Coming up on this episode of “Designed to
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Well stick around because I’ve got a lot of ideas! Welcome to Designed to the Nines I’m NataLee
Callahan and if this is the first time we’re meeting and you like DIY, interior
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bring you weekly tutorials on all things to do with the home. My husband Greg and I
have been married for almost 12 years and he is quite the guy he’s a little
camera shy but one of these days maybe I’ll coax him onto a video but when we
were first dating he sat me down he’s like, “we need to have ‘the talk'” and I was
like, “okay” I was expecting to maybe like determine the relationship or something
like that oh but no he sat me down and he’s like, “I need to let you know that
I’m a golfer.” And I’m like, “Great! Golfing is great… that’s fantastic!” and he’s like,
“No… I’m a serious golfer.” And that he is. But he’s done a really good job
balancing his love of competitive golf and family life. With Father’s Day fast
approaching I knew that I wanted to do something that would appeal to his love
of golf. So this video is for all you ladies… all you golf widows… just kidding…
all you ladies out there who are either married to or in a relationship or a
daughter of somebody who really loves golf
but don’t go quite yet if you don’t have somebody in your life who really loves
golf because some of the principles and the things that I’m going to be teaching
you today can really translate into all sports so you can still get some ideas
off of this video. In today’s tutorial, I’m going to be doing a project that
appeals to the stomach and I’m going to be doing a project that could be used in
your golfers office or mancave and then most importantly we are
assembling a gift basket… so hopefully I can hook you guys up and help you
assemble something that’s gonna really knock his socks off. My husband Greg had
back surgery about eight months ago and he couldn’t golf for two months after
that so he’s only been back golfing for about six months and he won a tournament
on Monday and he’s really excited about that and I’m excited because it gave me
an idea. If you have a golfer in your life you know that occasionally there
are special golf balls to them and they usually put them in a little glass case
like that and that’s okay you know it keeps it protected and it keeps it you
know it’s a way for it to display without rolling around all over the
place but I wanted to do something a little special because he’s really
excited about this win it was at a really tough course so I had a vase
already from the Dollar Tree so what we’re going to do is I’m going to take
this vase and then we are going to put in some foam in the bottom and then on
top of that where I’ve got some fake grass you’ve seen me use this stuff and
a couple of my past tutorials I’ll put the links above if you want to see what
I did with this so that in there will be grass and then we’re gonna stick a tee
right in the foam and that should hold it into place
and then we’re going to set the ball on top and it’s going to be really cute
however we can’t see all the components we don’t want to look at the foam and
let’s see all of that layers so I want to disguise some of the functionality of
the display case so what I’m going to do is I have some leftover chalkboard spray
paint from some Chargers that I did last Thanksgiving we’re going to measure
about an inch and a half to two inches up I haven’t decided quite how high to
take it and what we’re going to do is we’re going to spray the bottom half in
the chalkboard paint and then we can write you know number one dad or we can
maybe write the tournament name or something on the bottom part of the
vase and it will also disguise all the ugly that’s going on underneath it and
as you can see the chalkboard paint has dried and it looks really great. I
already have the foam in there from earlier I pushed it down and it kind of
stuck so I was gonna hot glue that down but I don’t think it’s necessary because
it’s in there pretty good but that’s something that you could definitely do
so in order to hide the functionality of the foam because you can kind of see
through the grass I took some tissue paper of green tissue
paper that I already had and cut a circle out and stuck that down in there
the reason I went with tissue paper is because I needed to be able to poke
through it because I’m going to be taking a tee and poking through it and
so I thought that would work out really good you could glue this down if you’d
like I’m just gonna set mine in and then I’m going to take a long white tee so it
needs to be pretty long because of how tall the grass is if I just put the ball
in like this you could definitely do that and it would sit there but if it
gets bumped or anything like that then the ball is going to fall off and I just
didn’t want it to have do you know any kind of issues with that so what I’m
going to do is I’m going to take my ball and I’ve got some mounting putty some
removable putty so it doesn’t damage the ball but it kind of creates some stick
and I’m just going to put it on the bottom of this ball so then it’s a lot
more solid so in my opinion I really like the option on the right versus the
one on the left I just think it’s way more interesting and so much fun. Now we’re going to assemble our ultimate golfer gift basket
I’m really excited about this I had some ideas of my own but I did consult my
husband and so this is golfer approved you can use whatever kind of basket you
want and that would be fine but I saw these little baskets out on the golf
range and I thought to myself why not maybe something that they would be
wanting to use like if they’re chipping or putting around your yard they could
actually use this golf basket to hold golf balls and so I picked up one of
these and again I’ll put all the links below and we’re going to use this to
hold our items in and then I just picked up some of this grass from the Dollar
Tree so it is going to spill out a little bit and that’s ok because we’re
going to wrap it in cellophane and it’s really just kind of for the look of it
the first thing that we’re putting in the gift basket is my husband’s favorite
golf ball and if you’re not sure what kind of golf ball to get and you’re your
person really loves to go you can’t really go wrong with titleist pro v1 X’s
he’s a serious golfer and these are pretty expensive I will be honest with
you so he loves these Pro v1x s I’m also going to put some links below
for like you know if you’re just a casual golfer or if you’re kind of a
middle-of-the-road golfer I’m sure any golfer would really love some pro V ones
they’re gonna have to go down in sideways and we’ll kind of put them in
the back and then every golfer needs a good microfiber towel and my husband
prefers the ones that don’t like velcro or attach he just likes the straight
towels and I haven’t decided but I think I’m gonna pull it out of the plastic
just because it it’s just not very attractive that way and I think what
I’ll do is I will just kind of roll it up and then we will kind of just tuck
that in off to the side and this is just for like cleaning their clubs and just
all kinds of things that they need it for out on the golf course and he used
to use a white towel I’m so thankful that he goes to the black because trying
to wash all of that dirt and grass out of the towels and make it look good on
the course for him was a beast then we have a golf ball line marker your golfer
will know what it is for but basically they mark the ball with it and so they
can line it up golf better I don’t know and then we have this golf club groove
tool I know that he will really love that and I’m just gonna slide that in
here and that’s not like super attractive so we’re just gonna tuck that
behind that one this is really cool this is a Titleist accessory pouch they can
throw in their cell phone, their watch, their ring, their keys, and all of that
and then do a drawstring and put it in their golf bag without it getting like
grass and sand and dirt and all that stuff on it it kind of keeps their
valuables all together in one spot and nice and clean I ordered some really
cool Titleist golf ball cufflinks and they are coming from England they have
not arrived yet. You need to know what brand your significant other
really prefers sometimes they’re not specific and sometimes it just depends
on what the item is he really loves the titleist pro v1 X golf balls and I think
he is golfing pxg irons right now and he really loves a Scotty Cameron putter and
I know he buys a lot of Nike golf shoes so so this is a really fun basket if you
wanted to you could also throw in a new visor you know I’m like really honey you
need another visor but it seems like you can never go wrong and getting another
visor because they get dirty they get sweaty and they go through them a lot. We’re just gonna stick with what we’ve got here and you could put in what
you want you know I’m going to still tuck in those cufflinks because they’re
gonna be really cute… cute, not cute my husband’s always telling me don’t use
cute with guys, but everything is cute to me so anyways not cute really a stylish and
all we need to do now is just wrap it in cellophane and then it will be done and
good to go if you’re not sure what to get these are really good ideas…
but again you know your golfer and if you want to throw in this or that
because you know that they’ll like it then definitely do it. Nothing fancy the guys don’t really care to be honest with you… they’re more excited about what’s in it then how you
tied it… in fact they’ll probably appreciate the simplicity of just being
able to untie it easily and not have to cut it off and there you have it. I’m
sure that any golfer would really love this gift basket. We are gonna be making
some dipped Oreos with a golfer twist I bought a candy mold in the shape of
golf balls so cute I’m so excited about this but you could totally do this with
a football you could do it with a basketball a tennis ball whatever your
sport is you can probably find a candy mold in that and since golf balls are
white I bought some white melting chocolate so we’re going to start by
letting it cook for one minute at first and then we’ll do it in thirty-second
increments and then 15 seconds until we get the right consistency. Alright, it’s melted but it’s not super runny but it’s at a decent consistency so I’m just
going to use a little scoop and then you can just…. and this one looks like I don’t
want these gigantic because they’re gonna go on top of a cookie so I’m
trying to fill it about 2/3 so we can let these solidify on the countertop or
we can speed up the process and by throwing it in the refrigerator. I think my husband already snuck into the Oreos. that’s okay… he didn’t he didn’t know I
was doing this probably just thought I bought some cookies so we’re gonna take
an Oreo and then we’re gonna take a skewer we’ll shove this right into our
Oreo and you can just use the Oreo of their choice if they have a favorite and
we’re going to do a dozen of these so we’re going to be dipping some Oreos so
I know I need to lay out some wax paper. Alright, so I have my
white golf ball candies from earlier and all we’re gonna do is flip them over and
pop them out of the candy mold. I mean come on!!! That is so cute! I’ll put the link to the candy mold below that I used and now
we’re going to start on the dipping part now there’s a lot of grass involved in
golfing not only am I’m using mint oreos which have the color green and I’m also
going to use green candy melts we’re gonna pop it in the microwave my
husband’s gonna like these and they’re already on a stick so it makes it nice
for dunking. all right our chocolate is melted and now we’re going to just dip
very carefully on either side while it’s still wet we are going to take one of
our golf balls and set it right on top in the center and then it will dry
bonded together so we have our ultimate golfer gift basket which is so much fun
and then I am just obsessed with how this turned out also when this looks so
great as a centerpiece at a golf theme birthday party or retirement party or
something like that I just think that this has so many applications. Now I’m ready to assemble our golf ball dipped Oreos they are so cute I know I keep
using that word but that is cute and so what I’m going to do is I got this
plastic pot at the Dollar Tree it was Orange
I spray-painted it when I spray-painted this in just some chalk paint and so
it’s black and you could probably buy something pre-made but I didn’t really
like the orange it looked very plastic and cheap but I got it at the Dollar
Tree for $1 so I liked the price of it and if I were to buy something like this
somewhere else you might end up spending more… then I put some Dollar Tree floral
foam I have some of that tissue paper that I used in here but I thought if we
kind of pinched it we would just put it on a few strategic
dipped Oreos and you just poke it right through and then we’re just going to do
an arrangement I guess so we’ll just kind of play around with it and we’ll
meet you back here when I’m done . Alright our projects are complete honestly
I’m very happy with how they turned out this would make a good display piece as
well as this would make an awesome display piece at a party as well I hope
you enjoyed today’s episode I hope you found some good golf themed gift ideas
for the special golfer in your life if you enjoyed this episode hit the like
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much for watching

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  3. Great ideas, 😍I like them all, but my favorite one is the golf ball & tee in a vase. I think that would look nice on the shelf in my amateur golfers/hubbie office. 😃Thanks for sharing.

  4. The cookies…OMG!! I love those!! My hubby is a huge golfer and his birthday is coming up…such a great idea!!

  5. Wow my husband would love all three of these. I love the gift basket that my husband could use later to hold his golf balls in to putt around the yard in. Exceptional ideas.

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