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Dennis Veasley


  1. Looking forward to trying this. The results highlighted in this video are key weaknesses in my game.. Lets see.

  2. I have been hooking and slicing over the last few months , tried different YouTube vids no real success , until I lucky found your channel yesterday

  3. Thank you for the drill. It sure has helped my game immensely! To describe how it changed, I was only able to achive 50-60 yards with a pitching wedge. I shoot about 110-120 yards as long as I have my lower body stable and not lift up causing skulled shots! As a hockey player taking up golf, it hasn't been an easy road for me with golf until I was able to put the slapshot and golf swing together. David Leadbetter, quite a gentleman in his teachings, as well. Thank you!

  4. Did this yesterday at the course and I was hitting my irons way better and got at least 15 yrd more on every iron I used! Great video

  5. Great drill, however, I am finding I am not getting off my right side for efficient "follow through." Any tips? Really enjoy your program of instruction!

  6. I've always hit the ball high. As I've gotten older problem is worse. I'm very wide in build and I learned yesterday that narrowing the triangle of my arms makes this drill easier and prevents the dreaded hook. It lowered my trajectory a bit and improved my divots. Going to try this again today and work on consistency. Love your no non-sense approach.

  7. Golf is an addiction in it's own right but your video are making it a double doze of it. If in next month I shall get my Golf Teacher Certificate, I shall remember you in my comments. As I always remember Gary McCord who exlpained and introduced Great Game of Golf to me. Thank You Sir.

  8. I'm having a hard time understanding a little bit on this concept, because I've tried delofting the higher clubs and the ball does not get good height to land on the greens. If you're delofting the higher irons that much, won't it technically hit the ball with the same distance and height as the the lower irons that you don't deloft as much? How can i get a good height on my shots while delofting, and, therefore, hitting the ball farther? Thanks!

  9. I love all your videos! you have helped me a great deal. My instructor calls this "covering the ball". Something i cant figure out. What specific anatomic part of right hand takes the hit and feels the impact. I was told once the bottom of index finger, but then someone told me the palm, or the bottom joint of index finger???? I would love to ask an expert this. I cant thank you enough for your videos!!!

  10. I actually tried this drill when I was on my last 5 balls using my 58*. My half swing improved from 50 to 130 yards and I was swinging easy. Hard to believe but it's true. I will try it on my other clubs. Btw, will this drill work on a driver as well?

  11. You're suggesting a stronger grip, closed face say etc.. but you've not mentioned something: wrists. My wrists are so loose that I'll always have my club head pass the hands out. I think you should address this aspect of how early release kills lag.. I know most golfers need to loose their wrists up, but I thought I'd mention. Cheers.

  12. Honestly I've never heard anyone explain the club in front of you turn it down and hands forward. i might try this out because its a simple drill. good work!

  13. Adam, I love the idea. My concern is that most coaches insist on very "loose" wrist movement. I've followed Paul Watson a bit and his loose wrist style has helped me but I'm definitely losing distance. What's your take on the loose wrist theory?

  14. For some reason when I try these types of drills I start shanking the ball off the hozzel a lot. Any idea why or what I can do to prevent that from happening?

  15. At last! a video tip that i can understand..great video, great clear precise instruction! Had a few practice swings in the garden..it works! can't wait to get out on the course! Many thanks!

  16. That’s gotta be the first time I’m had an advert for the same channel that I’m waiting to watch.

  17. I am strungling with saving glove in practicing bowing the left wrist; problem is pressue b/w the fingers with the handle is not stable.. Any suggestions? Thnks a lot!

  18. I’m trying to get back into golf after an 11 year hiatus. Doing well on the driver, still struggling with my irons.

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