Hey guys in today’s video We’re going to talk about matching the grip you have with wrist conditions through your swing Based on what grip you have? Do you need to adjust wrist conditions? And how do you do that? So stay tuned I’m gonna go through all that Alright guys, so let’s talk about matching the grip you have with wrist conditions in your swing so the short version of this what I’d not sure might be a longer video is just to tell you guys that There’s no such thing as perfect wrist conditions through the swing For everyone meaning how you put your hands on the club whether they be in what we would term a weaker position Normal grip or stronger grip not only change your risk conditions immediately in terms of how they sit on the club But also change what you need to do through the swing mostly to manage the club face So let’s dig into that a little bit and talk about what that means. Let’s start with a neutral grip position. So a neutral grip To me means kind of both the v’s you have on your hands are somewhere between your chin and your right shoulder It’s not meant to be a grip video just as a that’s what I’m talking about here neutral grip if I have a neutral grip Throughout my swing that would mean I can have neutral wrist conditions Okay, so when I set my hands on the club my left wrist with a neutral grip will be slightly extended There’s a slight cup to it and my right wrist when I put it on there is virtually flat so slight cup and flat now As you guys know, that’s not the impact condition I want but that’s a neutral starting position So if I have a neutral grip pattern with the v’s just between my chin and my right shoulder When I do my takeaway pieces with neutral wrist conditions Which would be flat left wrist slightly bent right wrist my clubface Then is squared during my takeaway its square at the top of my swing square coming down and square on the way through That would require a lead wrist flat right wrist slightly bent back and just a normal amount of supination If I do the same thing from this angle normal grip for me to get here, which is slightly toe down Which I want my lead wrist is just flat my right wrist bent back again flat slightly bent back flat slightly bent back in there That would be how I would do with neutral wrist conditions Now if I start to go more towards a weak grip or strong grip some things change Let’s start with a weak grip weak grip I’m saying you take your hands and you’re rotating them counterclockwise So your left hand? Heel pad still on top your left hand would be more in this position Which the back of my hand is more towards the target The V is kind of more towards my chin or even left of my chin When I put my left hand like that in a weaker position You’ll see the the cup or the extension is out of my wrist and my wrist is already preset essentially flat Also as that changes my forearm rotation changes a little bit So here’s my normal grip had to have a little bit more for more teaching Here’s my weaker grip less forearm rotation something to keep in mind in a minute My right hand grip with the weak grip basically doesn’t change much is essentially the same deal but because my left wrist is already flat at address and What that’s going to do to my clubface in swing if I did nothing different the weaker grip Wants to make my clubface point more open meaning if I got my hands and everything back to the same position I did before With the normal grip my clubface would be too open Okay, so my Kofi’s would be more pointed to the right if I had the same delivery as a normal CREP So with that I need to do something to square the face And essentially the first thing I would do would be look at lead wrist flexion meaning If I took my normal setup wheat grip if I went back and did my normal takeaway with the other way now My clubface isn’t so they tilted down now It’s toe up for me to get my clubface slightly tilted down which I would call normal. I’m fifteen thirty degrees I now need to bow flat and flex Whatever my left wrist get my back of my left wrist more towards the ground my right palm more towards the ground right away During the backswing right away doing the takeaway I also now need to bow my left wrist flatten it bend my right wrist back more to have my clubface square at the top The same thing applies coming down I really feel like I’m cranking that thing down just to get my club face normals because my rip my lead wrist ism is weak right so there and then at impact I Need to really have it bowed and in the second part two is I need to add a little bit more form rotation or supination there, so That’s a long way for me to tell you If you have a weak left grip, you need to bow your left wrist more and you need to supinate your left arm more But I could have just said that bow your left wrist more and supinate more if you have a weaker grip pattern Okay Now the opposite is true if I have a very strong grip so a very strong grip would look like this My left wrist is very extended. My lead wrist and whole arm is turned more. My right hand is even pass fly It’s even bent this way here. Like I’m doing a little forearm curl here and that has my clubface square now If I did the same take away pieces where I bowed everything now Look at my club face turned way down towards the ground same risk conditions Flat look at my club face. They’re way way away shot now Are there some people who can do that like a Dustin Johnson and turn enough inside been enough? Yes They can you watching it and me probably not gonna get away with that. That’s probably gonna be Submission if you can cool, that’s fine the point being if you bow your left wrist and your grip is really strong You’re gonna probably have the clubface too tilted down during the downswing Which is going to lead to some dynamic loft and face the path issues, okay? so again Can you play with it tilted that far down you can but you’ve got to do some things with the handle to make that work? Right and my release pattern if I have a super strong grip as I get down into here Here’s what my wrists need to look like now for the face to be square you’ll notice my left arm has almost no lead arm supination my back of my left hands pointed more towards you and I’m flat not vote at all on the faces already square So with a stronger grip, I now don’t need to bow my left wrist at all I can even get away with a slight cup or extension and I don’t need lead arm supination nearly as much with that That’s sort of what you need to get from this If you have a normal grip you want pretty flat with the left wrist. You want pretty normal with the right wrist You want a normal amount of supination? Whatever that is if I have a weaker grip I need to bow my left wrist more then my right wrist back more. I need more supination just to square the face Here’s a weak grip, right. I need to if I don’t do anything if I had a weak grip, right? Here’s my release pattern when I had a stronger grip now look at the clubface there It’s exactly what I did here when I had a stronger grip and now that clubface is pointed way to the right How do I square that up? well
I would flex my lead wrist and I would supernate my arm and now all of a sudden there it is You see that here’s week with a strong grip release. Now. I bow my lead wrist, right? I’m bowing that here and I’m adding some soap nation and there’s my face is square. So that’s sort of how that matches up so, I hope that that Makes sense. I don’t think that should be confusing for you guys. That’s sort of the basics They’re stronger grip you can cup not as much rotation weaker grip. You need more bow. You need more Supination, so hopefully that makes sense that demonstrated it Well, if you guys haven’t please subscribe click the like button down below and leave a comment if you guys have any questions You

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Dennis Veasley

45 thoughts on “GOLF: How To Match Your Grip With Wrist Conditions In The Golf Swing”

  1. Eric, thanks man that really clarified alot of things for me. Your videos are great and always come out during my 1st cup of coffee! Keep it up.

  2. Hi Eric, love your content. I'd like to ask a question in regards to this video. What if your grip and your wrist condition don't match up like you describe here. Would you advise to change your grip to match the condition your wrist is naturally in, or do you keep your preferred grip and work on trying to achieve the matching wrist conditions? Thanks in advance.

  3. Hi Eric, your instruction is excellent and very easy to follow. I am 56 and have been playing for a few years now after a 20 year break from golf.
    I have been experimenting with different hand grips recently, to try and get more distance. I have always played golf with a very vertical swing and an out to in path since I started golf with my mother’s old clubs which were short. I’ve always managed to hit the ball very straight, but high and short…..great near the green but not for driving and long irons. Is there one of the grips you have just showed that you think would suit me better? I also have a short backswing (12 o’clock) many thanks, John.

  4. Great video Eric. Q: With the grip to wrist conditions the results you shared make sense, however, doesn't also body rotation help/hurt the clubface depending on your grip to body rotation as well? Ex. Strong grip, good rotation more likely to result in over draws or hooks? Weak grip, poor rotation more likely to result in fades/slices?

  5. I'm a lefty and realized my right wrist has been cupped at the top of my swing and as a result I lost distance and impact wasn't pure. Club face was slightly open. Over the last couple weeks I have weakened my grip, like in your video, and tried to flatten my wrist at the top of the backswing. The result has been more square contact with the ball and I've picked up a full club in distance which I've loved. My problem is, now my right elbow (again I'm a lefty) is now hurting on the outside. I'm not flipping. I might not be rotating my wrists over to my right side after impact as much as I should…not sure. Any idea what would be causing the pain?

  6. Thank you for this clarification! I thought my grip was fairly neutral but I now know it’s weak. Luckily to be functional, I’ve been flexing and supinating more to get straighter, non-right shots. But following your (and Newton’s) law of opposites, I can’t do any of that until I’m into my downswing or I can’t maintain it throughout the swing. The later, the better my strike. But my question is how does this influence the amount of rotation a weak gripped player needs? Thanks for the incredible instruction!

  7. This is good – I'm left-handed but play golf right-hand – allegedly the 'perfect' combination. With this in mind, I grip it kinda 'weak' thus your explanation of more bowing makes sense, big time… Golf!!!

  8. Best video on wrist conditions. Tired of seeing you tube guys tell us “THIS” is the way you should do it. Love this channel because of the “why’s”. Always explaining cause and effect. Keep em comin Eric!!!

  9. Hi Eric, great video as always!

    This question will be slightly off topic but it concerns the grip and wrist conditions.

    I've always had a good swing and a good short game. But my main issue was always about when standing over the ball and how my grip felt. I've always struggled to feel as if the grip was 100 % united and I also believe I suffer from the clubface not being stable enough during impact. If I hinge and uncock several times as a practice device (with a decent amount of force) I have a hard time to keep my 2 1/2 knuckles on the left hand and it moves closer to 3 knuckles, meaning my grip is moving.
    I understand this question is odd but for me I REALLY think it is the million dollar question. Do you have any advice how to stabilize the clubface and do you think I'm overly concerned about this or is it a real issue? I've tried many things but never really solved this one on my own.
    ANY advice would be greatly appreciated!

    /Viking, Sweden.

  10. I get more from your thorough explanation in golf mechanics than any other golf videos. Your channel is definitely top two with me. I've hit the bell! Thank you.

  11. Recently found your videos bro, I play professional baseball and do lessons on the side so when I hear someone who knows their stuff I pay attention, well you have my Attention, I'm a Big Fan already. Great stuff, so listen I have a strong grip, I love it strong I even cup it, I've tried to flatten it out, bow it etc, I do not like it at all. I'd rather not play than to feel that weak grip. I cannot stand a weak grip, I need to adjust and tinker with other various aspects to keep my grip as close to that as possible. Do you have any suggestions that could help keep that grip, flatter take away, steep take away, swing path out, swing path in, ball close, ball away, ball up ball back, closed stance, open stance. I've been EXTREMELY good and Extremely bad, I'm a natural athlete so I can certainly work on mechanics, I just need a direction to start my sessions. I'm drawing the ball some, but I really want to emphasize I've been Great, to the point of Zeroing in on targets 100, 125, 150, 185, 220 with my irons and smashing the ball straight with my woods, I've experienced that and I'm at a loss when I cant do that everyday, I'm very competitive so that bothers me a lot, but I want to keep my grip PLEASE HELP.
    And I have PayPal 😁

  12. Eric, would the pain in my elbow (outer side of elbow) be as a result of my bad grip? I cannot say it is due to 'over used' as I have just recently started playing golf. I know you may don't want to step into physicians' shoes, but I just would like to know from your own experiences because you are extremely good at pin pointing the cause and effect.
    Do you recommend wearing elbow armband? Thank you Eric.

  13. My grip is pretty neutral…
    Interestingly enough when I use a strong grip I hit nothing but block slices?

  14. Great stuff Eric. I'd like to ask a question. I have a slightly strong grip I think (quite a cupped lead wrist at address). I take it away inside and under somewhat, have a short backswing, but am "across the line" at "MY top of backswing" position and have been told I don't have time, from that position, to shallow the shaft and that is why I am steep in my downswing (then early extend, get stuck behind and under with an impact shaft plane much more upright than address => thinned / pushed / hooked shots). I'm trying to get more of a "laid off" feel in my short backswing so that I can come down on a more shallow plane in my short downswing time. I'm struggling with this. Would you think weakening my lead wrist grip might be a helpful move to make?

  15. Superb video, more people should cover swing conditions around grip, we don't all play the same and people with a alternative grip may cause themself issues trying to replicate certain parts of a drill 👍

  16. Great to see this video. I have a really strong grip – AND I have a slight cupped wrist at the top. I've been trying to get it flatter (basically becasue this is what I see the pros do – save for Couples or Daly) but can't seem to control my clubface. Thanks for clarifying this Eric! Do you have videos that touch on transition? I have this pause at the top that I'm trying to get rid of – and I saw that you transition from backswing to downswing is very "tight". This is the transition that I'm trying to get. Thanks again and keep the videos coming!

  17. Thanks man. I really believe it’s the over cupping of my wrists that leads to the ‘lefts’ but every damn time I try to not ‘cup’ my wrist, it leads to contact issues and usually with driver……. the block.

    Grip is so ingrained into my setup, I really don’t wanna change it. Might actually give the ‘bow’ a try with the big stick. As always with the shorter clubs, I think controlling my tempo(hand tempo is a thing right?) and emotions is the biggest thing that will give me the control to not shut down the face.

    Thanks man, appreciate all this content. Was enjoying GG swingtips until he decided to spit every two seconds. Please don’t start spitting in your vids 😂

  18. How do you know which grip to use? Because it seems like the more attention I pay to it The worst I play instead of just grabbing that sucker and swinging away.

  19. Eric, actually the content is Only by now I can find on grip type relation with what to do with the left wrist. Best explaination and thnks for that. Keep the good things coming out!!!

  20. Great vid. I use a strong grip because when I have to use wrist to get the face square to path, it creates tension in my hands, arms and shoulders. Do you recommend trying to learn to play with a neutral grip or should I leave it alone? My fear is it may limit my options as I get better. Thanks

  21. We can’t do it lol. That’s why we are watching ur video hahaha. If we could do it then there would be videos of our swings instead of us learning the swing

  22. **QUESTION** So I’ve played for awhile and have gotten pretty decent at golf but strive to be better/ Shoot 68-74 regularly and might shoot over 74 every so often. But I rarely shoot under 68. I have but not in the last few months . My issue is I have played with semi cupped left hand and almost a dead flat right hand. Almost the opposite of Dustin Johnson. I believe I have hit my max potential with how my swing is now and in order to get to the next level I need to figure out my wrists. I’ve been trying to get a flat wrist for months but really struggle. Whenever I think it’s there I film it and it’s barely better then what it was. For the last 2 days I changed my grip from semi weak- neutral to strong. But I can feel my self fight it in my swing. I also don’t know where to grip it with my right hand now. Under or more on top. Your videos have helped me especially w the grip part bc it makes sense. But If I roll my forearm or have any club face rotation through the swing I feel like my only shot is a left pull hook or just pull. How do u rotate through when you have a strong grip and also have a flat left wrist at the top? I want to roll my forearms while I turn through but I know that isn’t correct. Sorry for the essay. I’m sooooo close to being very good. But yet at times still so far lol hope to hear back from you and thank you!

  23. Jon Rahm Weak grip but Bowed wrist at the top. Makes total sense! Man you are the best with making videos that are simple to understand and things we can apply! Keep it up!! Just subscribed

  24. So I have a problem with cuppage at the top and my miss is slice here and there when the timing is off so I’m going to work on Neutral grip with flat wrist! Most consistent way no doubt

  25. So just to make certain, the only time you should have cuppage at the top of the backswing is with a strong grip correct? Otherwise neutral grip you should always have a flat wrist

  26. To get a completely neutral left hand grip how many knuckles should you see? Some say 2 some say 3…trying to get grip completely neutral. And also the more neutral/glove logo facing target at address, the easy it is for me to keep lead wrist flat and the stronger that hand gets at address the harder it is. Is that normal?

  27. Great vid. Eric if I have really strong grip then at impact my lead wrist is slightly cupped would that be okay ?

  28. This is a total “ah ha” moment, thanks! I was trying to force right wrist flex with a strong right hand grip which wasn’t working really well. After leaving my left hand strongish and making the right hand neutral, it was much easier to get the right wrist hinge I wanted. Thanks!

  29. Older video, but I needed to see this. Thank you so much! I now realize whenever I tried a strong grip I'd always chunk because I flexed my left wrist to much. And when I'd go for a neutral-to-weak grip my normal flexion was ok, but I just wasn't supinating enough. Already seeing consistent improvement. Your videos are so simple and great!

  30. I bow my left wrist in the golf swing and I hit the ball so good my timing is great ,so you don't have to have a flat wrist.

  31. So just to be clear. Based on an earlier video you made, with a stronger grip do not worry about face of glove pointing away from you at the top. Slight cupping is okay?

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