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Dennis Veasley


  1. Great explanation, the septic has been a mystery for sometime. May I ask what golf course you’re on, probably the prettiest and most manicured course I’ve seen in a long time, would love to play regularly. Jim S

  2. Great video, I feel I have a pretty decent backswing but I've been coming down too steep and slicing badly. What I've tried to get the feeling for now, is at the top of the backswing, I let my arms fall down in front while I turn my left hip back. As my arms come round I naturally rotate my body to make space for my arms. I now seem to hit the ball much better and straighter. Do you have any other videos talking about shallowing the swing? Thanks Adam.

  3. Another really good explanation Adam, you've got such a nice swing and seem to pure it every time. I'll bet you are a Green-keeper's dream golfer, you don't even bruise the grass, let alone take a divot. Amazing to watch.

  4. I love the way you can articulate the swing like most can't. To my surprise, you didn't mention the backside or the glutes against the wall and how that works.

  5. Hey Adam, can I just say that as a deeply passionate junior golfer, your videos are absolutely incredible. The instruction is very clear, the tips and drills are amazing and your no nonsense style is perfect for learning the great game to a greater depth. It was because of you and your videos that my wedge play, and iron play got back on track. I can't thank you enough!

  6. This isn't directly related to this video but quick question for you:
    When trying to spin a wedge would you rather sweep the ball or take a divot?

  7. Well, I will tell you what Mr. Bazalgette,, I started golfing two years ago and I've been following your videos the whole time! I've gone from hitting 110 to just missing the cut of the most recent PGA tournament! Unfortunately, I have a very needy European-Bulgarian Spotted-Rainbow Swallow that needs my full-time attention, so I will not be able to tryout for any future PGA tournaments, but your videos have clearly helped!

    Honestly though, it is no surprise you're award winning PGA teacher! You obviously know your Golf, and you are able to explain it clearly and concisely. I've only been golfing for a couple of years now ( wished I'd stated sooner), and I just broke 88 for my first round this last week! If it was not for your videos it would have taken me MANY years to get where I am now. There is nothing like a live teacher to help a person with their own swing, but your videos answer the basics of golf in as clear a way as possible, and i f you can't afford a teacher, and especially if you are just starting out, your videos top the list on Youtube.. and I've seen most of them! THANK YOU!

  8. So grateful for this video. I was getting confused by other golf sites that speak of the slide as if it was a crime. I find if I eliminate a slide and just turn I rush the downswing and come over the top.

  9. This lesson makes a lot of sense. I'd had some issues with swing plane and hip bump and this video cleared it up for me. Thank you! Off to the driving range now

  10. Wonderful instruction style and excellent advice – thank you for all your hard work and contributions. Having been on low singles some years ago I'm returning to the game and are horrified by my tendency to over-slide and under-rotate – I'm stoically refusing to accept age as a factor :). Now I fully appreciate the need for the right mix of turn and slide that suits both my mechanics and the shot being played and now thanks to you, I have an approach which can really help me tune my swing accordingly. Many thanks and cheers from Sydney, Aust – Dave

  11. Thanks for your great content Adam. I can easily say that my game has improved rapidly since I subscribed to your channel. Many thanks and All the best 🙂

  12. Adam, HELP. I need help with keeping the loosens with my arms and hands when playing for REAL. I keep going back to my old way of playing stiff and flipping the club. also now I can't seem to get it back when practiceing ether and I know better because I had it and it was working wonderful, but it was only half shots. when I try to get a full shot I go back to the stiff arms. I also need to practice the fly swather move more I guess because that is gone also.

  13. So much ignorance! If the pelvis is rotated ~50 degrees at the end-backswing position, then if the golfer rotates the pelvis to square by the P5 position, then the outer border of the left pelvis will "appear" to have moved left-laterally by a few inches when viewed from face-on, but there has been no pelvic slide if the golfer simply rotates. See – http://perfectgolfswingreview.net/pelvicrotation.html

  14. best teacher on youtube. i've grown so much in a year watching these videos. never thought i would be playing as good as i am

  15. I have had many teachers and watched numerous videos on golf over the years. You are, without a doubt, the best! Thank you.

  16. Nice video. I like Mike Austins videos as well. He suggests a movement of the hips on the backswing as well as the forward swing. Makes perfect sense to me. Thanks for posting this lesson.

  17. My game is in turmoil but love your videos, best about. Trying to adopt proper shoulder turn and correct hip movement. It's like starting golf all over again!

  18. Cannot wait to try this on the range. I am suffering from a rash of the Blocks. Really enjoy your videos. Great instruction!

  19. great video Thanks, Ive always bumped my hips, but lately through advice from other videos Ive tried to rotate and not move hips back n forth. I now hit very inconsistent, slices and pulls. I was under the impression bumping the hips was wrong. But the rotational swing has been putting to much strain on my knees and back. I also hit the ball very high

  20. Fantastic video you’re insight again is so easy to understand quick & to the point Adam no over the top technical jargon cheers pal👍

  21. It,s well known that hitting balls underhand like skipping a stone is a great exercise,is the bump drill a better exercise to get your left hip start downswing.please clear up that matter.S/J.

  22. Great video, quality visual analysis, SIMPLE explanation and fix. You used 1/2 alignment stick which I guess is because you are right handed. As I'm left handed may I have your discarded half (alignment stick that is!) On a serious note the "pump" drill looks good for muscle memory and hopefully help fix my drop inside developed over 50 years of driving hips through open clubface and you know the rest. Many thx and look forward to viewing other videos on your site and future releases. Keep them coming.

  23. What is the difference between dropping the right shoulder (bad move) and a “TILT” during the downswing?

  24. You're a solid teacher and your videos are excellent. I train a lot of people for work (not on golf) and I can sense that you've just been through all of these things over and over and over again. Which makes me think you've probably got enough experience of showing people these things that you've worked out some of the better ways to teach these concepts. Your ability to stay on point for long segments of time without flubbing any words is remarkable. It's really difficult to stick to a script for long stretches, you never miss a beat. Your videos are concise, and well produced. The only weird thing you got going on is your audio when you record the voice overs for the example segments. I don't know what microphone you're using when you record these segments but it's not doing you any favors. A better microphone, such as a Blue Yeti, or SM7 might help here. Also, I don't know what room you're recording the audio in, but that can make or break your audio. Recording in a room with couches, beds, cloth drapes, etc will help when recording audio as it cuts down on echo. Perhaps even hanging some blankets up or something. I know a guy who records right in front of his closet because the clothes hanging on the bar stop almost all echos. Good audio can be difficult to achieve. The two things you can control are microphone and room.

    Great videos and good job producing them.

  25. I think imagining you're swinging an axe into a log is the best explanation of what you're going for. The left leg bolsters up, and the right leg gives. The torso rotates back, but the hips slide at impact.

  26. looks like shift occurs in backswing, and on downswing the centre of the pivot is bottom of spine at back, hence appearance that hips shift forward. Ie shift occurs inbackswing,and center of downswing doesnt move much after?

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