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Dennis Veasley


  1. Thanks for all your golf videos. These are the best that I've seen in virtually all regards. Good length, connecting to students with a variety of analogies and examples, great technical audio and video quality–everything comes together for efficient and effective communication. Just think–you're making thousands of people enjoy the game more and probably taking thousands of total strokes off golf rounds all over the world every day! 😎

  2. Have been forgetting practice swings…good reminder to do that as a part of ball address.

  3. Thanks Adam. I was going to the driving range today and this really helped me. I was hitting it downwards like you said and I will try this technique.

  4. Great video, I am frustrated that I don't know what it's like to hit a golf ball from inside as I late release. I can't keep my club head inside my hands on the downswing. Do you have a drill/video I can review. Thanks in advance! Happy 4th! 👍

  5. Great video as ever.so easy to understand. No magic wand, practice and finding your own way. It works for me.

  6. Well said Adam that's my problem getting too tight on the down swing resulting in week shots that are high and way wright, slice.

  7. I have to say that these are the best tutorials I've seen, Adam explains what he wants to put across in a way I find easy to repeat on the range and then the course. My ball striking has improved and my mental approach is much better, as I am confident in my own ability.

  8. Thank you so much for sending me your recommended drill to help me with my question! I will keep you posted. I like being one of your subscribers! Cheers!

  9. Love the videos Adam. Really helpful and things are explained so much better than a lot of other instructors I've watched. Keep them coming cheers

  10. Great video as always. I was just thinking about this topic the other day while playing and you've given me some things to think about. Keep up the great work!

  11. Great video, I tried this and felt a whip-like sensation to get the swoosh on release of the hinge in my wrists. Exactly when should I release the hinge in my wrists?

  12. Who could not like this video? Perhaps someone who has a slight learning disability…All of your videos are excellent Adam, keep on doing these videos. Thanks so much!!!

  13. Agree with the guy below.  You certainly addressed one of my main problems with this video…I try to swing to hard.  Will go out right now and work on your suggestions!

  14. These videos have helped my golf game so much. I shot my personal best 40 using some tips from the videos. Keep up the great work

  15. Adam, I enjoy your videos. You have a way of teaching that is remarkable. Very easy to understand. Thank you for your advice. I look forward to viewing your videos when they come out. This one was right in line with what I am working on.

  16. So much great advise in a short video. You are really helping my game, still a long way to go though😀

  17. Thanks for those excellent tips, I'm working hard to improve my driving the ball with my 10.5 driver i hit my 3 wood farther and more consistent, but i'll keep doing those drills.

  18. been trying to get rid of the HIT when playing the actual shot. practice swings are great, nothing like when over the ball. I think I need psychological help

  19. I've emailed you with this sentiment before, but dang, Adam, sometimes I swear you've watched my game and make these videos just for me. This one was one that I needed. Thanks, as always. – SCA full member

  20. They all have back problems and other PGA golf players also have back problems, sir wanna mess your back up or destroy your back then golf is for you whoever wants to play golf and mess up their back keep doing this back pain technique. And keep playing Golf every single day golf is not an everyday sport.

  21. what an annoying guy.How many times does he say, "We will get into that later" and he never does. Likes the sound of his own voice

  22. Adam,

    Great advice and very understandable! My biggest forever mistake is swinging too hard , starting the down swing before finishing the takeaway. Monday 3 over par, Wed 94,yikes! My driver is good have more issues with shorter irons full swing.
    I go to FT Myers every March. Do you offer lessons?

    Best regards,

  23. Great content Adam!Keep up the amazing work.You have helped my game so much, and I can now help pass some of that knowledge onto my son!Thanks from Simon and son Teo at The Sands GC, Australia.

  24. Adam, I have been viewing golf videos in the search of improving my, late start, to golf (age 75). I find your videos to be very easy to understand; appreciate the simple but effective techniques you convey. Many thanks.

  25. hey love your videos and ive been watching nonstop (im an average golfer given my broken shoulder cuz the bones are overlapped on my top left shoulder about 2 inches down from the socket) and i still lead with my hips before hitting the ball any tips on how to stop doing that? i always slice with my driver but my irons i hit them perfect to the point where i use them on a par 5 mostly unless its a dogleg right then i use my driver and use the slice to my advantage lol but any tips i would love to hear thanks and have and amazing as you are day.

  26. I really enjoyed watching your videos. They have helped me a lot in improving my game. I also must say the courses where these videos were made just looked superbly beautiful!

  27. Your swing is effortless. mentality and the knd of person you are I guess plays a big part in how you swing. I feel I'm not a relaxed enough person to swing that easy. I want to hit it more. Tiger could never swing as easy as Ernie els he wants to muscle it more. so personality plays a big part in how u swing the club

  28. Great video's and so much honest details given too us GOLFERS! But I was wondering if you have any advice for some of us golfers out here who put others first -ie – rushing shots as the group behind us are pushing our group, resulting in duffing one's shot/s, golfer on the fairway/s am playing on and they just stands in my way waiting for me to play, not standing aside, but one is aware they are there and that I could hit one of them!
    This has always been my down fall and I can't keep focused on my golf swing and am sure there are many golfers out there who have this same problem, it would be great too shut them out of one's mind when playing one's shot as some viewers would think this would be easy, but we are who we are and are so aware of being considerate for others! You can't change who you are, but am sure you could give a little light on this subject in how too shut this out of one's mind when playing a shot? My buddies don't find this being a problem too them as they do not care if they are holding other golfers back or if they hit other golfers that are on the fairway that they are playing on! I wish I could be like them, but I can't change who I am! HELP!

  29. Hey Adam! Love your videos! They've been a great help for me this season in Saskatchewan, Canada; it's a short one here! Do you have any ideas as to what kind of drills an individual can do during the winter that don't involve hitting a golf ball? Just so when Spring comes, its not like I'm starting over all again. Thanks!

  30. This Effortless Power video describes every incorrect effort I've been making to increase my power and swing speed through impact.  It's the 1st time anyone has ever explained how to control my swing speed, grip and wrist action, from the top of my backswing to impact.  I can now see how I've been over doing my body rotation and coming over the top of the ball and swinging from outside to in.  

    The comment about transferring energy from the handle at the top of the backswing, down the shaft to the club head at impact is a real gem!  Also, no one has ever talked about the importance of "decelerating the body through the swing.  Thank you so much for posting this.  I'm headed to the range to practice this technique.

  31. Mr. Bazelgette I have my daughter (16) working on these motions. What would you recommend for a proper driver length for a 16 year old?

  32. Nice presentation. I have to disagree though with where the clubhead swishing sound should happen in a practice swing without a ball. Logic says it should be at the imaginary ball but in reality, in a great swing, it happens well past the ball. It's true that in an actual swing , when hitting a real ball, the clubhead reaches max speed just prior to impact, but that's because the collision slows the clubhead down as it transfers energy to the ball. The golfer however should strive to accelerate the clubhead through the ball. Any "thought" or conscious effort to decelerate at ANY time in the downswing is a swing wrecker. It's called early release. Full release happens when both arms are straight in the downswing and in a good golf swing that happens only in ONE location and it's when the clubhead is well past the ball. Yes it's actually about 2 feet past the ball. So , when turning the shaft around and swinging from the head end through the air without a ball, max swish should come about 2 feet past the imaginary ball. If it comes earlier you are early releasing. Something we all are good at 🙂
    BTW when doing the reverse shafted air ball swing, try it one handed with the right arm only. Then one handed with the left arm only. The left arm only method is a pulling method (ake swinging method). The right arm only method is a pushing method (aka hitting method).
    Find which method feels more natural for you then use it in your real 2 handed swing.
    Pull or push. Pick your poison. If you pull, never stop pulling. If you push, never stop pushing, until, in either method, the clubhead comes to rest all on its own as the shaft wraps itself around your neck and you look like Adam Scott at the finish or that LPGA logo .

  33. My hips tend to be overactive and I spin out a lot, especially as I strive for more clubhead speed. How do you manage that with your students? Video on that would be great. Thanks

  34. tonight i just started swinging fully again. i'm relearning after not playing for a while. this video is very helpful. i was attacking the ball.

  35. Adam, I was asked once…why are you so aggressive with your swing? Love this video and it explains so much about my swing. Can't wait to try your lessons. Thank you!!!!!!!!

  36. Who in their right mind is disliking these videos of yours? Honestly, you have some of the most sound advice I've seen on YouTube and there's plenty of it.

  37. Just went 39/43 yesterday for an 82 on a course that used to eat my lunch. These vids have helped tremendously. If I'm struggling with something out there, I just take a break and pull up an appropriate video on my phone!

  38. You are one of my favorite instructors on youtube. People might have missed the deceleration part, and to me this is very important technique to release the club properly. You could break this video into 2 or 3 segments in my opinion. Anyway, we
    ell done…very valuable advice!

  39. Man golf is hard. I figured out my backswing to keep my club face square at impact but now I’m trying to figure out how to keep loose and fluid to create enough power

  40. that's great that you have a "smooth swing" at 8:09. what club? how far did ball go? tiger's swing isn't very "fluid"…he puts a LOT of energy in, and the result is clear. Couple's and that aussie are the only pretty long hitters who don't look like they are killing it. daly? pffft.

  41. Great video, thank you for sharing your wealth of knowledge with us everyday want to be better golfers.

  42. This guy Adam knows his stuff from start to finish he is focused on the subject I have watched others on the tube and they waffle on buy the time the video is finished I think they forgot what they were on about wish I could afford a few lessons with him thanks Adam brilliant

  43. "Less effort wasted" as opposed to effortless. Sorry, I'm a physics professor who dabbles in the Physics of Sports.

  44. I can't even describe what an epiphany this has been for me. I've been struggling with a bad back this season and it's really limited my practice and playing time. As a result, when I do get to play I've been hitting the ball extremely poorly and inconsistently. I've even considered setting down the clubs for a while then I watched this video. I've played golf for more than 30 years and this has been my worst ball striking ever.  I realized in my desire to hit the ball better, I've just been swinging harder. To no ones surprise, it hasn't worked. You'd think that after 30 years these things don't happen but alas, it took this video to wake me up.

    I've always been a big strong guy, growing up on a farm does that, so the desire to swing hard was cemented in.

     I went to the range last week after watching this video and the results were instantaneous and nothing short of incredible. On Tuesday I was hitting pure 4 irons again and I honestly can't remember when I've struck a 4 iron that well.

    Thank you Adam, you've created a follower out of me.

  45. Spot on always Adam, the key is effortless power and not those forced golf swings that lead to more swing issues. You'll explained it perfectly. Cheers

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