hi my name’s Paul Wilson on the creator
of swing machine golf and the director of the Paul Wilson golf school at
Bear’s Best Las Vegas in this tip i wanna talk about golf lessons being just like any other sport that you play so a lot of people are trying to learn
this game just to pick it up for the first first time in their life and i just had
a wire the ball as hard as they can and that sort of thing so they never
really improve then you’ve got people that for the play
for a long long period of time maybe twenty years thirty years and they’re just spinning their wheels as their as their ada going out and
practicing and you know that playing a lot just they never seem to get you better so what i want to be today is get you to understand picked golf is
just like any other sport cdm agin in other sports when you go to
play uh other sports work even let’s say
throw a ball what you would do in this process is he
would incorporate three elements in the movement so what those elements are are circular
rotation of your body you’d have a few minutes late this and you would do that movement on an
angle so as uh… just so that you understand it if i was going to throw this ball i would golf lessons turn my body in a circular motion data through make destroying motion my
arm still way back here i haven’t got my kids patrol bal that’s basically what you’re
doing if you’re just watching the gulf off you wanna be using your body so you throw a ball with your body gonna make the move with her body
there’s a hinge in your wrist which creates the whipping action and then you do it on an angle which is ninety degrees to the ground base if i throw this ball my body moves first and my arm comes with a long to generate the speed i was gonna play baseball day i’d be
here i’d be ready to go pitch comes at me
turned my body i created hinge and i do it on an angle whatever angle the pictures coming in at funded by ten s i’m not a tennis player in all but i know if i threw a ball up like
that i would turn my body i’d have to hinge and i do it on a ankle case of those are the same three
elements we want to incorporate in our golf swing we want to create circular rotation of
our bodies we want to have a hinge at sarra wrists we want to do it on a angle which is are
spine angle throughout our golf swing so a lot of time when people are trying
to hit the golf ball seem to get the results thereafter they
feel like they’re hitting very hard and that sort of thing and and players i
was saying earlier they never seem to get any better why that is is because golf is the only game with the ball stationary so soon as you put a stationary object
in front of someone there’s a little thing called human nature is affecting ability golf lessons to hit that golf ball so what it’s
saying right now is it saying that you the harder you hit
that object the farther it’s gonna go it’s also saying the longer you go back the farther it’s going to go it’s also saying that you want to be
comfortable over top of this fall you want to be in balance as you’re
hitting this long so all of those things combined is
getting you in a situation where you get the golf club to the top
of the facts lang and you never load properly so you don’t break away
from the ball you stay right over top of the ball okay so you’re in a position like this whereas in every other sport you would have gone over here in that process he would be loading onto
this back a leg that gets the legs and hits active for ready to make the move in those other sports in golf we have to tell ourselves to did
make this move that’s because of human nature and the
ball any stationary position so if you watch you know any beginning golfer you’ll see
that they will never make this move over here they will always just picked the ball
club up in st right over top of the ball doing what’s called a reverse pivot or a reverse way chia so they’re in a position where they’re
here now there’s no way over here who waits
on the wrong leg at the wrong time the body isn’t in a position to be used
properly you’re going to use your hands and arms
to hit the ball party you get tighter you get more over top over the top the club
becomes the more you’re gonna buckle your arms more open the face is gonna be
calm and it just becomes a complete disaster
that point what you want to do is you want to be telling yourself move your head and a load into the back leg you have to
break free of human nature k human nature wants you to stay here you
want to go over here took in our golf swing we’re gonna be
moving our head also when you do that can move over here human nature wanted you to stay in
balance and this is in balance over top of his ball this feels very out of balance if you keep doing it for a while you’re gonna feel in ballots because he
feels okay after you do it for a lot also human nature is saying from right here you want to be moving over here is definitely not
comfortable until again you’ve done it quite a few
times golf lessons so if you make this move back into the
back leg and keep doing it skin feel weird at first you’ll realize that now you’re in a position figurine in other sports that you play so now you’re gonna be in a position to
use your legs and hips to hit the golf ball as opposed to just your hands and arms and in the final one was that long back slang you know you can still do a long back
swing from in this position here so just realize that we don’t need a big along slang to hit the golf ball if you do along the
slang you could be in a position where you
start moving back here and start loading but then when you get along fine that
holes you write back over top of all again and now you’re using your hands and arms okay so this death is about breaking free a few of human nature breaking free of this golf ball wanting to stay over top of it which is picking up not the way to do it you’re not going to be
a d_n_a_ good decision to generate power like he would in other
sports so we want to break away from a ball we
want to see you are head move back here and we want to load into this backlash and i’d know there’s people out there
that say to keep your head did still skeet the weight over on the forward leg the problem is you don’t play any other
sport like that how are you going to load your lower body moving if your head doesn’t know so you’re gonna be in a position where
your body’s not moving your whole body is going to be tilted
the wrong way so from right here how are you going to
hit the ball straight okay you would have to go this way so
now you’re moving sideways instead of moving in a circular motion like you would do impending other sport so as much as you think the keeping your head in everything
stable over top of that ball is the way to do it you would never play any other
sport like that golf is no exception golf is a sport and it incorporates the same three
elements so in our sign we want to be moving over here and loading we want to use our lower body to hit the
ball we want to keep our rates may salutes is
the looseness of the risk that creates the whipping action try throwing a ball with your armor or
andreas all locked up ok block your wrist like this and throw a ball you can do it peek a boo very well okay so we want to keep our resume some
lives and then of course we want to maintain
her spine angle throughout our golf swing and that’ll
come by not trying to get golf ball as hard as you can trying to hit hard you know one look to see what you hit so you’ll come out
of it and he might topple so slow down a
little bit understand the movement return rover
here load marin onload over here on to the other
leg keeping the arms interest my son relaxed and that’ll create the whipping action that’s found in a better golf swank in every other sport okay hopefully you understand it for
today golf lessons uh… sport so we want to do incorporate the same
elements found in other sports if you do you really will take your game to a
whole new level b she asked questions post your comments below try to get to as many as a

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Dennis Veasley

37 thoughts on “Golf Lessons – How The Golf Swing Works”

  1. Great insight. I have incorporated a lot from what you have said but still can't get off my right side satisfactorily. If I ever get out there I would love to take a lesson. Untill then thanks for the videos.

  2. Great tips on weight shifting! I've been watching your videos for a week now and it has helped me tremendously on getting more distance. I do have some problems with keeping the arms light though, as i tend to cross the line at the top of my backswing. Any tips on what to do after getting to the halfway point of the backswing? I really need help on getting my clubface square at the top.

  3. can you place your weight on your left side WITH spine angle tilt away and turn around that tilted spine without transfering weight to your right side? I don't believe everyone should load to their rear leg. If you are better balanced on your front side, wouldn't your keep the weight on that leg and turn around the spine angle?

  4. Great video. In one of you other videos you talk about your left arm breaking. I have the same problem and have tried everything not to break it. A guy I took lessons from says it critical that i don't. I'm so confused.

  5. Hours have been spent on the course with multiple players, by me.
    I always tried to "join along" with other players just to get different views.
    It worked somewhat and got me okay at golf, but not consistent.
    After watching this video, I watched every other, many times.
    It's the "light switch" effect for me. I understand golf a lot more now.
    You relate your methods to more common things, simplifying it, that is where your videos have succeeded so well. Thank you.

  6. Interesting take…haven't heard it put like this before. Makes sense though; coming from years of playing baseball. Gonna try this today on the driving range!

  7. I'm a lefty and creating a mirror image of your lessons have help me to understand the swing a lot better.

  8. good tips that makes a ton of sense. only thing is am i the only one who notcied the captions are messed up not a big deal just thought i would let you know.

  9. Paul, In my language, the word "Guru" can mean "God", "Master" or "Teacher". Today I have decided to call you My Guru – yours are the undoubtedly the Best Videos on Golf. Cant wait to take it out on the course. Bless you Sire

  10. Thank you for your videos. They helped a ton this summer as I am a beginner. My question is no one ever taught me to play as I pretty much taught myself using these videos, others helping me. Should I pay for golfing lessons?

  11. I took your recommendations to the range today and was pleasantly surprised at how well and long I hit the ball. I felt much more relaxed with a loose grip than a tight one. Thank you for your great videos.

  12. I am a high handicapper restarting the game. Its been 15 years since I played last. At 69, I find that your teaching comments about loosening the writs, loosening the arms before hitting and then an nice easy swing has given me a whole new game. Many of your teaching tips have helped me enjoy the game much more. As I incorporate them into my practice I look forward to learning more from you.

    This week I have started practicing hitting left handed. As a kid I was left handed until the nuns wrapped my hand so hard and enough times that I became a right hander. Your comments of hitting with a loose and easy swing helped me work with half swings with very straight hits and not much hitting behind the ball into the ground or above in to the top of the ball. Thank you so much for taking the time to share will all of us.
    Joel in Las Vegas.

  13. .Agree! Why isn’t this taught to everyone taking up the game. And I began in 1964.😢😢😢!! Great stuff Paul.

  14. I hope you are a young person LEARNING this. I’m 76 . Gee I wish I had had this info at your age. Don’t jump around . Stick with this forever….and ENJOY.

  15. At 4:52 a reverse pivot is fine as long as you stay on your front foot on downswing. Ben Hogan did this and the basis for Stack and Tilt.

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