oh nice! Hole-in-one! Nice! Ah it hit the pin! It hit the flag! I can’t believe it [Heavy metal rock music playing] I think this is our 13th year as Red
Fang you started in 2005 so and it’s been going same for dudes since then [Heavy rock music playing] golf it’s similar to wine maybe if you don’t
know anything about it or you’ve never experienced it kind of has a snobby
reputation rich white dudes and shitty pants one of my old bosses it was like
let’s go to around a pitch and putt at Edgefield and it was the best birthday
I’ve ever had hey there! How are you guys doing? do you guys drinks? you’re good? okay.
on drinks all right I’ll be back okay yeah I’m uh I’m a car tender so I just
drive around and sell beer everybody’s really laid-back here can’t be a bad day
drinking beer and hanging out you know it’s really hard to say like one type of
people that does that make this here Edgefield is kind of like they don’t
have rules they just want everyone to have fun so everybody’s very very
friendly get your drink but as a pro shop is the
bar literally all skill levels can come out here and play and you can suck and
get a hole-in-one and then there’s super good golfers that
come out here and get smoked none of it’s easy even though it’s short none of
it’s easy chipping and putnis one of the most important things and engulfs it’s
harder than it looks but it’s fun doesn’t matter beers golf is cheap it’s
all good was out here one day and everyone’s carrying their clubs trying
to juggle their beer or what have you and so I went home spent about three
weeks in the garage and came up with this golf – features art sticks in the
ground gambled cup holders so you never spill your beverage it’s the perfect
place for a person who doesn’t really play golf if there’s some pretty bad
players that never played golf before so I’ve always gone with people who are not
intimidating I don’t think I’ve ever even really kept score
like I say God way more followers than anywhere else no pun intended and you
know not good at all which makes it fun too because it’s hilarious to watch each
other fail it’s fun especially when you
actually connect yeah much better yeah that’s on the green yeah very nice
golf is rad you back the shit out of that thing holy
cow and there’s a drink cart that comes around it’s like I didn’t you’re hanging
out with your friends it’s gonna help the game I like just the being outdoors
part of it it’s just kind of almost a Zen kind of thing I think it can be
anyway ignore everything except you and the whole that’s my shit that’s great that’s gonna work you
got that was a very nice awesome I guess I won good game good game good game
pretty much nailed it yeah that was great any kind of activity
that you can get together with your buds and have some friendly competition and
drink some beers it’s fun did you have fun yeah and we did awesome yeah yeah it
was good it’s a good time you

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Dennis Veasley

17 thoughts on “Golf Lives Home Course: Edgefield Golf Course”

  1. And that's the reason to play golf. Good times with good friends. And sometimes a stranger on the 1st hole is your friend on the 18th.

  2. Just watched this as an ad, and it put a big ol smile on my face, just wanted to let you guys know. We’re definitely going to visit.

  3. Any plans for the golf tube online. It looks PVC based and I'm sure I can muddle through but I'd like to take advantage of his R&D.

  4. I love how this is so low key golf but still enjoyable! Keep up the great work callaway! need to get back to portland to play this course again.

  5. I love golfing its my passion now yes love the pro shop..🇺🇸 oh yes and a little cusing it happens when u loose a ball or too..all in fun golf is rad..after a game go have lunch..

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