuddle
my ball oh we gotta jump over the wall I did
you guys cotton even jumping ya eyes those so folks on the Karl I’m scared
hit this one’s lost stop know how that works I didn’t stop rollin cutting you
know hahaha where’s the whole cars just a bullet I’m
just trying yeah their cars are bullying the trash tag stop abusing Paul’s golf
ball come on Paul you never gonna missus Oh par hi what
the heck easy stuff it faulted me all votes I was
in the water it he gave me 14 thank you Matt – he got hard I’m gonna send ya
remember you can bounce in the water now that’s what I’m gonna give me 14 what
would Harry Potter you are sending it I need you to not
send it I need to send it movie maybe receive it I thought that was it yeah
you must place dude did you know yeah when you’re making fun
of better than your forehead you rousted him got a hole-in-one pullin one dude
alright I press F instead of jumped just press f to pay respects everybody know
some s in the chat color you are Simon I’m going to do I’m not trying to send
it’s going for a defeat lies fire that’s supposed to be nice haha thank you
colors laughs again you really got that one looks like we have ourselves a
little ro sham die why are you doing eyes bar I’m winning a lot you think
we’re all always both saying oh yeah oh thank you thank you this ego you see it
all sounds big entertainers hair like you know
if you’re trying to get like claps try not roasting everyone roasted every
single person he wonders why he gets bullied because he never gasses anybody
else up you got a gas people up to get gas though cuz like he in total did
Paula and Tanner and insulting Tanner’s hairline insult my hair no one wants to
be excited for you it looks like a giant staircase but there’s like gaps or you
here for that I just do that that’s cool too that was cool
Oh Tanner you lost all your speed my love please please be in last place
yes secures this Victor oh there there is oh yeah can you say buckets bucketz
Thank You Vicky okay little guy go into that last hole yeah
lucky for you I’m afraid of spiders that was a perfect shot it doesn’t get any
better than that one that was crazy how do I make it I go see here’s where I
take the lead over Matt all right and I lost why didn’t nobody stop Matt’s win
guys I wanted him to win that because I like oh look that bye

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Dennis Veasley

100 thoughts on “Golf Parkour Challenge! | Golf It [Ep 16]”

  1. I love these videos! Pausing writing to watch this! (Oh and you guys have to play Until Dawn or something, but mute the swearing! It's such a fantastic game!) Love you all!

  2. I high-key fan girl every time I see Paul😍 but sadly I also ship him and Tanner but like I also like him😂 it's confusing, but anyways…. I love you Paullllll. And I love the rest of you too😂❤

  3. if you slow down the video you will notice there are words in the intro that say: matthiasiam, get good, battle universe, rekt, mayapapaya team edge, and im dead inside

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