There’s no comparison on the market –
what Ventrac is capable of doing. With the 4500 tractor and the dual tires, we’re able to mow about ninety-five
percent of the areas on the golf course. Well, the Ventrac pretty well cuts
everything that our other riding mowers won’t cut. Cuts all of our tee boxes
and everything that is really steep. Previous mowers haven’t been able to climb
the hills. You’d be rolling back down, freewheeling
down a hill, and I just can’t have that with staff and golfers, you know, you can’t
put people in that predicament. So you can go up to 30 degrees with it, which
is amazing for us. It’s worked perfectly. You have to
keep in mind safety and quality at the same time
because some of these slopes are so severe that you can’t just throw anybody
on any machine out there to take care of it so we feel comfortable with the machines
we have. With a normal triplex more we have to
worry about whether you just have three wheels that are maybe nine, ten inches
wide, you know you have to really be
careful that you don’t get ruts you know when you slide. Once you’re in a slide you’re going wherever the mower takes you.
With the Ventrac that’s not the case, you have a lot more control, and a lot
more grip. The weight is on your front tire so that when you’re turning you you’re going where you need-where you
should be and not where the mower decides it’s going to take you down a slope. It’s a lot safer. You feel comfortable.
With other mowers I’ve used in the past, not so comfortable. You know, if they slipped,
[unintelligible] and you just slide down a hill. You don’t feel that at all for Ventrac. The quality of the cut that we’ve seen
from the reel mower is great. I think it’s very comparable to others in the
industry if not better. The majority of the thing that it-that
it does do is it gives us a good quality of cut where the operator can safely
achieve that and still have no areas where the tires are turning or- or
spinning out. Once we’ve gone around and get the
course in great condition we want to keep it there, and the Ventrac, when we’re
mowing on these steep hills and… and- and some wet terrain with irrigation running
each night we don’t have to worry about going out
and tearing up the grass. We don’t- we don’t like to go back and to rework with
sodding and things like that and I think it really has helped eliminate a lot of
that. It’s taken away the handwork. For the
first time ever we’ve been able to mow a whole hole golf course that using whipper
snippers so four guys going out and doing areas on slopes and banks which
previously we haven’t been able to do. We have a lot of hillsides on a golf course that
the Ventrac is capable to mow straight up and down those hills which
used to be a push mower and weed eater job we have eliminated all that just with
the use of the with the Ventrac. You don’t realize how much handwork you
do on a golf course and this is taking that handwork away. Our areas that are native are hillsides
and out of the way areas on the golf course. Well what we found over the years was
using the tractor and a brush hog there’s a number of places that we could
not mow because of the hillsides. You know the tractor was just unsafe to go
mow those. Everywhere that we can’t get with a tractor whether it be traction just for safety
reasons, we’ll use the Ventrac to mow those areas down. I think when you buy the Ventrac you’re
not just buying one piece of machinery. You got the vision for having several
attachments which give you the options around the golf course of versatility. We’re all fighting for the dollar to
replace a piece of equipment but when you can go to a board member the Greens committee or an owner and set
down and tell them the value of one piece of equipment that I don’t need to
come back to you and ask for snow removal equipment I don’t need to come
back and ask for another tractor to be able to mow an area, Ventrac is truly
capable of taking care of winter spring summer and fall. And it’s such a quick adjustment when we go
in and change out attachments I mean literally 30 seconds here, you’re up and going again. That’s the whole thing with the machine.
You know? Take it off, finish your job, go do something else Here in our fleet the Ventrac is a big
part of that and the fact that there are some areas where we can’t get an
operator safely on some of these hills and still have the quality of cut that
that we desire. The steering on it’s real smooth and easy, it’s comfortable to sit on, it
doesn’t bounce you around near as much as some of the other mowers out here
that we’re cutting with, we’re cutting in areas with it that the other motors
can’t even go. I think you’ll see more and more golf
courses probably going this direction I’ve heard a lot of people in the area asking questions about it and it’s I think it’s the way to go. It’s just an overall safe machine and I-
it gives me a lot of peace of mind. I’d say maybe the Cadillac of- of the
golf course out here. Ventrac: Your one tractor solution. Watch more event track in action by
clicking on a link below or subscribe to our channel and get the newest video

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36 thoughts on “Golf Course Equipment Solutions by Ventrac”

  1. After watching those cutting heads, not sure if I'd compare that to a Cadillac so much as I would a Norelco.

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  3. @ventrac I have been watching your videos for years and cannot wait until I am able to afford one of these machines for my business.

  4. i need work in the golf course. .
    i have experiance 6 years at HORIZON HILL GOLF COURSE and i have sertifikat original. .

    My name is Syamsul Arif….i'm from indoneisan and i ready to work wherever golf course ,, i have passport until 2020
    i need information job vacancy golf course ..

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  5. Most impressive ventral video I've seen. I can't think of any other machine that could do this type of work especially while feeling safe.

  6. I'm warning you YouTube employees stop messing up my phone or I will have to go to the government to shut you down for good I'm warning you stop

  7. I live in Waterbury CT and am 29. I'd like to learn to become a golf course lawn maintainer. I'm not sure exactly which kinds of jobs I could do, or how many one person usually knows how to perform with how many various machines on a golf course. What's a good place to start learning or a good job to get experience? Should I start off with maybe a school who needs a lawn mowing person?

  8. These look bad-ass, too, by the way. The best kind of mower, which some don't know, is a reel mower, in terms of maintaining even height and best quality of cut. That's why you'll see reel mowers being dragged or pushed by tractor type machines rather than active spinning blades used more often in home landscaping. For example, as far as I know, all greens are cut with only a reel mower. Some of this equipment looks like a hybrid between reel and powered reel maybe? Anyway thanks again for the vid. Interesting stuff.

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