alright guys uh welcome to the channel I
got this homeboy here we’re gonna go over some on course situational stuff
cuz you got a good game thank you so let’s do it okay so coach
if you want to see our 9 hole match jump over to golf haulage channel came
down the last hole it’s all I’m telling you it was a great match this guy hit
some great shots definitely go check it out I was a lot of fun a little bit of
smack talking and somebody won a gold wedge I don’t know what that thing was
called but it was pretty sweet the golden wedge yeah okay
somebody wanted anyway okay we’re gonna jump on course coach has got some good
short game good game stuff and you play long tournament
competitive golf so we need to see what he’s doing cuz it’s working a little bit
of tournament golf I’m not I played in three three events this year which was
pretty fun the SC GA the SC GA match play and the Cal stayed open I was able
to qualify for two of them which was pretty cool got the competitive juices
flowing and it was just a great experience a lot of fun it’s fun to
compete and it was fun to come out of retirement to which was nice of it
alright let’s jump on some stuff then alright
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just for you okay we have a nice easy shot right no 60 yards uphill 10 tight
lie got a lot of stuff happening what do you do here you know I just played a
little bit back in my stance I keep my hands in front and I just try and
accelerate and clip the golf ball first and then the ground and just try and
keep my hands nice and low and around okay is there anything that you’re let’s
say you’re in a tournament right and you’ve got you’ve had to make
Burnie in the situation – like qualify so what are there things you are like I
can’t do this or that for sure you know it’s it’s uphill it’s on a ridge if you
leave it in front of the ridge it’s gonna roll all the way back about 30
yards roughly so Miss is always a little bit long and towards the center of the
green I always try and Miss on that line and then you know trying to hold the
putt love it alright let see what you got
that’s soap here you might’ve just made it that go in alright so so I just I
kind of rounded out my swing a little bit right there trapped it kept it nice
and low controlled the spin so that it didn’t come all the way back and yeah
almost dunked it okay the other option is for me like I might go with a
pitching wedge and just kind of keep a rounded swing and go extra low maybe
just air long so nothing bad happens if you’re not comfortable with let’s say
like Mike’s likes 260 which is great but if you’re not then just go with a little
extra a lot extra it’s like a super long pitch something like that
I like your you’re way better though well there’s multiple ways to skin a cat
and that’s actually a really good play you know the 60 is not always the best
option pitching wedge is always a safe play too so you know whatever you’re
comfortable with here go with that but you’re a lot closer than I am
so here’s Mike you can see he put it pretty close it’s a good way to save par
with the putter you’d have made it alright so we’re gonna show you guys two
different ways to play this shot also I’m a big 60-degree wedge anything
around the grains I believe in that Phil Mickelson philosophy of you know
60-degree wedge all around the Greens within about 85 yards and I just use one
club get comfortable with it so that’s what I do on this one I just keep my
hands forward I hit down on it I always try miss a
little bit long because it’s still on the ridge and yeah just get it close you know that one out almost
great shot alright so what I might do is do the 54 degree wedge here and get a
little more roll out so I don’t have such a steep angle going into the ball
yeah check out our match on the golf Pollak’s chat on number nine okay
another good shot so either way you know it all depends on what you’re
comfortable with and I like to say like also what your bounce is on your wedges
so whatever wedge I would say has more bounce you would use here between your
60 and let’s say your next wedge down so this one for me has 10 I think my 60 has
8 whatever so I’ll use the more bounce for these shots that’s what I like what
is your bound to become 6 degrees 6 degrees I think so so he has no bounce
so he’s a good player don’t get a 6 degree bounce 60 don’t do that unless
you’re Plus I don’t think I’m a plus but close ok here’s what we gonna do coach
is a master at the low driver shot right yeah I don’t know if it’s a mastery but
you know I’m pretty good at keeping the ball flight down when I’m playing windy
golf courses we just got back from Bandhan I think a lot of practice out
there really helped and so now I just I tee it up a little bit lower and I just
hit that little driver stinger and it’s a fairway finder if you need it
ok so we’re out here at the 11th hole Pelican Hill North Course and we’ll go
in back into the wind so what you know it’s a good time to keep the driver
really low yeah exactly so I just tee it down a little bit kind of keep my hands
in front just like my chipping yeah just uh just hit down on it you know and it
sounds simple but if you tee at low it’ll go a little bit lower and cock
your hands in front that’ll help reduce the are you anything with a fall through
or just whatever you know just whatever you’re comfortable with
ok you know I lost the you know the driver that you have it whether it’s a 9
or 10 degree and it just helps me hands for a little bit hands forward just a
little bit okay we’re gonna go hands forward just a little bit
little don’t be a nut ball and shove those things weight forward you mean
ridiculous of all adjustments Haney said okay he’s gonna do it then I’m gonna try
to do it I’m not like a low driver hitter here I’m going right here all right so we’re going hook here’s my
normal setup and it just went right to here and then I you know teed it a
little bit lower and now I hold off my finish that’s just me but this slight
setup helped keep it low into that wind okay so Mike and I are behind the green
here and we’re hitting up to the flag and what we can do is we have two
options for you I can go low with the 60-degree wedge and then I’m gonna shoot
it up high one is I would say he’s gonna hit what I call your minivan shot get
everybody to the park safely and I’m going Ferrari you don’t need it but it’s
cool right that’s right but he’s a tournament guy so he’s going minivan
style I’m just gonna try and hit just a little one hopper stopper the ball is on
an uphill slope so I’m gonna try and put a about 70 percent more on my left side
lean into it keep my hands nice and low and in front and it should just land
over the fringe one hopper stopper and hopefully get up and down I’ll go in oh nice as you can see that
low ones probably the way to go oh good yeah there you go two ways to do
that right there I like that little flop it’s just a little more risky and it’s
tough to control the distance also yeah as you can see it’s hard to get accuracy
and consistency with a high one I would only do that if like I had to and I
didn’t have to there as you can see I got eight feet for par Mike’s got three
feet kick in okay what we’re gonna do here we’re gonna play out of the bunker
long a little bit longer bunker shot coach is going with the what I’m going
sixty degree I’m gonna try and fly it as far as I can a little bit into the wind
it’s kind of like a you know 25 to 30 yard shot and I know it’s not gonna roll
out much unless I chunk and run it which is probably not a bad play here just for
safe reasons but I’m trying to take a full swing and get it close okay so he’s
going all the way with the 60 and then what I’ll do is I’ll go 54 degree and I
will play the chunk and run two options like he’s gonna clip it and I’m gonna
chunk it behind the ball I use more Club for that let’s see what happens Oh pure pretty good really good all right I’m
going I’m doing more with chunker shot Oh rolled right past it good shot good
effort so those are your two options out of here you can go more Club and hit a
little bit more behind the ball but the ball does go a little farther or you can
pick it clean like Coach just did and hit a nice high soft spinner up to you
all right we’re gonna do a little downhiller at the hole I’m just gonna
stick with my 54 and kind of roll it there and you got 260 I got the 60 so
I’m just gonna keep my hands forward try and land it on with some spin and you
know let it kind of run out at the end okay and I’m going extra safe Chunkin
kind of bump it down there whatever you feel comfortable with but you know
there’s more than one way to skin a cat like you said I think coach’s hit it
close to the hole than me on every one of these so far so we’ll see if we can
keep the streak alive coach I think I liked yours a little bit
better maybe a little but again you got to be safe on this this does not go for
it land this is hey get it on the green take your medicine your long your
downhill at the hole you gotta take your medicine and try to make a putt so
mentally think like hey I gotta get close no no you got to think mentally
hey I need to make a long putt to save par and so have that mindset instead of
putting all the pressure on this shot now put the pressure on the next shot
like your putter and I think you know hitting a little bit past the pin and is
always good so that you can have an uphill or coming back for sure this time
we’re going Oh or if you’re forced you’re forced to play a shot so we’re
gonna go over the bunker here on to the green in ain’t pretty but you got to do
it what do you got coach I’m going with sixty again this time I am gonna try and
flop it and just land it on the green I know it’s gonna run out cuz the greens
are firm okay love it love it a little spinner pretty
good okay the key here is accelerate through the shot no matter what you do
nice high cut shot yeah really well done right there that’s
how you do it okay Mike we are going out this tall fescue I mean I’m like get
lost in here and we just got to get up there to the green what do you like you
know sixty-degree for me you know I think that’s just my club I just swing
probably an extra 20 or 25 percent harder in the fescue because I know it’s
gonna grab and I don’t try and get too cute with it or get it even close to the
pin I just want to get it on the green and try and make a par you know a bogey
yeah take your medicine hear what I like this
is one of the few scenarios where I will put my hands a bit forward and I will
shut the face down and more do it I do do a little more chopping motion for me
okay and then sometimes I play it like a bunker it just depends on the line and
how deep it is so you know just assess your line and you know either hit down
on it like like Matt does or maybe even like a little bunker shot huh see what
you got oh really nice that’s pretty good you’re on your
plotting you know you can’t ask for too much more than that
I hacked at it a little bit probably could have gone a little harder you know
didn’t hit great but it it’s on all right so like this ball so I’m shutting
the face down a bit and I’m just here and I’ll loosen up my grip even so that
Club might open up as it goes through if you come down like this that Club will
actually rotate open great shot all right I think I like his a little
bit better that was the play and really well done so so yeah like one of the
things you know I’ll do a whole video on that but if you turn that if you shut
the face and you’re chopping straight up and down like this and you super light
grip in both hands that Club will hit it it’ll hit and it’ll actually rotate open
and so it sometimes it works out so give that you got to practice that once you
know the feeling but what you do then you know you could have it could help
you out sometimes yeah I hit that thumbs up for mr. short game great shot right
there and it’s been a pleasure coming out here with you all right last shot
here from tournament man himself and we’ve got the super downhill lie bump
and run style to this green right here with a ridge that’s fading away well I
didn’t even see that so got a little Ridge in the green we can use that to
our advantage what’s your shot ah once again I just
try and keep it nice and low landed on the green hit it with some spin on it
and then I know it’s always gonna run out but I know it’s gonna hit that one
check and then kind of just have baby roll out for me so I’m gonna land it
probably on the ridge one hopper hit with some spin and then just try and you
know get anywhere close to the pin okay and what I’m gonna do here personally
I’m gonna take the 60 but I’m gonna try to play a cut shot in there okay so I
got side spin because I want to use that Ridge and the break of the green
and I don’t think it’s really gonna get me in trouble if I mess up on that one I
think that’s the right play okay so don’t be afraid to play even a little
cut shot even this little pitch so we’ll see what happens though shot that’s
tight scroll down a little bit but really good
nice yeah I clipped it really well Elena kind of firm and just ran out for
me didn’t have enough spin on it and bite that I really needed but overall
I’ll take that okay so here I’m just you know a little outside in swing go a
little higher with that cut cut spin on it hey it’ll work yeah I think that’s
the right clay for this type of shot and I’m like Jason de staël I’m not too
risky he’s kind of a Stricker yeah I like struck this movement it’s really good well played work what I
like about doing that is I can go after the ball a lot harder so even though
it’s a touch and feel shot I’m not like gonna decelerate on it cuz I’m fixed I’m
thinking spin spin spin so just helps you accelerate through the
shot a little better alright coach thanks for hanging out and showing us
some stuff out here in the short game world yes yeah yeah big thanks to Matt
for having me out really appreciate it and appreciate you playing with me today
too yeah I bet you do anyways I check out
that video make sure you subscribe to golf holic I’ll leave a link right here
and coach great player great dude do a lot more content together love you guys
see you next video alright I think I got you on one home can you make that and make it in hmm make mine second check good

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