Hi there, today is Thursday and Thursday means
it’s your golf Quick Video Tip of the Day. It’s Linda Candy from Golf Mental Tips and
as usual here’s your weekly tip. Now today I want to speak about feeling anxious on the
golf course. Often golfers, when they’re anxious and it’s their turn to take a shot – what
do they do? They quicken their pace, they just want to get the shot over and done with
– whoop get it out of the way, move on! Actually that is the worst thing you could do, by quickening
your pace you’re actually going to make a mistake that you later regret. So here’s is
what I suggest you should do; if you’re feeling anxious when it is your turn to take the shot
– STOP, take a few deep breaths to calm down, then revisit the shot again with your focus
intact this time. You’re more than likely to make a better shot than you would have
done. OK that was your Quick Video Tip of the Day, if you liked it – come on guys give
me the thumbs up down there it makes me feel appreciated. See you next Thursday, bye for

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