That was really good that might actually get to the green Garrett here is kind of on a roll right now it’s a little scary when Garrett gets
on roles Oh did that hit the pen what is up hope you
are having a wonderful day we are out here at sunflower Hills with GM golf
Garrett Clark how’s it go right here we’re gonna do a little match it Garrett’s
home course we are gonna be playing the front nine out here at Sunflower Hills
little match one versus one today loser has to pay for a random strangers dinner
at Chipotle however I don’t condone gambling this is a friendly wager I’ll
be covering the loss no matter who loses in this match just thought it’d be fun
to treat someone to dinner that we have no idea who they are
so yeah onto the first tee Garrett any words before we tee off I’m excited to
get right into the action yes sir hole one about four hundred and thirty five
yards downwind simple par four straight away not really sure why I have a second
glove in my pocket but I’m in driver here very nice right there down the right
side should be just fine there’s a fun all right but that’s alright I hit that
one really really well alright guys that’s where my ball
actually ended up just on the front of the green I did not hit the right Club
Zack is there about 110 yards away folks they’re sure where this one’s headed oh
it looks like it’s right at the pen go in Oh almost made that shot I had just
over a hundred yards there lob wedge and hand for that shot hit it pretty good
take that for a first look at birdie on the first pretty good line there that is a par four for me what a putt
that’s a really good two-putt I’ll swear through one two pars for each of us
there on one on the number two par-5 playing about 500 yards from here let’s
let it fly so yes I’ve been on Zach Radford’s channel a few times have I hit
any good shots on this channel maybe not so today on hole two I’m gonna try to
hit a rise of stinger over these trees not really sure if it’s gonna happen
we’re gonna see well there that was actually not a bad
tee shot it ended up hitting one of these trees and kicking it back
I literally got 300 yards I can’t get it there but fulle sends only are we going
right through this gap right there yeah just left and then hit curving it around
I like it I was really good know is a really good shot
he’s up there chip and it looks like I know okay so back there at the beginning
of those trees that’s about 280 I wanted to correct myself I said 300 but I
really smoked that with no spin and we’re chipping to get up and down for
birdie pin hi sooner I mean yeah everybody knows really good
shot and walking up here there’s my ball right there about 25 30 feet and there’s
Garrett’s ball I don’t know if you can see it there on the fringe what a shot
from Garrett honestly that was ridiculous no he made it good roll up
take that is it tapping bird on number to make Garrett make another putt to
keep the match square I you know it’s good when you got to make birdie good
title that’s right Garrett is a putting it machine today how are you
420 hole three four nine twenty yards up the hill going a little to the right
downwind heading just a little right all right just in the rough right what a shot Wow hi guys that is about I don’t know a
hundred and ten yards away downwind also for wow that was a really good shot
and for anyone wondering that ball on the far right is actually Matt’s ball
he’s playing with us but chose to not me in the video a couple really good shots
here that’s mean there on the Left there’s Garrett marked with a tee both
pretty good looks at birdie we bit more than I thought that is a par four for me and Garrett is just on a roll that is to
under through three for Garrett Clark number four par 366 yard slightly
downhill down Brees just a little bit Garrett is on a roll to under through
three I am one down currently so I need to make some birdies apparently Jerry
showed up to play today looks pretty good just a little left of the pin yeah
a really good shot right there this is Garrett right there and I’ve got
a little bit more of a lengthy putt right about there go in Oh
and roll that is the 4:3 for me for a two and a
third birdie in a row he is just lighting it up today there’s
another pin slammer from Garrett Clark hi guys there’s a few lines you can take
on this hole you can either want to hit driver up and over the trees don’t
suggest it unless you’re just playing for fun right now we’re not playing for
fun this is go hard where you getting 3-wood just outright and try and get in
the fairway that’s what I’m going to try and do either ways decent play I mean
you can hit either shot 388 yards dogleg left Oh oh I love the aggressive play Wow
simmer a little bit but that should be okay we had to go for it we’re too down
went with driver hey guys not the best situation you could possibly be in but
we’re in play and guess what as I always say that’s literally all that matters little left hit that well I actually
should have taken it a bit further left about 60 yards left from here a little
short-sighted gonna have to toss it high oh we got Zach Radford she’s not super
short-sighted but it’s definitely gonna be a tough shot then once again that
ball that you see to the left is Matt’s ball and Matt is down there
that is the whole Blaine terrible birdies and really start changing some
things here out land it’s so soft I thought that was gonna be pretty good very nice Zach to finish out all right so it’s 201
under Zach Radford is one down to Garrett there get the job done out here
I know Matt sharks on the mic right the gameplay is fantastic right now the
game plays fantastic by these two Radford obviously just made a really
great par Garrett with the bogey here on hole 5 now ahead to hole 6 the toughest
hole on the course you’ve got OB left you got trees to the right it’s not a
very fun hole but these guys are gonna get the job done that way and hopefully
we see a couple more birdies rolling in through the rest of the nine yeah yeah
all right guys we have 40 minutes to finish the last four holes we got to
kind of speed golf these last few it’s well over 500 yards it’s the hardest
hole of course straight into the win you can’t miss left to right now the right side should be good
Garrett is about 280 yards out here little tree trouble landed just over
that bunker she’ll be pretty good Zach here from roughly 230 he’s got to go up
and over those bunkers that you see there the pin he’s got the floor iron
sorry for the camera shake this is Zach’s favorite Club once again speed
golf to finish it out here that was a tough lie that one went a little right
he’ll have a chip to get up and down a little short not too bad I’m right
here not the greatest shot a little right and then rolled down the hill
about 30 yards left to the pen all righty that’s a five I’m gonna give
it to them back here down the hill left-to-right putt gonna put it once
again with a pin in that breaks a lot Oh thought he made it
I’ll give that to you hey Gabbar number seven here par four four hundred
and twenty yards I’m gonna sting it I don’t know what Gary’s doing this left 125 yards here down the hill 54 degrees that’s a bad took off a little more
since a hit driver I’m guessing my ball went in somewhere up here I just went
ahead and took a drop there’s a tree directly in front of me you know what
they say trees are 90% air even though they’re really not I’m gonna give it a
go because it’s kind of all or nothing on this whole match play if I lose I
lose whatever I’m just gonna try and hit it up through this tree and he did just that and hit it really
really good Wow Oh that is a bar floor for me since Garrett
had to take his drop this is actually for as far as well this looks good go and it’s gonna be a
bogey five for work Darren that’s a long walk they’re all square
through seven I’m kind of choking back to 1-under
after being three under put down the last bar three whole eight 182 up the
hill I’m going seven or six I haven’t really decided that looks really really
good oh did I hit the pin how about those two shots right there
one of them landed there the other one just a little long
a couple birdie looks ahead I did not think that was gonna stop once
a guy going down the hill there’s a par 3 for me I did the same
thing far for Garrett on to nine number nine
match is all square 380 yards par 4 let’s see who’s gonna be buying someone
dinner stay there adding a little left should be okay all
right all right walking up to film Zack had to
take a little intermission here I’m like almost on the green with my driver so
the only I don’t do that but I’m very proud of my tee shot this is where it
ended up that’s where my duh that’s where my driver is I don’t know about
thirty yards short of the green and Zack is right back here
probably a wedge in his hand Wow Wow that was clutch folks almost put in Derek Clark for the tap-in
birdie to finish it to under 3,200 finish and Zack to tie it up to under
total not a bad nine holes for me there is it was big but – under – under that was
a really good match we’re gonna go to a little putt off to see who’s paying for
some stranger’s dinner all right so we’ve got the long putt for I don’t even
know what I’m saying nonetheless Garrett’s got to make it that’s about
all we can say folks it’s rolling down a Strickland right on down as the ball
gonna go in nobody quite knows he leaves it out a little left but the distance is
perfect and now Zach Zach is up he’s got a putt it looks like he went a little
bit farther that way that doesn’t look very good
Oh No left some meat on that bone folks that’s gonna be a tricky blood Garrett
to finish Garrett in with a solid – but Zeca
mini and has got a nice little raid he’s got to do here will he make the putt Wow I pick full – were gone from the
fairway with the with the putter yeah alright so playoff number two folks
apparently Garrard decided to go with the fairway route and play putting route
not sure what’s going on but nonetheless well that is not bueno folks yeah
Garrett’s got a good read I think a little light maybe Garrett not sure what
to say that looks really aggressive really aggressive that’s coming right
for me all right so they both left it way long
uh Garrett what are you doing alright now Zach Zach’s got to get a
good putt here got to leave it really close to the hole does he do that not
really he actually leaves it way short not a good putt Steve now Garrett
Garrett’s got to look at here he does a good putt I think he leaves it just in
front these guys are struggling putting wise and he just barely misses it
Garrett has now a nice read now he’s going to take his time because he wants
to make it and simple as pie two ball drops that
was a lot of fun did take to lost today I played decent two birdies no bogeys
dare played really well he had four birdies two bogeys now on to Chipotle to
buy some random stranger some dinner just pulling up here at the legends
we’re gonna go to Chipotle by someone some dinner yes they are wearing
matching robach shirts sir there’s absolutely nothing to those kind by your
dinner tonight and I buy your dinner there’s nothing to it
that’s fine alright whatever it is it’s on me
it’s not okay you okay I pretty whatever he’s getting is on me oh absolutely
for sure all right – for sure we just bought his banner hope y’all
enjoyed today’s video gary played some really good golf david
was pouring on the birdies I made a couple birdies just didn’t make any
bogeys and then he finished me off in the cutoff I didn’t have the greatest
performance in the putt off however he played really well congrats and then had
to go by some random strangers some dinner
he was very appreciative and enjoyed me having to do that so yeah that was a lot
of fun did that a Chipotle also wanted to thank you all so much for seven
thousand subs a lot of help from this guy really appreciate it but thank you
all so much hopefully y’all are enjoying the content we’re gonna try to keep the
videos rolling dare it any words for him honestly guys just appreciate you guys
watching all the videos glad I could go out there and play some decent golf it’s
been a while since I’ve played some real golf and you guys probably seen some
challenges recently but other than that thank you guys for watching also that
was an awesome match and also like just him doing that kind act and Chipotle’s
awesome you don’t see that every day and I’m sure that made that guy’s night and
just look like it made him really happy and made me happy watching that so that
was also a really cool way to top off the video and if you guys did enjoy that
part you know drop like whatever just I thought it was a fun video yeah I had a
lot of fun really hope you enjoyed and yeah I guess we’ll say you only say yeah
we’ll see you the time we say I was right you

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