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Dennis Veasley


  1. I often find it easier, when I'm between clubs, to take the shorter club (i.e. a 9 iron vs an 8 iron) and play it back in my stance and de-loft the club. I don't like swinging easier with a longer club as this upsets my natural rhythm. I also find the longer club is more likely to curve a bit more, especially into the wind. About the only time I take more club is when there's a definite head-wind or if I need to play a fade, which will generally cost me a club-length in distance.

  2. great subject & video Adam, would love to see more videos on golf course strategy, very overlooked part of the game for us weekend warriers.

  3. Any videos on how to hit drivers consistently straight. Also i slice to the right sometimes. And one more thing how high should the tee be? Thanks great video!

  4. thank you for great videos. can you Please upload a video on feet alignment to target line and drills to correct them. My stands are pointing right of the target line. Thank you in advance.

  5. These videos brought me out of the 100's down to low 90's. Hoping to break into the 80's within the next couple months. Very helpful…thank you so much. Also makes practice more purposeful and fun.

  6. Very helpful as always and thank you Adam. I sometimes try to match longer club distances to shorter clubs at full swing at the range but nowhere near enough. For me I have to be aware of lie angles when I play around with shortening the club. Will focus on this tomorrow! Many thanks from Sydney, Aust – Dave PS. Those fairways look absolutely perfect. I've played some wonderful courses around the world but rarely have I encountered such quality!

  7. I watch an awful lot of golf videos and they've made quite a difference in my game, but this channel is easily one of my favorites.

  8. Thanks, Adam! What about strategy in the sense of plotting yourself around the golf course? as in this video and with this ball position, should a handicapper of 90s or 100s play it short and to left of bunkers and then chip it, or fly it over the bunker? And how many yards should you leave yourself to green, e.g., a full club length of a 9i or PW? Would be great to get your thoughts on strategy and maybe seeing you take us through a few holes. Thanks!

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