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Dennis Veasley

68 thoughts on “Golf My Way – Ball Position”

  1. @swing…
    So your saying jack doesn't know what he's talking about? I mean, not like he's some pro or anything…

    (insert facepalm here)

  2. I think jack doesn't want tiger to break his record of 18 major lol … He's so wrong about this ball positioning hahahaha

  3. I think playing off the left heel only works, if you have a swing like his. He leans into his shots at attack…..

  4. yup, thanks to this video I lost my slice and stoped hitting thin and fat shots. Jack Nicklaus in my oppinion is the greatest to ever live.

  5. I wouldn't say he's really leaning he's kind of exagerating his weight shift, he turns his hips so fast that it looks like a lean buts it's a weight shift I started golf with a similar swing but lost the crazy left knee movement on the back swing but I still have that "lean" that your talking about. Anyway ball position really is just a prefrence in each golfer I do what jack does just cause I feel that the club hit's the bottom of it's ark at that point and it's natural for me.

  6. if you have the swing type left heel is the way to go. That's what I do, all the way to like a 7 iron because it works for me.

  7. Every time I speak of either of these two I have to take a second to reassure myself I'm using the correct name. As a weekend golfer it's so embarrassing to make that mistake.

  8. The ball position is relative to how well you use your legs and hips in the downswing, if your weight shift is sluggish you will find that a ball position more towards the middle of your stance will work better, however like Jack if you use your legs well in the downswing then yes just inside the left heel is perfect, only you can determine your own best ball position from practice.

  9. this is bad advice because 90% of golfers never get to their left side in the golf swing…if you shift your weight properly, yes playing off the left heel is fine…If you hang back on your right side all day, you need a ball position in the middle of your stance with just about every club including driver.

  10. Even though this vid looks like it was shot with a potato, this is the best damn golf instruction video I've watched on YT so far! Thanks ol' Jack!

  11. I've found that I can play the ball near the left heel with the irons as long as my grip is pretty weak. Otherwise, my clubface closes by the time the club reaches the ball and the shot is a hard hook left. Playing the ball more forward definitely allows you to keep your head behind the ball at impact, which is a solid fundamental. I have tried playing the ball more back in my stance (in an attempt to hit it lower) but I have to strengthen (turn my hands more clockwise on the shaft) my grip or the ball goes right, a straight push. I also have to tilt my head (Nicklaus' trademark chin swivel) to the right at address before I begin the takeaway. This movement keeps my head behind or at least on top of the ball into impact, even though the ball is played back in the stance farther, more in the middle. I think players like Nicklaus with a lot of lateral leg movement (toward the target on the downswing, causing the Reverse C finish) had to play the ball pretty forward, so they didn't move over the ball and block it or get stuck or the other bad things that happen when your head slides in front of the ball before impact. 

  12. I have heard the driver is the only club where the ball should be played off of the front foot heel. But Nicklaus is the greatest golfer who ever lived so…..

  13. this technique works fine if you're active with your lower body and aggressively get to your left side at impact. if you haven't mastered that yet, you'll find yourself topping the ball on every shot.

  14. Boy an oldie but goodie. Jack is Jack, we're all different and need to experiment with ball position. Furthermore Jack was a left heel lifter and that was good for him (obviously) but many of us do not lift our left heel. Then again depending on the shot you want to play, high draw low fade straight etc etc ball position can be changed . If I were to play my ball  where Jack was I'd be hitting high fades

  15. now i'm confused; i just watched a trevino video where he says to play the ball back in your stance with shorter irons, not off the left heel; but then again, he was a holder, held on longer through the hitting area; , whereas jack hit every shot so high

  16. for me, the only set up is this for consistent ball striking. Moving the right side through the ball gives the swing more torque and great ball flight as a result. I've spent about 1.5 years experimenting with setup and this is the ticket. Jack is the best golfer that ever lived so one has to consider his advice. It simplifies a lot of things.

  17. KISS principle and increasing your chances of making a good swing under pressure if you are always trying to replicate the same impact position via the same ball position. You can still shape the ball by closing or opening the stace a bit or control the height with a shallower or fuller follow through. Then practice practice practice.

  18. OK left heel for driver moving your right leg in as the club gets shorter making look like you are playing it in centre big jack wanted simple methods so he could concentrate on scoring he was the best winner but try it see if it works for you he did say in his book play around with ball position until you get correct position for your swing

  19. thanks jack after multiple lessons and instructors telling me to put the ball in the middle of my stance,and me telling them this isn't working for me and them telling me you just have to get used to it and hitting shanks all over the golf course, and wanting to go hide somewhere, I moved up the ball in my stance and oh my goodness 30yards longer with the driver and ,2clubs longer with the irons.

  20. I think for a lot of golfers, it's sort of the opposite of what Jack says. Their poor setup/posture affects their effective ball position. In other words, even if they have a consistent ball position just behind the front heel, the way they set up to the ball is so inconsistent that one time it's too far back, another too far forward, or in general it's not good for the particular club they're using.

  21. I don't play all my clubs off the inside of the left heel. I just play my driver from that position and gradually bring my ball position towards the centre of my feet as the club gets shorter. You would top alot of short irons playing them off the inside of the left heel.

  22. I love all these "ifs" and "buts" filled with excuses of why Tiger didn't surpass Jack. Tiger's situation was completely of his own making. But If you want to play the "if and but" game…
    If Ben Hogan's prime had not been interrupted by WW2 costing him at least 2 years worth of majors and "if" the left side of his body had not been severely damaged in that auto accident (also during his prime), and IF back then it wasn't such a time consuming expensive pain in the a$$ to play in the British Open such that Hogan had played more than just the one year that he won it, and if the time consuming ship travel to the Brittish Open didn't prevent playing in the PGA like it did back then, he would have won many more majors than either Jack or Tiger.

  23. Love you Jack! Your the greatest!!!!!!!!! I have been watching "JACK" on the golf channel and enjoy it very much. Golf is great!

  24. The greatest golfer of all time as well as one of the greatest men of all time. Just lived his life with class at all times.

  25. Un très Grand Maître ! , n'ayant pas les moyens de m'offrir les services d'un professeur car les tarifs hors de prix ! c'est à travers livre de Sir Jack Nicklaus, ainsi que ses vidéos que j'apprends à jouer au golf ! Un sincère et très grand merci !

  26. I will never forget following Jack all Sunday at the TPC in Michigan back in the mid 1990s. unfortunately lost in a playoff with JC Snead. best golfer in history of the game. I can tell my kids that I watched the great Jack Nicklaus in person

  27. I think this is right u r told in the modern game to have ball centre of stance with irons. that never feels right for me

  28. I see a lot of folks commenting on most teachers recommending the opposite of what Jack is recommending. Obviously, no one will ever be Jack N. or Ben Hogan, but I do think its important to test their methods at least.

    I think one issue with todays modern golf is the extra emphasis place on driving the ball far,. But if you consider, if you've played golf for any length of time, how hard is it to play Jacks conservative approach, where he'd play it safe most of the time to get close to the green and approach with a chip, rather than land on the green with a riskier shot (maybe a second shot on a par 4 or 5). When folks are trying to drive the ball 300 yards (or spend 90% of their practice on the driving range), they are definately not thinking about the most important and I think most over looked part of the game (especially among us amatures) the short game.

    Jack could sacrifice distance for accuracy because his short game was TOP NOTCH! I would trade a great short game for 330 yard drives any day. Chipping, getting out of the sand and putting well is the key top this game – once you posess a decent, and as Ben would say, a repeatable swing.

    As for the modern instruction contradicting Jack – If it works for you, go with that. But if not, ignore the instruction and listen to the all time great – it definately wont hurt .

  29. Now I’m totally lost. He is literally the ONLY person I have ever heard to give this advice, and he happens to be the greatest ever. Ugh, golf is a trap haha

  30. Jack waz the greatest golfer of all time, yet he swung the club differently than every good golfer today. He was the best, yet no one really emulates his swing. Maybe we're all wrong and he was right.

  31. It looks like at address he has his weight forward a bit. His back swing is quite vertical which is easier on the back. His forward swing is propelled by a strong push of his right (back) leg. Since his weight is forward in both his address and forward swing the impact position could easily be off the left heel. Most of the golfers including me, tend to unintentionally have the weight back which makes the impact position more toward the middle of the stance. I can't argue with his results.

  32. I feel blessed that I got to watch you in your prime. The 1986 Masters had me in tears. A great person both on and off the course. The greatest of all time in my opinion👏

  33. It’s whatever works for your swing. I guarantee you jack could hit the ball well from any position. Most golfers don’t have jacks swing so proper position may be different for them. Great players don’t always make great instructors.

  34. Love Jack, and I pretty much play my standard shot off my left heel as he did (that was just one of a handful of the things I picked up from Jack when I started to learn to play decent golf), but I wish he would have mentioned that you also narrow your stance as you go down in club selection, which has the effect of making the ball position be closer to the middle of your stance the lower you go in your club (a 2.6 handicapper).

  35. Take note YouTube golf instructors. The GOAT should have the final say. No mention of multiple ball positions depending on the club.

  36. Classic case of pre track man/flight scope feel vs real….
    At that time jack could only tell people what he feels he does in the swing as he doesn't have the technology to point out what he feels is happening isn't always reality. This is why Imo a lot of the old golf instructions now look silly and wrong compared to modern technique and teaching.

  37. I am a player of golf and even when I happen to be at it for twenty years, I still had a tough time exceeding 90. 3-4 years back, I could not get an outstanding round but that was just before I read through the golf swing secrets “Jοmtοnο Naha” (Google it). My irons are not that great. I could handle driver properly but could only reach a limited range.. .

  38. Honestly this video is the best, Jack Nicklaus is the greatest teacher. Short, to the point and easy to understand. You don"t need to waste 20 minutes watching some guy ramble about ball positions. Well spent 3 minutes and 36 seconds

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