it’s not as nice as your new hat though
I got a lot coming hello everyone this is jeff of taofledermaus I hope you’re
having an awesome day we have another imagine of creation by Evan Perry and
his friend who is a golfer wanted to see if he could make some shotgun slugs out
of golf balls in Evan just knocked it out of the ballpark now I’m not exactly
sure how I haven’t made these he didn’t go into much detail but he probably was
able to get several slugs out of a single ball
Evan added a steel pin that goes almost all the way through that’ll add a little
bit of weight because these things are light and only six point one and grams
let’s go out there and see how these perform welcome back to a later folks
Jeff officer Greg and Danny out here today with you you might know I’m
wearing my mighty I’m wearing my homage to Danny hat you guys all chipped in to
get Danny another hat and this is what patreon could afford so Danny with his
duct-tape hat went out went ahead and finished the job so oh that’s frickin
nice actually it’s just like all duct tape now there’s a little strip of straw
that’s a ventilation so we’re gonna we’re gonna send this thing off to the
great reward to today however Evan out in Texas sent some rounds that were made
out of a cord out golf ball Jeff will show you on a little tabletop
but we got a piece of golf ball jammed down in there
very very light rounds we’re gonna shoot them down range at some various targets
including our Chinese Chinese satellite dish down there and we’re gonna see what
we can do see if these things fly crooked straight we can do we’re going
to use full rifling on these I am gonna use Danny’s right that Danny’s our rifle
shotgun here today full rifle barrel because these things are light and
pretty much cylindrical so we’re gonna send them spinning and see if we can get
a little bit better accuracy out of them we usually don’t shoot
goofy rounds through his rifling but these are just they’re not gonna damage
the rifling so that’s it’s always important not to shoot a steel piece of
rebar out through is rifling like that we saved the goofy
rounds for the town fleeter shotgun yeah that way if it explodes no big loss yeah
just a few fingers will bow the let out of this rod
so put your predictions in here it’s gonna fly straight it’s gonna go
hole-in-one is it is it gonna go all can you want persons gonna put an eye out
yeah you’re put an eye on kit go off in the rough and we’ll have to chip it out
alright let’s get to it shot one at the walk you can see you can
tell where he’s even because there’s a laser beam mark on there so take a look
at this thing tended to hit right there where we were aiming made a nice little
divot but here’s the cool part that little core inside that little metal pin
punched a tiny little pin hole right through there you can kind of see the
bump inside there and that’s pretty good little tiny pin hole right through the
center like one of those anti-tank rounds yeah I can’t get my sausages
through that little hole but you know I’ve tried tell fighter folks I can’t do
the finger wiggle through that tiny little thing alright travelling around
fifteen hundred feet per second here comes the slug and you can see why I
painted that yellow line on there but it hit with so much force that it just
destroyed the slug almost completely that’s a lot of damage balloon now I’m
ready when you are Wow well we see another very stable flying
projectile I don’t think these would fly very well without that spin
stabilization Evans always really careful about the diameter of this slug
so they engage the rifling just right about a baseball bat can you hit a
baseball bat with a golf ball slot again put it right between the G’s the golf
ball bat right between the two Gigi’s okay let’s see if you’ve got the skills
okay ready the slug flew a little bit low and just
grazed the bottom of it but still it was enough to just shatter the slug and
actually damage the bat I was kind of surprised that it even damaged the bat
because bats are pretty tough and so our golf balls so we’re aiming between the
two G’s all G’s and it hit a little bit low down here and look at that that
steel core you see the dimples from the golf ball and tore that aluminum that
that’s not I’m ready when you are in this shot the steel pin got knocked
loose from the tremendous acceleration we often call that the Newton’s Cradle
effect but the golf ball slug was still very accurate and carried quite a bit of
energy for something weighing less than 6.1 grams at this point we still had
hydrostatic shock as you can see by the plastic tearing open okay we got a
exploding air fill bottle and Danny’s hat we’ll see if what survives here okay
I’m ready that’s what happened after the bottle
blew up under Danny’s hat I think with a little bit of duct tape he could fix
that thing up and have it good to go by next next shoot what do you think mr.
Danny we’re using one of those big blasts bottle caps I think you can still
get them at Walmart for this and we pressurized this thing to about 125 psi
a lot of energy there next up we’re gonna shoot this wee generation 1.0 I’m
ready I’ll let you guys guess where we’re aiming but this thing impacted a
little bit left punched a nice little hole in the middle case here and Danny
found this out in a dirt nearby and off to the left it bounced over and landed
right near that lovely stuff yeah that’s some hardened it’s hard stuff in there so hard little sue it’s got a carrying
handle now sure I think you could send that out to a patreon they put on a
necklace they might want it I don’t know it’s an ear gage now on this shot the steel pin stayed in
place and as the cd-rom player turns around you can see that there’s an exit
hole from that steel pin could these be the perfect home defense round you
decide all right rhetorical eyes it well the little steel
penetrator core make it through lead plate junior let’s find out okay here
comes the slug and here comes the steel pin that one got knocked out to you now
this was actually our last shot so we didn’t have another slug to test on the
lead plate unfortunately sorry about that so the slug adhere the pin got knocked
out look how that pin hit that thing sideways and dug in there broadside that
is pretty cool but that’s thick jelly good nonsteroidal try to hit it this
time use your kinetic energies my gun foo
gung foo hey I’m ready I see the slug you see it yep okay so we determined that this thing
hit a little bit right it went in about three inches and then bounced back out
and if I had a nickel for every time that happened and then outside the on
the backside of the table we found the core of that slug and again that little
steel penetrator Oh zap right on through but is it is there
a little hole it went all the way through we could not find a hole there
the only UPS bringing it the only hole we found is down here to the right but I
don’t think that’s from this yeah this should have been at exit but it didn’t
it went in and it’s a nice piece of job that is brand new gel folks yeah this is
the dawning of a dune a here just gel house but it’s like Booga now in this
shot the steel pin got knocked backwards and is stuck into the plastic wadding and what happens next still baffles to
me maybe you can see something I’m not seeing
but the slug just kind of emerges from outside from the back even though we
didn’t see any exit holes maybe we just missed something I don’t know I looked
at that block again afterwards and couldn’t find another hole so maybe you
got some nice cheese anyway I hope you enjoyed watching this video this was
made possible by our very kind and generous patreon supporters even though
I misspelled patreon there in the last few weeks things have gotten kind of
depressing and miserable because all of a sudden a lot of our videos have been
getting be monetized to be asked for a review and they just deny it still I can
honestly say that without our patreon supporters who were actually working for
at this point we would have no motivation to go out and spend two or
three hours out in the hot Sun to film these things for you guys so I hope you
guys appreciate these generous people thanks for watching

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